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The current CMLL Audaz is listed under Audaz (CMLL)


El Audaz (The Audacious One)
El Audaz (The Audacious One)
Name El Audaz (The Audacious One)
Real name Domingo 'Doménico' Bazán León
Nicknames none
Name history El Coloso (debut), El Audaz (1966 - death)
Family El Hijo del Audaz?
Maestro(s) Zepelin Ahumada
Birth date, location May 16, 1947 - Ojochal, Tlalixcoyan, Veracruz
Obituary date June 30, 2020
Debut, location 1966
Lost mask to El Solitario - May 12, 1976 - Palacio de los Deportes
Height 5'10"/178 cms
Weight 205 lbs/93 kg
Signature moves Tope Suicida
Titles: UWA World Light Heavyweight Title


Domingo Bazán León (Domenico was his stage name) was born on May 16, 1947 in Ojochal, a municipality of Tlalixcoyan, Veracruz. Domingo came from a humble family and attended elementary school where he learned the basics of reading, writing, and mathematics. He delivered both bottled soft drinks and later, gas cylinders. He then moved to Orizaba and worked as a laborer. He was described as an introverted and serious person. His hobbies included going to the gym, driving race cars, painting, music and lucha libre. As a professional wrestler, he owned ´Discos Audaz´ where he produced his own vinyl records of tropical music. “El Corrido del Audaz”, “Quisiera ser” and “Despacio” were his most iconic songs. His love for music let to him becoming a singer, a composer and a manager of artists.

He began his career under the name of El Coloso, and lost his mask in 1964 against a local luchador named El Gladiador. By 1966, he had built up the name of El Audaz. In his prime he was 178 cm tall and weighted 96 kg. He became the UWA World Light Heavyweight champion by defeating Ray Mendoza. He won the hairs of Manuel Robles and El Enfermero. He lost his mask to El Solitario on May 12, 1976 in a relevos increíbles match with Rayo de Jalisco and Aníbal at Palacio de los Deportes. After his mask loss he did a retirement tour all around Mexico and then focused his attention on music.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
1964/??/?? mask El Coloso El Gladiador Veracruz
72/02/20 hair El Audaz Manuel Robles Arena Coliseo - Mexico City
72/12/19 hair El Audaz El Enfermero Poza Rica, Veracruz
76/05/12 mask (1) El Solitario El Audaz Palacio de los Deportes - Mexico City
76/??/?? hair Ray Mendoza El Audaz unknown
78/04/23 hair El Audaz Gorilita Florez Naucalpan
(1) Relevos suicidas match vs. Aníbal & Rayo de Jalisco


right after losing his mask vs EL SOLITARIO in 1976
EL AUDAZ as UWA LHW Champion 1977
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