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Arena Puebla, located in Puebla, currently hosts CMLL shows every Monday night. Shows traditionally start at 9pm local time. The shows feature mostly CMLL Mexico City luchadors, with Puebla based luchadors working the early matches.

Arena Puebla was opened on July 18, 1953 on the site of a former trash dump by Salvador Lutteroth and is still owned by the family which owns CMLL. It's been managed by former luchadors father Manuel Robles (since 1967, formerly part of the programming department) and son Benjamin Mar (since 1994, straight from the ring.) Mar's son, Stigma, is also a luchador who started out in Arena Puebla.

Arena Puebla has hosted boxing events in addition to lucha libre. The building was said to hold 2900 fans in a 2011 interview. Seats were removed in 2012 to create an entrance era for the first time, and the present capacity is probably close to 2800.

Despite being owned by the Lutteroth family, the building was used by rival UWA promotion to run shows on Mondays at least as far back as the 1989s. EMLL/CMLL would run shows on some Fridays, Saturday, and Sundays since the inception of the building. UWA began to falter in the early to mid 1990s, with attendance as low as 35 people for cards in 1994. CMLL took over the traditional Monday spot around 1995. Special Friday night (and other odd nights) shows have rarely taken place since.

2006 was said to be biggest drawing year in the history of the building at the time, though complete records are unknown. The biggest drawing show ever might have been a 1985 appearance of Andre the Giant, where it's said as many people were turned away as bought tickets for the show.

Cards were televised on TVC Deportes starting some-time in the mid 2000s. Shows usually aired on Monday afternoons on a one week delay, but that delay and airing time can change around. Some weeks would not be shown due to other TVC Deportes programming commitments or periodic disputes between CMLL & the promotion. CMLL started recording the shows themselves in 2011, and TVC Deportes switched over to voiceovers of those recordings in 2012.

TVC Deportes canceled their wrestling programming in 2014. Matches from Puebla began appearing on 52MX's Guerrero del Ring (TV show) in mid 2015. CMLL began streaming the show live on their YouTube channel soon after and continued until the COVID-19 pandemic.



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