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CMLL (Mexico City) occasionally holds a tournament to highlight promising young wrestlers, called the Gran Alterntiva tournament. The tournament creates 8 or 16 teams of undercard wrestlers with higher profile legends who match them in tecnico/rudo stytle but usually don't team together. The teams meet in a typical single elimination single fall tournament over one or two shows. The winning young wrestler typically gets a reward of being spotlighted in some extra way.

Summary Of Winners

Date Novato Veteran Resulting Career Peak
1994.12.30 Hector Garza Negro Casas Top Star
1995.04.07 Shocker Silver King Top Star
1996.06.07 Chicago Express Bestia Salvaje Midcard with short career
1996.11.15 Rey Bucanero Emilio Charles Jr. Top Tag/Trios
1998.07.14 Tony Rivera Emilio Charles Jr. Midcard
1999.04.02 Ultimo Guerrero Blue Panther Top Star
1999.12.17 Tigre Blanco Felino Midcard
2001.08.14 Sicodélico Jr. Olimpico Midcard, short time
2003.01.01 Alan Stone Villano IV Midcard
2004.08.20 Mistico El Hijo Del Santo Megastar
2005.07.01 La Mascara Atlantis Top Star
2006.06.02 Misterioso II Perro Aguayo Jr. Midcard
2007.06.29 La Sombra Mistico Top Star
2008.07.19 Dragon Rojo Jr. Ultimo Guerrero Top Trio/Tag
2009.09.25 Okumura Yujiro Upper Midcard
2010.04.30 Polvora Hector Garza Upper Midcard
2011.04.08 Escorpion Ultimo Guerrero Upper Midcard
2012.04.13 Euforia El Terrible Upper Midcard
2013.04.26 Boby Zavala Rey Escorpion Upper Midcard
2014.02.14 Barbaro Cavernario Mr. Niebla Upper Midcard
2016.04.04 Esfinge Volador Jr. Midcard
2017.06.02 Soberano Jr. Caristico Upper midcard
2018.05.18 Flyer Volador Jr. ?
2019.10.18 Star Jr. Valiente ?
2021.10.25 Coyote Euforia ?
2022.12.23 Panterita del Ring Jr. Mistico ?
2024.02.02 Brillante Jr. Mistico ?


The first tournament took place on December 30, 1994. Source: Pro Wrestling

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
   Dr. Wagner Jr. & Halcon Negro Jr. W    
 Gran Markus Jr. & Astro Rey Jr.  
   Dr. Wagner Jr. & Halcon Negro Jr.  
   Negro Casas & Hector Garza W  
 Negro Casas & Hector Garza W
   Pierroth & Guerrero de la Muerte  
      Negro Casas & Hector Garza W
   Satanico & Arkangel de la Muerte
   Satanico & Arkangel de la Muerte W  
 Dos Caras & Olimpico  
   Satanico & Arkangel de la Muerte W
   El Dandy & Shocker  
 El Dandy & Shocker W
   La Fiera & Mascara Maligna    


The 1995 Gran Alternativa was the first held in stages. A qualifying league style tournament was held leading into the main competition, with eight wrestlers qualifying for the final tournament.

This finals of this year's tournament took place on April 7, all in Arena Mexico.

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
   Dr. Wagner Jr. & Astro Rey Jr. W    
 Mocho Cota & Guerrero de la Muerte  
   Dr. Wagner Jr. & Astro Rey Jr. W  
   Atlantis & Atlantico  
 Atlantis & Atlantico W
   MS-1 & MS-1 Jr.  
      Dr. Wagner Jr. & Astro Rey Jr.
   Silver King & Shocker W
   Bestia Salvaje & Corazon Salvaje W  
 Emilio Charles Jr. & Halcon Negro  
   Bestia Salvaje & Corazon Salvaje
   Silver King & Shocker W  
 Silver King & Shocker W
   Pierroth Jr. & Chicago Express    

Reward: Main event trios matches for the finalists, semi-main event trios matches for the semifinalists.


