Emilio Charles Jr.

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Emilio Charles Jr.
Emilio Charles Jr.
Name Emilio Charles Jr.
Real name Sergio Emilio Charles Garduño
Nicknames El Rey del "Beautiful" (The King of Beautiful)
Name history El Socio II (1980), Emilio Charles Jr. (debut - )
Family Emilio Charles (father), Revolver (son)
Maestro(s) Diablo Velasco, Abuelo Carrillo
Birth date, location October 12, 1956 - Monterrey, Nuevo León
Obituary date December 27, 2012
Debut, location February 1980 - Arena Jalisco - Guadalajara, Jalisco
Lost mask to
Height 5'9"/176 cms
Weight 196 lbs/89 kg
Signature moves Flying Splash, Lariat, Flying Dropkick, La Silla, Huracarrana
Titles: Distrito Federal Heavyweight Title, NWA World Middleweight Title (2), National Trios Titles (w/ Vulcano & Tony Arce), National Middleweight Title, CMLL World Middleweight Title, CMLL La Copa Jr. 1996, CMLL World Tag Team Titles (w/ Dr. Wagner Jr.), CMLL World Trios Titles (2, w/ Sangre Chicana & Bestia Salvaje - Los Chacales -, w/ Satánico & Rey Bucanero), 1995 CMLL Second Generation Tag Team Tournament (w/Apolo Dantés)


In the mid-80's he was part of Los Destructores with Vulcano & Tony Arce, a tremendous team that never received the chance they deserved.

In late 1987 he received a push as singles rudo versus tecnicos like Javier Cruz and Atlantis.

CMLL mainstay throughout the 1990s. His frizzy hair was known as "el pelo mas cotizado" (the most sought after hair) in the promotion. Charles went 12 years between in-ring haircuts, along the way taking the hairs of El Dandy, La Fiera, Satanico, and others. He finally lost an apuestas match in 2001 to Shocker.

After being a Guapo and a member of the Talibanes, Emilio resumed his previous gimmick of being Emilio Charles Jr. (But he kept the Taliban-era music.)

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
??/??/?? hair Emilio Charles Jr. Brazo de Plata Arena Coliseo - Guadalajara, Jalisco
83/02/05 mask/hair(2) El Practicante & Dr. Muerte Fraile de La Muerte & Emilio Charles Jr. El Toreo - Naucalpan, Mexico State
83/09/29 hair Villano IV Emilio Charles Jr. Jalapa, Veracruz
85/03/03 hairs Emilio Charles Jr. & Rino Castro Comando Ruso I & Comando Ruso II Arena Mexico - Mexico City
1985/12/15 hair Emilio Charles Jr. Enfermero Jr. Arena Coliseo
86/12/07 hair Emilio Charles Jr. Impacto Arena México - Mexico City
87/07/31 hairs Americo Rocca, Chamaco Valaguez & Javier Llanes Emilio Charles Jr., Tony Arce & Vulcano Arena México - Mexico City
88/06/24 hair Emilio Charles Jr. Javier Cruz Arena México - Mexico City
89/07/28 hair (1) Emilio Charles Jr. drew El Dandy, both lose Arena México - Mexico City
93/10/29 hair Emilio Charles Jr. El Dandy Arena México - Mexico City
94/04/15 hair Emilio Charles Jr. La Fiera Arena México - Mexico City
94/10/14 hair Emilio Charles Jr. Miguel Pérez Jr. Arena México - Mexico City
96/09/27 hair Emilio Charles Jr. Silver King Arena México - Mexico City
98/03/20 hair Emilio Charles Jr. Satánico Arena México - Mexico City
98/09/25 hair Emilio Charles Jr. & Máscara Año 2000 Ricky Santana & El Boricua Arena México - Mexico City
01/04/15 hair Emilio Charles Jr. Ringo Mendoza Arena Coliseo - Mexico City
01/11/23 hair Emilio Charles Jr. Apolo Dantés Arena México - Mexico City
01/12/14 hair Shocker Emilio Charles Jr. Arena México - Mexico City
03/06/15 hair Emilio Charles Jr. Asesino Negro Arena Coliseo - Guadalajara, Jalisco
05/11/24 hair Emilio Charles Jr. Satánico Arena Neza - Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico State
06/10/29 hair Maximo Emilio Charles Jr. Arena Coliseo DF
07/09/16 hair Mascara Purpura Emilio Charles Jr. Arena México - Mexico City
(1) Draw where both wrestlers lost their hair;(2) Ruleta de la muerte. Anibal ganó la campal y los perdedores formaron parejas: Fuerza Guerra & Enfermero II, Black Man & Negro Casas, Brazo de Oro & Tawa Vera, Shu & Black Terry, Blue Panther & Baby Face, El Aspirante & América Salvaje, El Matemático & Javier Llanes


Los Socios
Early 80s
1989 Draw Dandy vs Charles
circa 1998
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