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Multiple wrestlers have used the name Astro Boy. In this wiki and in other recording sites, they're refereed to as Astro Boy I, Astro Boy II, Astro Boy III, etc., but they don't actually use those numbers.

  • Astro Boy (original) - predates the Astro Boy below by at least a generation. Possibly their father? Possibly King Balam?
  • Astro Boy (90s) - brother of Mistico, also wrestled as a Dr. Karonte I. Deceased.
  • Astro Boy (I) - Mistico. Does not acknowledge his previous identity, though many are aware of it.
  • Astro Boy (II) - last user of the name in CMLL. Now wrestles as Argos in AAA.
  • Astro Boy II - used by the future Magnus before his official CMLL debut.
  • Astro Boy III - debuted under the name for the Sin Cara Gym show on Feburary 2 2014
  • Astro Boy (San Luis Potosi) - unrelated to the others, a local wrestler in the San Luis Potosi area who eventually changed his name to Astro Latino