Two separate tournaments this year.

The first happened on June 7.

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
   Bestia Salvaje & Chicago Express W    
 Dos Caras & Bronco    
   Bestia Salvaje & Chicago Express W  
   El Hijo del Santo & Olimpico    
 El Hijo del Santo & Olimpico W
   Felino & Astro Rey Jr.    
      Bestia Salvaje & Chicago Express W
   Atlantis & Atlantico  
   Rambo & Guerrero de la Muerte W  
 El Brazo & Olimpus    
   Rambo & Guerrero de la Muerte  
   Atlantis & Atlantico W  
 Atlantis & Atlantico W
   Apolo Dantes & Rey Bucanero      

Reward: Chicago Express wrestled in some Arena Mexico semi main events, which led to a NWA LH Title match against El Dandy.

The second tournament started in November. This tournament is different from the ones that followed it, because a qualification round led into the tournament. 20 young wrestlers were split into 4 divisions for round robin matchups. Top two from each division moved on to the normal tag team tournament, only being assigned partners in that stage.

According to this recap, the divisions participants were:

  1. Mascara Magica, Astro Rey Jr., Principe Frankie, Kung Fu Jr., Filoso
  2. Rey Bucanero, Atlantico, Alacran, Ultraman Jr., America
  3. Mr. Niebla, Jaguar, Brandon, Linx, Ultimatum
  4. Olimpico, Karloff Lagarde Jr., Olimpus, Corazon Salvaje, Mano Negra Jr.

Gran Alternativa League, 1996 results.

The tournament itself proceeded like this:

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
   Felino & Astro Rey Jr.      
 Satanico & Karloff Lagarde Jr. W  
   Satanico & Karloff Lagarde Jr.    
   Emilio Charles & Rey Bucanero W  
 Lizmark Jr. & Jaguar  
   Emilio Charles & Rey Bucanero W  
      Emilio Charles & Rey Bucanero W
   Hector Garza & Mr. Niebla  
   Hector Garza & Mr. Niebla W  
 Atlantis & Atlantico    
   Hector Garza & Mr. Niebla W
   Dos Caras & Mascara Magica    
 Rayo de Jalisco & Olimpico  
   Dos Caras & Mascara Magica W    

Reward: Rey got apparently got semi-main in Arena Mexico for this match. Which is fair, since the main event was Santo turning rudo. Rey got a few semimains after.


Emilio Charles Jr. and Tony Rivera beat Bestia Salvaje and Guerrero De La Muerte to win the tournament on 7/14/98, en route to building up hair/hair matches for the younger rivals, which Tony won.


There were actually two tournaments held in the '99 year, though the last one was late enough in the year to almost considered in the 2000 version.

According to the this recap, the first tournament on 04/02/99 went like this.

Blue Panther/Ultimo Guerrero-----
Fuerza Guerrera/Rey Bucanero-----                  |
Emilio Charles Jr./Tony Rivera---                  |                 |
                                 |Emilio/Tony------                  |
Satanico/Violencia---------------                                    |
                                                                     |Blue Panther
Mr. Niebla/Atlantico-------------                                    |Ultimo Guerrero
                                 |Niebla/Atlantico-                  |
Felino/Starman-------------------                  |                 |
Shocker/Astro Rey Jr.------------                  |
Apolo Dantes/Karloff Lagarde Jr.-

Reward: Blue Panther was enthused with the victory and talked about Ultimo joining his Panther/Black Warrior/Dr. Wagner faction. Ultimo Guerrero's reward was three weeks in a row in the main event of Arena Coliseo. The first two weeks were Giant Silva handicap matches. The third was a Wagner/Scorpio/Ultimo vs Negro/Niebla/Tinieblas Jr. of no particular merit to Ultimo

Some articles about Ultimo's win here imply Ultimo gets a NWA Middleweight Championship the third week, but I believe that came from an unrelated cibernetico. One could say he rode the wave of one tournament success to win another, but they weren't directly related.

