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Volador Jr. is the reigning Leyenda de Plata champion, a (sometimes) annual tournament held to honor El Santo.

Past Winners

Year Winner Final Loser Semifinal Loser
1998 Scorpio Jr. El Hijo del Santo Negro Casas [1]
1999 El Hijo del Santo Scorpio Jr. Ultimo Guerrero [2]
2000 Negro Casas El Hijo del Santo Dr. Wagner Jr.
2001 Black Warrior Negro Casas Black Tiger
2002 Felino Black Warrior Black Tiger
2003 no tournament
2004 Perro Aguayo Jr. Felino Atlantis
2005 Atlantis El Hijo del Santo [3]
2006 Mistico Atlantis Black Warrior
2007 Mistico Mr. Aguila Sagrado
2008 Mistico Perro Aguayo Jr. Dr. Wagner Jr.
2009 no tournament
2010 no tournament
2011 Volador Jr. Jushin Liger [4]
2012 no tournament
2013 [5] Negro Casas Titán [6]
2014 no tournament
2015 Negro Casas Dragon Lee Virus
2016 La Mascara Negro Casas Dragon Lee
2017 Volador Jr. Caristico [7]
2018 Barbaro Cavernario King Phoenix [8]
2018 Titán Templario [9]
  1. There was no semifinal round in the tournament until 2000; the last elimination from the cibernetico is listed instead
  2. There was no semifinal round in the tournament until 2000; the last elimination from the cibernetico is listed instead
  3. Perro Aguyao Jr. refused to defend the Leyenda de Plata, so the two semifinalists just advanced to the finals.
  4. Mistico had left since the last tournament, so the format was changed this year.
  5. The '2013' tournament went into 2014.
  6. Casas & Titan won ciberneticos to advance to the final. Casas won and was awarded the plaque, then defeated Volador Jr. the following week in a match of former champs. In 2015, CMLL stated that confusingly stated the win over Volador was for the championship
  7. La Mascara was fired from CMLL and didn't defend his title. CMLL held a cibernetico instead with the final two facing off the next week.
  8. No match was held with previous champion Volador Jr.
  9. No match was held with previous champion Cavernario.

Tournament Overview

The Leyenda de Plata is a tournament held in honor of El Santo by CMLL. It usually takes place over three weeks, and happens in the second half of the year. The winner is given a plaque with an original Santo mask, and is given the opportunity to defend their title the next tournament. Winning the title is a big honor. As the Leyenda de Azul match became a complimentary year tournament, the makeup of the tournaments were slightly skewed to create a difference between them. Leyenda de Plata has become the tournament of great wrestlers (which means including luchadores who are usually in lower card matches) as opposed to Leyenda de Azul's tournament of great stars.

The Leyenda de Plata has a unique set of stages. There's an initial 16 wrestler cibernetico (with a battle royal to determine the two sides). The final two survivors advancing to a singles match the next week, in a single fall match. The winner of that match faces the reigning Leyenda de Plata champion on the third week, also in a single fall match.

There was no tournament in 2003; El Hijo Del Santo did not work in CMLL during the year, so there may have been issues preventing running the tournament that year. They did run a Leyenda de Azul for the first time in a while.

The format was changed in 2011. Last champion Mistico had long ago left CMLL, so the promotion instead expanded the field. 24 wrestlers were involved in two twelve man ciberneticos, with the finalsts pairing off to determine the new champion.

Controversy over the Name

There were no Leyenda de Plata events in 2009 & 2010, which was believed to be due to ongoing issues between CMLL and Hijo del Santo over use of the Santo name. The tournament appeared to not be run in 2003 because Santo wasn't involved in the promotion at the time. CMLL had continued to run the show after their falling out with Santo in 2006, but Santo's complaints had increased over the following years. CMLL surprisingly brought back the tournament in 2011 despite no change in the fractured relationship.


The first Leyenda de Plata tournament took place on July 24 and July 31, 1998. This tournament was slightly different than following ones, as there was no semifinal match and no reigning champion. As the son of the man being honored, El Hijo del Santo got the champion bye to the final round. Scorpio Jr. won the cibernetico, last eliminating Negro Casas. The other participants in the match were Atlantis, Blue Panther, Black Warrior, Dr. Wagner Jr., Felino, Karloff Lagarade Jr., La Fiera, Olimpico, Pantera, Satanico, Shocker, Tony Rivera, Ultimo Guerrero, Violencia.

On July 31, Scorpio Jr. beat El Hijo Del Santo by countout, when El Hijo Del Santo was unable to return to the ring after taking a Scorpio tope.


The second Leyenda de Plata tournament started on November 26, with the qualifying cibernetico. El Hijo Del Santo won, beating Ultimo Guerrero to take the match. Other participants were Antifaz del Norte, Bestia Salvaje, Black Warrior, Blue Panther, Emilio Charles Jr., Felino, Fuerza Guerrera, Negro Casas, Olimpico, Rey Bucanero, Satanico, Tarzan Boy, Tony Rivera, Ultimo Guerrero, Zumbido. Similar to 1998, there was no semifinal match in 1999. In the final, on December 2 [CANZ recap], El Hijo Del Santo beat Scorpio Jr. with the camel clutch to win the trophy.


