El Patrón Alberto

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El Patrón Alberto
El Patrón Alberto
Name El Patrón Alberto
Real name Alberto Rodríguez
Nicknames Hercules Potosino, La Esencia de la Excelencia, El Presidente
Name history Dos Caras Jr./El Hijo de Dos Caras (debut - current; brother takes over the "Hijo de Dos" name version in 2013), Hustle Kamen Kin (Hustle; 10/21/04), Dos, Alberto Banderas, El Dorado (FCW 2009), Alberto del Rio (WWE 6/25/10 -8/2014, 10/2015 - ), El Patrón Alberto‎ (AAA 9/2014- 10/2015), Alberto El Patrón (Lucha Underground 1/2015- 8/2015)
Family Dos Caras (father), Hijo de Dos Caras (brother), Mil Máscaras & Sicodelico (uncles), Sicodelico Jr. and Hijo Del Sicodelico (cousins)
Maestro(s) Dos Caras
Birth date, location May 25, 1977 - San Luis Potosí, San Luis Potosí
Obituary date
Debut, location August 11, 2000 - Shimonoseki, Japan
Lost mask to
Height 6'5 1/2"/197 cm
Weight 211 lbs/96 kg
Signature moves Plancha, Side Suplex, German Suplex, Enzuigiri, Olympic Suplex, Rompe Destinos, La Lanza, Superkick, Backcracker, Double Knee Gutbuster, Senton, La Silla, Quebradora con Giro, Guerrero Special
Titles: CMLL La Copa Jr 2006, CMLL World Heavyweight Title, WWE Championship, WWE World Heavyweight Championship, AAA World Heavyweight Championship, WWL World Heavyweight Championship, Lucha World Cup 2015, WWE United States Championship, Big League World Championship, WAW United Kingdom Championship, GFW Global Championship, QPW Heavyweight Championship, Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship, NGCW World Championship


Was apparently set to debut for LLI in mid-1994 (at the age of only 17) as part of a trio with aging relatives Dos Caras and Mil Máscaras, but this never panned out as he became successful in Greco-Roman wrestling. He became part of the Mexican Greco-Roman wrestling team. After not making it into the 2000 Olympic team he finally entered lucha libre.

Upon joining CMLL, Dos Caras Jr. was pushed as a top heavyweight tecnico. He had feuds with Ultimo Guerrero, Universo 2000 and Kenzo Suzuki, formed a tag team with Lizmark Jr., and did some work as a trio with Dr. Wagner Jr. and Mistico.

Dos was always on the side of good, and pushed as an agile guy for his size. He also did some MMA fighting sometimes with his mask and sometimes without.


Dos Caras Jr. turned heel shocking many in CMLL. He briefly feuded with Shocker before signing with the WWE.

My name is Alberto del Rio...but you already know that

On August 20, 2010 Alberto made his television debut for the WWE and began a feud with Rey Misterio Jr. Alberto would soon be joined by Chimaera now known as Ricardo Rodríguez who would serve as his ring announcer for the majority of his time in WWE. Over the next four years, Alberto would go on to have an illustrious career by winning the 2011 Royal Rumble, becoming a Money in the Bank winner, WWE Champion, and World Heavyweight Champion.

Departure from WWE

In August 2014 Alberto was fired from the WWE due to "unprofessional conduct" following an altercation with an employee. According to Alberto, the employee made a racially discriminatory comment towards him, and when Alberto confronted the employee he refused to apologize instead smirking at Alberto to which Alberto slapped him.

On August 17 at TripleMania XXII, El Patrón and his father Dos Caras appeared officially debuting for AAA. On December 7 at Guerra de Titanes, Alberto defeated Texano Jr. to become the new AAA World Heavyweight Champion. With the win, Alberto became the first wrestler to have held both the CMLL and AAA World Heavyweight Championships. He went on to feud with Hijo del Perro Aguayo and La Sociedad.

Alberto defeated Shane the Glamour Boy and El Mesías in Puerto Rico to capture the WWL World Heavyweight Championship in January 2015.

He then appeared on Lucha Underground and had feuds with Brian Cage and Johnny Mundo which spilled over to AAA. He also began wrestling for ROH where he had matches with Christopher Daniels, Roderick Strong & Jay Lethal.

Return to WWE

On October 25th, 2015 Alberto returned to WWE defeating John Cena for the United States Championship.

Indies & Impact Wrestling

Alberto left WWE again in late 2016 & began wrestling in independent promotions all over the world such as in Mexico & the U.K. Was to return to AAA only to leave after becoming upset with AAA for attempting to trademark his name. He debuted for TNA now known as Impact Wrestling in early 2017 and began a feud with Bobby Lashley for the Impact Wrestling heavyweight Championship. He won the belt, but was quickly suspended and stripped over a domestic issue. He was fired in 2018 after no-showing an Impact/Lucha Underground crossover event. With nowhere else to go, he started Nación Lucha Libre which only really had one run in 2019 and flopped after that.

Return to AAA

Alberto El Patrón made his AAA return in Lucha World Cup, 2023, and became their top domestic técnico very quickly.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
2003/03/06 mask Dos Caras Jr. Darketo Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes
2015/08/09 hair El Patrón Alberto Cage Arena Ciudad de Mexico, Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal


as Hustle Kamen Kin, 2004
In his MMA style mask
press slam

Dos Caras Jr. 2007
Dos Caras Jr.En GDL
Dos Caras Jr. Lizmark Jr.
Dos Caras Jr. Diablo Rojo-esque Rudo 2009
w/ fan

showing muscle
as Alberto Banderas
in FCW
Signature smile
Alberto-del-rio1 display image.jpg

Celebrating his victory during the 2011 Royal Rumble
as WWE Champion
as WWE World Heavyweight Champion
as WWL Champion
as Big League World Champion

as TNA World Heavyweight Champion
winning the WAW United Kingdom Championship
as GWF Global Champion
as QPW Heavyweight Champion
Unified GFW and TNA Champion
FB IMG 1512416744744.jpg

as NGCW World Champion