(Additional info from Satanico's Ultimo Guerrero bio, and La Esquina del Dolor))

The second tournament was on 12/17/99.

Ringo Mendoza/Ricky Marvin-----
Apolo Dantes/Alan Stone--------               |
Felino/Tigre Blanco------------               |              |
                               |Felino/Tigre--               |
Mascara Ano 2000/Sangre Azteca-                              |
Scorpio Jr./Fugaz--------------                              |Tigre Blanco
                               |Scorpio/Fugaz-               |
Lizmark Jr./Sombra de Plata----               |              |
Negro Casas/Flecha-------------               |
Bestia Salvaje/Moto Cross------

(Info culled from Highspots's Sangre Azteca and Ricky Marvin bios. Parts of this tournament can be found on tape at

Reward: Nothing in particular.


I watched this show and wrote down the full brackets!

Blue Panther/Virus---------------
Mr. Niebla/Alan Stone------------                  |
Olimpico/Psicodelico Jr.---------                  |                 |
                                 |Olimpico/'delico-                  |
Gran Markus Jr./Dr. X------------                                    |
Atlantis/Volador Jr.-------------                                    |Psicodelico Jr.
                                 |Atlantis/Volador-                  |
Mascara Ano 2000/Enemigo Publico-                  |                 |
Black Warrior/Sangre Azteca------                  |
Black Tiger/Tigre Blanco---------

(CANZ also recapped this show and arguably had a better grip on what was going on. The tape of this also at WHV.)

Reward: Psicodelico Jr. got a semi-main in Arena Mexico.


Villano IV and Alan Stone b Mascara Ano 2000 and Sagrado on 01.01, in Arena Coliseo. This had previously been listed with the other team listed as the winners, but CMLL published a list of winners in 2009, including Villano 4 and Alan Stone as winners

Other teams listed in the tournament:

Individual results have not been found. Volador Jr. was later pictured in the tournament, so he replaced one of the novatos.

Reward: Again, I'm not sure. Nothing in particular.


This tournament took place 08/20/04

Misterioso I/Misterioso II-----                  |
Atlantis/Volador Jr.-----------                  |              |
                               |Atlantis/Volador-               |
Perro Aguayo Jr./Sangre Azteca-                                 |El Hijo Del Santo
Ultimo Guerrero/Dr. X----------                                 |
                               |Guerrero/X-------               |
Ultimo Dragon/Neutron----------                  |              |
Shocker/Alan Stone-------------                  |
Mascara Sagrada/Sagrado--------

Mistico springboarded to the main event as a result.


The 2005 tournament was held on July 1st.

Universo 2000 & Dr. X---------
Bronco & Texano Jr.-----------                   |
Dr. Wagner Jr. & Misterioso---                   |                  |
                              |Wagner/Misterioso-                   |
Pierroth & Nitro--------------                                      |
Atlantis & La Mascara---------                                      |La Mascara
                              |Atlantis/Mascara--                   |
Damian 666 & Apocalipsis------                   |                  |
Ultimo Guerrero/Sangre Azteca-                   |
Negro Casas & Maximo----------

The finalists got to do a rematch for the main event the following week.


This year's version of the tournament happened on June 2nd.

Hector Garza & Hombre Sin Nombre--
                                  |Garza & HSN--------
Negro Casas & Maximo--------------                    |
                                                      |Perro & Misterioso-
Perro Aguayo Jr. & Misterioso II--                    |                   |
                                  |Perro & Misterioso-                    |
Hijo de Lizmark & Mascara Purpura-                                        |Perro Aguayo Jr.
                                                                          |Misterioso II
Rey Bucanero & Loco Max-----------                                        |
                                  |Rey & Loco --------                    |
Heavy Metal & Texano Jr.----------                    |                   |
                                                      |Ultimo & Nitro------
Ultimo Guerrero & Nitro-----------                    |
                                  |Ultimo & Nitro-----
Dos Caras Jr. & Volador Jr.-------

Sangre Azteca was originally scheduled for the tournament, but was replaced when CMLL remembered he was supposed to be in the 2006 NJPW Super Junior Tournament, happening at the same time.



