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Kato Kung Lee also briefly used this name


Name Valiente
Real name
Nicknames El Dado Atomico, Corazón Valiente
Name history Valiente
Family Hijo de Valiente, Valiente Jr. (nephews?), Hera, Miss Olympia (daughters)
Maestro(s) Fuerza Aerea, Tigre del Ring, Hijo del Gladiador, Guerrero del Futuro, Franco Colombo
Birth date, location May 30, 1974[1] - Guadalajara[2]
Obituary date
Debut, location May 30, 1996 - Arena Los Angeles 86, Nueva Aragon
Lost mask to
Height 170 cm/5'7"
Weight 119 kg/262 lb at his peak, 73/160 lb in 2010.
Signature moves Moonsault Plancha, Valiente Driver, assisted springboard moonsault, Valiente Special 1, Valiente Special 2, Valiente Special 3, seated armbar
Titles: 2008 Reyes de Aire, Mexican National Welterweight Championship, CMLL World Trios Championship (2)(w/Máscara Dorada & Místico II, w/Mistico II & Volador Jr.), CMLL World Tag Team Championship (2) (w/Volador Jr.) & (w/Diamante Azul)


Valiente is midcard CMLL wrestler known for his dare devil moonsaults and other flying moves. He's very reminiscent of Super Astro, who was the wrestler which inspired Valiente to become one. Like Super Astro, Valiente is a heavy set wrestler far more agile than he looks.

Valiente's actually a lot older than the similar high flyers at his position. Valiente started his career in the mid 90s, but could never beyond working small independent shows and grew frustrated. Valiente gave up his lucha libre career for a few years, but was convinced to give it another try, this time within the CMLL training school. Valiente got booked on CMLL cards, but could not move past the opening matches. 2007 was Valiente's break thru year, with a notable performance in the February Reyes del Aire match and winning a similar cibernetico on the May Toryumon show. Those matches were enough to nudge Valiente up another spot on the card, just far enough to get some TV exposure, and his risky but perfectly executed dives quickly grew a fanbase.

Quickly after he found success, Valiente gave permission to two cousins to use his names. Valiente Jr. and Hijo de Valiente did not impress as much as the original. After over a year of being allowed to use those names, Valiente took them back (presumed on request of CMLL), though luchadors by those names turn up on rare occasions.

Valiente's trademark move is his double jump blind springboard moonsault to the floor.

Lucha de Apuestas Record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
2007/01/11 mask (1) Valiente Explosion 2000 Cancha IV Centenario - Auascalientes, Aguascalientes
2008/03/23 hair (2) Valiente Sergio Romo Jr. Gimnasio Nuevo Leon - Monterrey, Nuevo Leon
(1) JAULA: Volador Jr., Rey Bucanero, Marco Corleone, Hijo del Diablo, Tony Rivera, Maximo & Pistolero; (2) Four way match also w/ Tigre Universitario & Rey Hechicero


early look
2008 Rey de Aires
layout chestbreaker