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this is the more well known Espanto Jr., from the last 80s and early 90s. His son, who wrestles in CMLL the 2010s, is listed under Espanto Jr. (CMLL)


Espanto Jr.
Espanto Jr.
Name Espanto Jr.
Real name Jesús Andrade Salas
Nicknames none
Name history El Moro II/El Moro (debut - 84), Chuy Andrade (80), Negro Andrade (81-82), Espanto Jr. (84 - 02/95), El Santo Negro (02/95 - 04/95), Pentagon (05/95 - retirement)
Family see Moro Familiy
Maestro(s) El Moro, Halcón Suriano, El Noble
Birth date, location May 11, 1956 - Gómez Palacio, Durango
Obituary date
Debut, location 1971 - Deportivo Ferrocarrilero - Gómez Palacio, Durango
Lost mask to El Hijo del Santo - August 31, 1986 - Plaza de Toros Monumental de Monterrey
Height 5'7"/171 cms
Weight 176 lbs/80 kg
Signature moves Plancha Suicida, Asai Moonsault
Titles: UWA World Lightweight Title, WWA World Lightweight Title, UWA World Welterweight Title, WWA World Welterweight Title


An immensely talented wrestler in the lighter weight divisions, Jesus Andrade struggled to find a place in wrestling until he took on the Espanto Jr. gimmick. This naturally created a rivalry with El Hijo del Santo, whose father had unmasked both Espanto I and Espanto II (as a member of the famous Moro family, Andrade was not related to the original Espantos). Espanto Jr. and Hijo del Santo had multiple classics against each other, including the match in which Espanto lost his mask.

After years in the UWA, Andrade jumped to AAA very shortly after its formation. He still had his ability but didn't receive a big push there until 1995. That was when he became Santo Negro, a (supposedly) foreign enemy of El Hijo del Santo. This storyline came to an end when other members of Santo's family objected to such use of the Santo name, which led to Santo Negro converting to Pentagon and changing his focus to Octagon. The Pentagon gimmick lasted a bit longer, but Andrade was forced into immediate retirement in early 1996 when he collapsed in the ring and nearly died.

Lucha de Apuestas Record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
1985/02/03 mask Espanto Jr. Dr. Hoo Monterrey, Nuevo Leon
1986/08/31 mask El Hijo del Santo Espanto Jr. Plaza de Toros Monumental - Monterrey, N.L.
1987/08/02 hair El Hijo del Santo Espanto Jr. Auditorio Municipal - Torreón, Coahuila
1988/05/08 hair El Hijo del Santo Espanto Jr. Plaza de Toros Monumental - Monterrey, N.L.
1989/09/17 hair El Hijo del Santo Espanto Jr. El Toreo - Naucalpan, Mexico State
91/06/02 hair Super Muñeco Espanto Jr. Auditorio Municipal - Torreón, Coahuila


masked as Espanto Jr.
Unmasked at Monterrey
entrando al ring
as Santo Negro
as Santo Negro
Original Pentagon

Espanto with the Pentagon mask
Entrevistado por el hijo del Santo
as Santo Negro

as Santo Negro
masked as Espanto Jr.
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