The tournament took place on June 29. After CMLL loaded up on long time midcard wrestlers the previous year, this year started a new policy of wrestlers only wrestling as novatos once.

Dr. Wagner Jr. & Mascara Purpura-
Negro Casas & Stuka Jr.----------                |
Mistico & La Sombra--------------                |               |
                                 |Mistico/Sombra-                |
Heavy Metal & Super Nova---------                                |
Dos Caras Jr. & Valiente---------                                |La Sombra
                                 |Dos/Valiente---                |
Marco Corelone & Flash-----------                |               |
Ultimo Guerrero & Euforia--------                |
Villano V & Super Comando--------

Shocker was originally announced as Valiente's partner, but was replaced in the days before the show by Dos Caras Jr.

The finalists rematched in a trios match the following week. With the exception of Super Comando, all the young partners received extra attention after the tournament. Sombra jumped to stellar and semimain events in most CMLL shows and Valiente jumped to semi and especial matches. Purpura, Stuka, Flash and Euforia became regulars in 2nd matches, rising to especial level in Arena Coliseo DF matches. Super Nova seemed to be rising to a similar level before leaving the country to turn with NWE.


This year's tournament was held on July 18 in Arena Mexico.

Ultimo Guerrero & Dragon Rojo Jr.-
Shocker & Angel Azteca Jr.--------               |
Blue Panther & Axel---------------               |              |
                                  |Panther/Axel--               |
Villano V & Puma King-------------                              |Ultimo Guerrero
                                                                |Dragon Rojo Jr.
Mr. Niebla & Bronco---------------                              |
                                  |Niebla/Bronco-               |
Hector Garza & Astro Boy----------               |              |
Dos Caras Jr. & Metalik-----------               |
Atlantis & Skandalo---------------

This was the debut of Dragon Rojo Jr., who'd wrestled as Diamante Negro (Jr.) previously. Brujo, believed to be a debuting Caifán, was originally announced as Villano V's partner. During the week, Caifán suffered a knee injury and Brujo was replaced by Puma King.


  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
   Angel de Plata & Hector Garza W    
 Polvora & Averno  
   Angel de Plata & Hector Garza  
   Okumura & Yujiro W  
 Okumura & Yujiro W
   Rouge & Toscano  
      Okumura & Yujiro W
   Angel de Oro & Mistico
   Angel de Oro & Mistico W  
 Camorra & Atlantis  
   Angel de Oro & Mistico W
   Tiger Kid & Mr. Niebla  
 Tiger Kid & Mr. Niebla W
   Rey Cometa & Blue Panther    

Shocker was originally announced as Rouge's partner. CMLL had pulled him from the anniversary show the week prior for unexplained reasons, announced him in this tournament, then pulled him again for Toscano.

Yujiro was announced as teaming with Semental, but Yujrio refused to team with a Mexican in the tournament. Okumura attacked Semental and was allowed to take his spot.


For the first time, the Gran Alternativa was a 16 team tournament held over 3 weeks, all in Arena Mexico. The first block, held on April 16, was won by Hector Garza & Polvora. The second block, held on April 23, was won by Volador Jr. & Delta.