The third Leyenda de Plata tournament started on September 22. This year was the first year where the final two survivors advanced to a semifinal. The two seminfinalists were Dr. Wagner Jr. and Negro Casas. The other particpants were Antifaz del Norte, Atlantis, Astro Rey Jr., Black Warrior, Blue Panther, Felino, Fuerza Guerrera, Olimpico, Rey Bucanero, Safari, Satanico, Scorpio Jr., Tarzan Boy, and Zumbido. The semifinal match on September 29. Negro Casas defeated Dr. Wagner Jr. The final was on October 6. Again, Negro Casas won, beating El Hijo Del Santo to win the tournament. [Canz Recap]



The fourth Leyenda de Plata tournament begun on October 5. This year, the battle royal to determine sides was televised. Side A: Averno, Black Warrior, Black Tiger, Fuerza Guerrera, Juventud Guerrera, Dr. Wagner, Mephisto, Masacara Magica Side B: Antifaz, Atlantis, Blue Demon Jr., El Hijo Del Santo, Felino, Ricky Marvin, Safari, Virus The two finalists were Black Warrior and Black Tiger, both from the Side A. [thecubsfan recap]

On October 12, Black Warrior defeated Black Tiger in the semifinal. The story of this match, as played out thru the previous cibernetico, was a double turn; Black Tiger was becoming an evil foreigner, while long time rudo Black Warrior became a tecnico. [thecubsfan recap] On October 19, Black Warrior was able to defeat retaining champion Negro Casas to win the tournament. [thecubsfan recap]


The fifth Leyenda de Plata tournament started on July 26. Once again, we have the list of each side. Side A: Atlantis, Averno, Blue Panther, Felino, Mephisto, Safari, Satanico, Virus Side B: Black Tiger, Fuerza Guerrera, Hombre Sin Nombre, Negro Casas, Olimpico, Tony Rivera, Violencia, Volador Jr. The two finalists were Black Tiger, for the second year in a row, and Felino. [thecubsfan recap] On August 2, Felino beat Black Tiger in the semifinal. [thecubsfan recap] On August 9, Felino triumphed over defending champion Black Warrior to win the tournament. [thecubsfan recap]


The sixth Leyenda de Plata tournament began on July 16. The sides for the cibernetico were: Side A: Alan Stone, Atlantis, Averno, Mephisto, Misterioso II, Satanico, Tarzan Boy, Virus Side B: Black Warrior, El Hijo de Perro Aguayo, Emilio Charles Jr., Mascara Magica, Mistico, Negro Casas, Super Crazy, Volador Jr. The story of the match was the continuing rivalry between Negro Casas and Perro Perro snuck in a low blow on Negro, causing him to be the last man eliminated. The two semifinalists were Atlantis and El Hijo De Perro Aguayo. [thecubsfan recap]

On July 23, the semifinal was held. Unlike previous years, this was a standard three fall match. It is unknown at this time if this is a permanent change, or a one time variation. The match itself played off an earlier Perro/Atlantis match, from November 14, 2003, where Atlantis defended Michinoku Pro Wrestling's Tohoku Junior Championship and the match actually went four falls due to a third fall draw (a double countout) and a rare order to continue to find a winner. That same set of events presented itself in the Leyenda de Plata semifinal (this time the third fall being thrown out due to faking a low blow), but El Hijo De Perro Aguayo was able to get the fourth fall win. [thecubsfan recap] On July 30, El Hijo De Perro Aguayo defeated defending champion Felino to win the tournament. Again, this was used to build his rivalry with Negro Casas, as he worked the corner for Felino, his brother.

After the match, Perro was awarded a plaque by El Hijo Del Santo, but broke the the plaque and eventually fought Santo, upset the Santos were considered the greatest family in lucha libre instead of the Aguayos. Perro's actions were later used to explain why he did not defend the championship the following year, despite being present at the shows.


In a change, perhaps due to having no champion, the format of the tournament was changed. Instead of two winners advancing from one sixteen man cibernetico, there were two eight man ciberneticos with one winner each. The first cibernetico was held on October 28, with Hijo del Santo, Hombre Sin Nombre (believed to be Safari), La Mascara, Volador, Misterioso II, Jado, Averno and Negro Casas. Santo and Negro were the final two left, and actually pinned each other on a tapatia. The match was restarted, and Santo won with a camel clutch. In the second cibernetico, on November 4, Atlantis beat Mistico by faking a low blow. Other wrestlers in the match were Ultimo Dragon, Maximo, Sagrado, Mephisto, Hijo de Pierroth and Gedo.

The finals were held on November 11, Atlantis beat Hijo del Santo to win the tournament. Atlantis low blowed Mistico (as a cornerman for Santo), ref was distracted, Ultimo Guerrero pulled Santo's mask, Santo covered up, and Atlantis covered him for the win.


The tournament was slightly changed again in 2006, with the champion again defending the title in the final match. This wasn't made clear in the opening rounds of the tournament, and may have not been decided until the tournament was already started. Reigning champion Atlantis was originally listed as participating in the second block, but was replaced before the match took place. