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A CMLL pequeno estrellas version of Reyes del Aire. Some years had multiple tournaments.

Year Winner Runner Up Date Location
2007 Pequeno Damian 666 Bam Bam 07.13 Arena Mexico
2008 Mascarita Dorada Pequeno Damian 666 01.04 Arena Mexico
2009 Pequeno Black Warrior Mascarita Dorada 01.06 Arena Coliseo
2009 ? ? 02.07 Arena Puebla
2010 Pequeno Nitro Bam Bam 03.07 Arena Coliseo
2011 Pequeno Olimpico Mascarita Dorada 02.06 Arena Coliseo
2012 Ultimo Dragoncito Pierrothito 05.01 Arena Mexico
2012 Pequeno Black Warrior Shockercito 10.30 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
2013 Aereo Pequeno Olimpico 01.06 Arena Mexico
2014 Electrico Astral 01.05 Arena Mexico


This tournament was held July 13 in Arena Mexico.

# Eliminated by
1 Sombrita Bracito de Oro
2 Electrico Mr. Aguilita
3 Fire Fantasy
4 Bracito de Oro Pequeño Halloween
5 Mr. Aguilita Bam Bam
6 Fantasy Pequeño Damian 666
7 Pequeño Olímpico Pequeño Damian 666 & Pequeño Halloween
8 Pequeño Halloween Bam Bam
9 Bam Bam Pequeño Damian 666

Pequeño Damian 666 won, but both he and his partner Pequeño Halloween soon lost their hair to Bam Bam.

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This year's tournament took place January 4 in Arena Mexico

# Eliminated by
1 Fire Fantasy
2 Shockercito Mr. Aguilita
3 Fantasy Pequeno Warrior
4 Mr. Aguilita Bam Bam
5 Pequeño Black Warrior Tzuki
6 Tzuki Pequeño Halloween
7 Pequeño Halloween Bam Bam
8 Bam Bam Pequeño Damian 666
9 Pequeño Damian 666 Mascarita Dorada

Mascarita Dorada was the winner.


Arena Coliseo

This year's tournament took place January 6 in Arena Coliseo.

# Eliminated by
1 Mr. Aguilita Niño de Acero
2 Bam Bam Pequeño Damian 666
3 Niño de Acero Pequeño Halloween
4 Pequeño Damian 666 Último Dragoncito
5 Pequeño Ninja Pequeño Halloween (double pin)
5 Pequeño Halloween Pequeño Ninja (double pin)
7 Pequeño Violencia Mascarita Dorada
8 Pequeño Black Warrior Ultimo Dragoncito (ref stop)
9 Mascarita Dorada Pequeño Black Warrior

Ultimo Dragoncito did not return to the match after taking a Pequeño Black Warrior legdrop on the floor. Pequeño Black Warrior fouled Mascarita Dorada to win the match.


A Pequeno Reyes del Aire was held on February 7, held at Arena Puebla. The show was held on a Saturday, an unusual day for the arena.

No results are known from the show. Scheduled participants


This year's tournament took place March 7 in Arena Coliseo.

# Eliminated by
1 Pequeño Universo 2000 Shockercito
2 Pequeño Olímpico Pequeño Violencia
3 Shockercito Pequeño Warrior
4 Pequeño Violencia Eléctrico
5 Pequeño Warrior Último Dragoncito
6 Eléctrico Pequeño Damian 666
7 Pequeño Damian 666 Último Dragoncito
8 Último Dragoncito Pequeño Nitro
9 Bam Bam Pequeño Nitro

This set up a Pequeño Nitro challenging for the CMLL World Minis Championship the following week. Bam Bam defeated Pequeno Nitro to keep the title.


This year's tournament took place February 6 in Arena Coliseo. Many other tournaments have served to set up bigger matches in following weeks, but this one was officially announced as a #1 contenders match (and played up more as that then Pequeno Reyes del Aire.)

# Eliminated by
1 Pequeño Maximo Mercurio
2 Pequeño Nitro Fantasy
3 Astral Pierrothito
4 Fantasy Pequeño Violencia
5 Mercurio Electrico
6 Pequeño Violencia Mascarita Dorada
7 Electrico Pierrothito
8 Pierrothito Electrico
9 Mascarita Dorada Pequeno Olimpico

Pequeno Olimpico was the winner.


Two different Pequeño Reyes del Aire were held this year.

Arena Mexico

This year's tournament took place May 1 in Arena Mexico.

# Eliminated by time
1 Nino de Acero Pequeño Universo 2000 7:19
2 Aereo Pequeño Halcón 8:05
3 Pequeno Universo 2000 Mercurio 8:40
4 Pequeño Halcón Fantasy 10:40
5 Mercurio Pequeno Nitro 12:31
6 Pequeno Nitro Bam Bam 13:25
7 Pequeño Warrior Demus 3:16 13:45
8 Fantasy Pequeno Violencia 17:15
9 Pequeño Violencia Eléctrico 17:54
10 Astral Demus 3:16 20:47
11 Demus 3:16 Astral 20:47
12 Eléctrico Bam Bam 22:14
13 Bam Bam Pequeño Olímpico 22:34
14 Pequeño Olímpico Ultimo Dragoncito 23:22
15 Pierrothito Ultimo Dragoncito 25:12


This tournament was held October 30 in Arena Coliseo Guadalajara.

# Eliminated by
1 Aereo Mercurio
2 Pequeno Olimpico Pequeno Halcon
3 Fantasy Mercurio
4 Astral Pequeno Olimpico
5 Demus 3:16 Fantasy
6 Pequeno Violencia Astral
7 Astral Pierrothito
8 Demus 3:16 Shockercito
9 Pierrothito Shockercito
10 Ultimo Dragoncito Pequeno Black Warrior
11 Shockercito Pequeno Black Warrior

Pequeno Black Warrior used the ropes to beat Shockercito.

The result set up a cage match the next week with the same 12 minis. Shockercito avenged his defeat and took Pequeno Black Warrior's hair.


This year's tournament was held January 6 in Arena Mexico.

Eliminated Eliminator Time
Pequeño Halcón Mercurio 7:03
Pequeño Universo Shockercito 7:27
Acero Pequeño Nitro 8:43
Shockercito Pequeño Warrior 10:44
Pequeño Nitro Fantasy 11:18
Pequeño Warrior Bam Bam 12:50
Fantasy Pequeño Violencia 15:25
Mercurio Aéreo 16:10
Pequeño Violencia Bam Bam 17:47
Bam Bam Pequeño Olímpico 19:22
Pequeño Olímpico Aéreo 23:29
Aéreo won the cibernetico


Eliminated Eliminator Time
Stukita Pequeno Olimpico 10:38
Mercurio Shockercito 13:06
Pequeño Nitro Ultimo Dragoncito 14:55
Shockercito Pierrothito 16:40
Ultimo Dragoncito drew Pequeño Olímpico,
both are eliminated
Demus 3:16 Astral 21:35
Pierrothito Eléctrico 23:22
Astral COR (injury) 25:15
Eléctrico won the cibernetico

Astral suffered a leg injury after being hit by an Electrico dive and was unable to finish the match.


Took place on January 6th

Eliminated Eliminator Time
Fantasy Demus 3:16 11:05
Pequeño Olímpico Ultimo Dragoncito 13:43
Pequeño Nitro Astral 15:47
Ultimo Dragoncito Mercurio 17:07
Eléctrico drew Demus 3:16,
both are eliminated
Astral injury/ref stop 22:55
Mercurio Shockercito 24:03
Pierrothito Shockercito 28:09
Shockercito won the cibernetico
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