Round of 16   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Final
 Blue Panther & Rey Cometa W  
 Rey Bucanero & Semental        Blue Panther & Rey Cometa    
 Hector Garza & Polvora W    Hector Garza & Polvora W     April 16th
 La Mascara & Sensei          Hector Garza & Polvora W  
 Diamante & La Sombra          Diamante & La Sombra    
 Mephisto & Cancerbero W      Diamante & La Sombra W
 Atlantis & Inquisidor W    Atlantis & Inquisidor        
 Terrible & Disturbio          Hector Garza & Polvora W
 Toscano & Pegasso          Volador Jr. & Delta  
 Ultimo Guerrero & Puma King W      Ultimo Guerrero & Puma King W  
 Shocker & Angel Azteca Jr.      Texano Jr. & Durango Kid     April 23rd
 Texano Jr. & Durango Kid W        Ultimo Guerrero & Puma King  
 Felino & Tiger Kid          Volador Jr. & Delta W  
 Volador Jr. & Delta W      Volador Jr. & Delta W
 Valiente & Guerrero Maya      Averno & Raciel    
 Averno & Raciel W  


The tournament returned on March 25 at Arena Mexico. Like last year, it's a three week, sixteen luchador tournament. There was no restriction on repeat appearances, and young wrestlers higher up the card than usual were included.

Metal Blanco and Palacio Negro had previously appeared in Mexico City around the 2010 National Trios Tournament, but had returned to being regulars in Arena Coliseo Guadalajara up to this tournament. Lestat was solely a Arena Puebla regular, but had long ago been part of the 2004 version of Guapos U, only getting one match in Arena Mexico before disappearing for 9 months.

Round of 16   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Final
 Blue Panther & Angel de Plata  
 Mr. Niebla & Hijo del Signo W      Mr. Niebla & Hijo del Signo  
 Atlantis & Fuego    La Sombra & Diamante W     March 25
 La Sombra & Diamante W        La Sombra & Diamante  
 Ultimo Guerrero & Escorpion W        Guerrero & Escorpion W  
 Brazo de Plata & Magnus      Ultimo Guerrero & Escorpion W
 Toscano & Rey Cometa    Terrible & Mortiz      
 Terrible & Mortiz W        Ultimo Guerrero & Escorpion W
 Volador Jr. & Dragon Lee W        Mascara Dorada & Metal Blanco
 La Mascara & Hombre Bala Jr.      Volador Jr. & Dragon Lee  
 Mascara Dorada & Metal Blanco W    Mascara Dorada & Metal Blanco W   April 1
 Mephisto & Tiger Kid        Mascara Dorada & Metal Blanco DQ[1]
 Negro Casas & Puma King W        Averno & Palacio Negro  
 Guerrero Maya Jr. & Maximo      Negro Casas & Puma King
 Averno & Palacio Negro W    Averno & Palacio Negro W  
 Black Warrior & Lestat  
  1. Averno unmasked Dorada for the DQ


2012's tournament started on March 30 at Arena Mexico. As in recent year, it's a three week, sixteen novato tournament. There are no restrictions on repeat appearances, and young wrestlers higher up the card than usual were included.

Round of 16   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Final
 Titán & Máscara Dorada  
 Euforia & Terrible W      Euforia & Terrible W  
 Rey Cometa & Blue Panther DQ    Rey Cometa & Blue Panther     March 31
 Puma King & Negro Casas        Euforia & Terrible W  
 Pegasso & La Máscara        Dragon Lee & Rush  
 Niebla Roja & Último Guerrero W      Niebla Roja & Último Guerrero
 Dragon Lee & Rush W    Dragon Lee & Rush W      
 Bobby Zavala & Rey Bucanero        Euforia & Terrible W
 Diamante & Valiente        Triton & Atlantis
 Cancerbero & Mephisto W      Cancerbero & Mephisto  
 El Hijo del Signo & Felino    Raziel & Volador Jr. W   April 6
 Raziel & Volador Jr. W        Raziel & Volador Jr.
 Bronco & Mr. Niebla W        Triton & Atlantis W  
 Fuego & Super Porky      Bronco & Mr. Niebla
 Hombre Bala Jr. & Marco Corleone    Triton & Atlantis W  
 Triton & Atlantis W  


2013's tournament started on April 12 at Arena Mexico, with the final on April 26. It was a three week, sixteen novato tournament. There were are no restrictions on repeat appearances. Novatos were largely drawn from the preliminary matches.

