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Villano V (Villano Quinto)
Villano V (Villano Quinto)
Name Villano V (Villano Quinto)
Real name Raymundo Diaz Mendoza
Nicknames La Pantera Rosa (The Pink Panther); El Niño Barbaro (The Barbarian Kid, as Rokambole) El Chacal de la rudeza
Name history Rokambole (75/03/15), Villano V (85/09 - ), Ray Mendoza Jr. (3/09 - )
Family Ray Mendoza (father), Los Villanos (brothers), Difunto I (half-brother), La Infernal (sister-in-law), Rokambole Jr. & Villano V Jr. (sons), El Hijo de Villano III & Villano III Jr. (nephews); see Los Villanos
Maestro(s) Ray Mendoza, Villano I, El Costeño Nava, Alejandro de Alba
Birth date, location March 22, 1962 - Mexico City
Obituary date
Debut, location March 15, 1977 - Arena Raff - Nezahualcóyotl, Mexico State
Lost mask to March 20, 2009 - Arena México, Mexico City (vs Ultimo Guerrero)
Height 5'9"/177 cms
Weight 220 lbs/100 kg
Signature moves La Tapatia, step over armbar, Toque De Espalda Universal
Titles: Naucalpan Tag Team Titles (w/ Kuroneko - as Rokambole), Naucalpan Welterweight Title (as Rokambole), Toluca Welterweight Title, Nezahualcoyotl Lightweight Title, Mexico State Lightweight Title, UWA World Trios Titles (6, w/ Villanos I & Villano IV five times, w/ Scorpio Jr. & Shu El Guerrero), UWA World Light Heavyweight Title (2), National Trios Titles (w/ Villano III & Dos Caras), National Atomicos Titles (w/ Pierroth Jr. & Villanos III & IV), AAA Americas Trios Titles (w/ Villanos III & IV), UWA World Tag Team Titles (w/ Villano IV), WWA World Tag Team Titles (w/ Villano IV), IWRG Trios Titles (w/ Villanos III & IV), Arena Aztahuacan Tag Team Titles (w/ Villano IV), WWA World Trios Championship (w/Villano IV, Villano III)
Wrestling Observer Hall Of Fame Member


Villano V is the last of the five Villano brothers. Despite the number, Villano V is not the youngest of the Villanos brothers. Ray Mendoza mandated that his sons finish studying for a career before they started wrestling. Villano IV, the youngest member of the group, completed his studies first, and so earned his number first.

He spent the beginning of his career as Rokambole, a name which his other brothers had also used. The name seems to refer to a fictional French character named Rocambole that was an adventurer. As Rokambole, he won the hairs and masks of multiple wrestlers and arguably had the best pre-Villano career of his family. He often competed in the UWA, which his father Ray Mendoza had a lot of influence in. He was typically a midcard wrestler and after taking on the Villano name, frequently teamed with his brothers Villano I and Villano IV, as Villano III was often in singles action.

In 1985, he had one of the major highlights of his career was when he took part in the famous Los Villanos vs Los Brazos Triple Mask vs Mask match, where the Villanos won. He spent the late 80's trading the UWA World Trios Championship with Los Brazos and Los Missioneros De La Muerte, where he became a five-time UWA World Trios champion.

After UWA's closure in the 1990's, he went to AAA along with his brothers. In 1996, he became one-fourth of the inaugural AAA Mexican National Atomicos Champions and one-third of the inaugural AAA Americas Trios Champions. He and his brothers later went to WCW, where they took on a lower card role putting over other wrestlers before heading to CMLL for Villano III's program vs Atlantis.

Villano V had a career resurgence in the late 2000's. He surprisingly took the mask of Blue Panther on September 19th, 2008 in a mask vs mask match, but then lost his mask in another mask vs mask match against Ultimo Guerrero on March 3rd, 2009. This left Villano IV as the last active masked Villano.