Round of 16   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Final
 Taurus & Averno W  
 Stigma & La Máscara      Taurus & Averno  
 Hombre Bala Jr. & Atlantis W    Hombre Bala Jr. & Atlantis W     April 12
 Akuma & Mephisto        Hombre Bala Jr. & Atlantis W  
 Guerrero Negro & Último Guerrero W        Guerrero Negro Jr. & Último Guerrero  
 Oro Jr. & Máscara Dorada      Guerrero Negro & Último Guerrero W
 Disturbio & Volador Jr. W    Disturbio & Volador Jr.      
 Robin & Máximo        Hombre Bala Jr. & Atlantis
 Soberano Jr. & La Sombra W        Bobby Zavala & Rey Escorpion W
 Herodes Jr. & Terrible      Soberano Jr. & La Sombra W  
 Cholo & Rey Bucanero    Sensei & Rush   April 19
 Sensei & Rush W        Soberano Jr. & La Sombra
 Bobby Zavala & Rey Escorpion W        Bobby Zavala & Rey Escorpion W  
 Leono & Blue Panther      Bobby Zavala & Rey Escorpion W
 Camaleon & Brazo de Plata    Espanto Jr. & Mr. Niebla  
 Espanto Jr. & Mr. Niebla W  


2014's tournament started on January 31st at Arena Mexico, with the final on February 21. It was a three week, sixteen novato tournament. There were are no restrictions on repeat appearances. Novatos were largely drawn from the preliminary matches.

Round of 16   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Final
 Blue Panther & Cachorro W  
 Averno & El Rebelde        Blue Panther & Cachorro    
 La Sombra & Oro Jr. W    La Sombra & Oro Jr. W     January 31
 Rey Bucanero & Akuma          La Sombra & Oro Jr.    
 Terrible & Guerrero Negro Jr. W        Volador Jr. & Soberano Jr. W  
 Maximo & Hombre Bala Jr.        Terrible & Guerrero Negro Jr.  
 Volador Jr. & Soberano Jr. W    Volador Jr. & Soberano Jr. W      
 Espanto Jr. & Mephisto          Volador Jr. & Soberano Jr.  
 Reaper & Espiritu Negro          Mr. Niebla & Cavernario W
 Shocker & Herodes Jr. W      Shocker & Herodes Jr. W  
 Negro Casas & Canelo Casas      Rush & Dragon Lee II     February 7
 Rush & Dragon Lee II W        Rush & Dragon Lee II W
 Mr. Niebla & Cavernario W        Mr. Niebla & Cavernario    
 Blue Panther & Black Panther        Mr. Niebla & Cavernario W
 Ultimo Guerrero & Hechicero W    Ultimo Guerrero & Hechicero    
 Atlantis & Star Jr.    


2016's tournament started on March 22nd at Arena Mexico, with the final on April 4th. It was a three week, sixteen novato tournament. There were are no restrictions on repeat appearances.

Round of 16   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Final
 Atlantis & Flyer W  
 Negro CasasRocky Casas        Atlantis & Flyer    
 Máximo Sexy & Súper Halcón Jr.      Rey Escorpión & Fujin W     March 22
 Rey Escorpión & Fujin W        Rey Escorpión & Fujin W  
 Rey Bucanero & El Cuatrero          Mistico & Tritón    
 Mistico & Triton W      Mistico & Triton W
 Último Guerrero & Magia Blanca W    Último Guerrero & Magia Blanca        
 Valiente & Oro Jr.          Rey Escorpión & Fujin  
 Máscara Dorada & Pegasso W        Volador Jr. & Esfinge W
 Terrible & Sansón        Máscara Dorada & Pegasso    
 Mephisto & Yago W    Mephisto & Yago W   March 29
 Pierroth & Raijin          Mephisto & Yago  
 La Máscara & Stigma          Volador Jr.& Esfinge W  
 Volador Jr. & Esfinge W      Volador Jr. & Esfinge W
 Rush & Golden Magic W    Rush & Golden Magic    
 Mr. Niebla & Warrior Steel    


2017's tournament started on June 2nd at Arena Mexico, with the final on June 16th. It was a three week, sixteen novato tournament. There were are no restrictions on repeat appearances.

Round of 16   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Final
 Pegasso & Blue Panther    
 Star Jr. & Mistico W      Star Jr. & Mistico    
 Espanto Jr. & Kráneo      Sansón & Último Guerrero W     June 2
 Sansón & Último Guerrero W        Sansón & Último Guerrero W  
 Stigma & Titán          Esfinge & Atlantis    
 Shocker & Forastero W      Shocker & Forastero  
 Cuatrero & Máscara Año 2000      Esfinge & Atlantis W      
 Esfinge & Atlantis W        Sansón & Último Guerrero  
 Canelo Casas & Negro Casas W        Soberano Jr. & Carístico W
 Astral & Valiente        Canelo Casas & Negro Casas W  
 Drone & Niebla Roja      Akuma & Pierroth     June 9
 Akuma & Pierroth W        Canelo Casas & Negro Casas  
 Flyer & Volador Jr. W        Soberano Jr. & Carístico W  
 Raziel & Mephisto        Flyer & Volador Jr.  
 Oro Jr. & Ángel de Oro      Soberano Jr. & Carístico W  
 Soberano Jr. & Carístico W  


2017's tournament started on May 4th at Arena Mexico, with the final on May 18th. It was a three week, sixteen novato tournament. There were no restrictions on repeat appearances.

Round of 16   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Final
 Eléctrico & Mistico W  
 Espanto Jr. & Hechicero        Eléctrico & Mistico    
 Mephisto & Yago W    Mephisto & Yago W     May 4
 Ángel de Oro & Robin          Mephisto & Yago    
 Atlantis & Magia Blanca W        Flyer & Volador Jr. W  
 Ephesto & Maquiavelo        Atlantis & Magia Blanca  
 Flyer & Volador Jr. W    Flyer & Volador Jr. W      
 Hijo del Signo & Terrible          Flyer & Volador Jr. W
 Akuma & Euforia W        Templario & Último Guerrero  
 Astral & Niebla Roja        Akuma & Euforia    
 Carístico & Star Jr. W    Carístico & Star Jr. W   May 11
 Cavernario & El Coyote          Carístico & Star Jr.  
 Audaz & Kráneo W        Templario & Último Guerrero W  
 Príncipe Diamante & Valiente        Audaz & Kráneo  
 Templario & Último Guerrero W    Templario & Último Guerrero W  
 Máscara Año 2000 & Universo 2000 Jr.    


2019's tournament started on October 4th at Arena Mexico, with the final on October 18th. It was a three week, sixteen novato tournament. There were no restrictions on repeat appearances.

Star Black was originally announced as Mistico's partner in Block A but had already suffered a leg injury and would not be able to participate. Fugaz (Jalisco) replaced him on his spot on September 30th.