After Villano III's passing, he took upon more of a figurehead role in in the Villano wrestling dynasty. He also began training his sons Villano V Jr. and Rokambole Jr. and eventually teamed with them alongside Villano IV.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
??/??/?? hair Rokambole Javier Montes unknown
??/??/?? masks Rokambole & ? Cerebro I & Cerebro II unknown
??/??/??/ mask Rokambole Torbellino Tapatio unknown
??/??/??/ mask Rokambole El Apostol unknown
??/??/??/ mask Rokambole El Titán unknown
??/??/??/ mask Rokambole Guerrero unknown
??/??/??/ mask Rokambole Holandés unknown
??/??/??/ mask Rokambole Júnior unknown
??/??/??/ mask Rokambole Billy Jack unknown
??/??/??/ mask Rokambole Ventarrón unknown
??/??/??/ mask Rokambole Gatubedo unknown
??/??/??/ mask Rokambole Potro Salvaje II unknown
??/??/?? mask Rokambole Barón Rojo II unknown
??/??/??/ mask Rokambole Ivanhoe II unknown
??/??/??/ mask Rokambole Corsario unknown
??/??/??/ mask Rokambole Takamba unknown
??/??/??/ mask Rokambole Forastero unknown
??/??/??/ mask Rokambole Blacamán unknown
??/??/??/ mask Rokambole Balam unknown
??/??/??/ mask Rokambole Solmar unknown
77/??/?? mask Rokambole Coyote (1979) Mexico City
77/02/16 hair Rokambole Centella Nolasco Arena KO
77/02/12 hair Rokambole Perro Sosa Mexico City
77/03/01 hair Rokambole Lucio Risas Acapulco, Guerrero
77/03/27 mask Rokambole Bronco Toluca, Estado de Mexico
77/10/?? mask Rokambole Cuervo Blanco Deportivo Moctezuma - Mexico State
77/12/17 hair Rokambole Perro Sosa Mexico City
78/05/12 mask Rokambole Super Libre Puebla, Puebla
78/06/13 hair Rokambole Comanche Mexico City
78/08/13 hair Rokambole Azcasgary Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas
78/12/14 hair Rokambole Caballero Negro Jalapa, Veracruz
80' mask Rokambole Socio II unknown
80/05/¿? hair Rokambole Jose Luis Mendieta Mexico City
80/06/¿? hair Rokambole Castorcito Estado de Mexico
81/01/06 mask Rokambole El Socio Arena Coliseo - Acapulco, Guerrero
83/03/20 hair Rokambole Huichol Tapatío Querétaro, Querétaro
83/09/21 hair Rokambole Guerrero Negro Celaya, Guanajuato
88/10/21 masks Los Villanos I, IV & V Los Brazos (Oro, Plata, Brazo) Plaza de Toros Monumental - Monterrey, Nuevo Leon
91/07/19 masks Los Villanos I, IV & V Mercenarios Americanos (Tim Patterson, Bill Anderson & Louie Spicolli) Auditorio de Tijuana - Tijuana, Baja California
08/09/19 mask Villano V Blue Panther Arena Mexico - Mexico City
09/03/20 mask Último Guerrero Villano V Arena México - Mexico City
12/03/04 hair Villano V Brazo de Platino Arena Neza - Mexico state
13/03/16 mask, hair Villano IV & Villano V Hijo de Pirata Morgan & Cassandro Juan de la Barrera - Distrito Federal
2014.11.28 Hairs Kaving, Ray Mendoza Jr., Kortiz Tony Rivera, Dr. Killer Jr., Ciclon Black Ex Conasupo de Los Reyes, Los Reyes La Paz
17/12/03 hair Ray Mendoza Jr. Electroshock Arena Naucalpan - Mexico State


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as Rokambole
as Rokambole
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as Rokambole
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winning Electroshock's hair
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As Rokambole with Scorpio and Bull Power
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Los Villanos
Ray Mendoza