Round of 16   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Final
 El Coyote & Terrible W  
 Grako & Mephisto        El Coyote & Terrible    
 Dulce Gardenia & Volador Jr. W    Dulce Gardenia & Volador Jr. W     October 4
 Espíritu Negro & Mr. Niebla          Dulce Gardenia & Volador Jr.    
 Fugaz & Místico W        Fugaz & Místico W  
 Arkalis & Stuka Jr.        Fugaz & Místico W
 Diamante Azul & Retro W    Diamante Azul & Retro        
 Difunto & Último Guerrero          Fugaz & Místico  
 Cavernario & Espanto Jr. W        Star Jr. & Valiente W
 Ángel de Oro & Sonic        Cavernario & Espanto Jr. W  
 Súper Astro Jr. & Titán W    Súper Astro Jr. & Titán     October 11
 Negro Casas & Yago          Cavernario & Espanto Jr.  
 Furia Roja & Gran Guerrero W        Star Jr. & Valiente W  
 Magia Blanca & Niebla Roja        Furia Roja & Gran Guerrero  
 Star Jr. & Valiente W    Star Jr. & Valiente W  
 Akuma & Euforia    

2020 (phantom tournament)

CMLL did not present an official Gran Alternativa in 2020. However, information on social media indicated a tournament featuring young wrestlers was taped during the massive weekly empty arena recording sessions. Nothing from the tournament is known to have aired and it's unclear if it was meant to be a recognized Gran Alternativa tournament. Yago is believed to have won but is not officially recognized as a winner as CMLL never acknowledged the matches as occurring.


El Coyote and Euforia won the tournament on December 25th, 2021 by defeating Atlantis Jr. and Sangre Imperial in the finals.

Round of 16   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Final
 Rugido & Barbaro Cavernario    
 Cachorro Blue Panther &        Rugido & Barbaro Cavernario    
 El Coyote & Euforia      El Coyote & Euforia      
 Panterita del Ring Jr. & Panterita del Ring          El Coyote & Euforia    
 Magia Blanca & Volador Jr.          Magia Blanca & Volador Jr.    
 Sonic & Stuka Jr.        Magia Blanca & Volador Jr.  
 Akuma & Gran Guerrero      Akuma & Gran Guerrero        
 Enfermero Jr. & Mephisto          El Coyote & Euforia  
 Magnus & Terrible          Sangre Imperial & Atlantis Jr.  
 Inquisidor & Dragón Rojo Jr.        Magnus & Terrible    
 Sangre Imperial & Atlantis Jr.      Sangre Imperial & Atlantis Jr.    
 Halcón Suriano Jr. & Ángel de Oro          Sangre Imperial & Atlantis Jr.  
 Disturbio & Último Guerrero          Disturbio & Último Guerrero    
 Eléctrico & Atlantis        Disturbio & Último Guerrero  
 Espanto Jr. & Hechicero      Eléctrico & Atlantis    
 Diamond & Titán    


Mistico and Panterita del Ring Jr. won the tournament on 12/23/2022 defeating Gran Guerrero and Raider in the finals


Mistico and Brillante Jr. won the tournament on 02/02/2024 defeating Mascara Dorada and Neon in the finals.

Round of 16   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Final
 Atlantis & Rey Samurai    
 Esfinge & Halcon Negro Jr.        Atlantis & Rey Samurai    
 Templario & Raider      Templario & Raider      
 Titan & Explosivo          Templario & Raider    
 Mistico & Brillante Jr.          Mistico & Brillante Jr.    
 Stuka Jr. & Hijo De Stuka Jr.        Mistico & Brillante Jr.  
 Euforia & Crixus      Euforia & Crixus        
 Star Jr. & Angel Rebelde          Mistico & Brillante Jr.  
 Ultimo Guerrero & Furia Roja          Mascara Dorada & Neon  
 Valiente & Valiente Jr.        Ultimo Guerrero & Furia Roja    
 Volador Jr. & Max Star      Volador Jr. & Max Star    
 Soberano Jr. & Vaquero Jr.          Volador Jr. & Max Star  
 Mascara Dorada & Neon          Mascara Dorada & Neon    
 Barbaro Cavernario & Draego        Mascara Dorada & Neon  
 Atlantis Jr. & Futuro      Atlantis Jr. & Futuro    
 Averno & Guerrero de la Muerte    


  • (Thanks to Rob on filling in a lot of blanks.)
Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre Championships
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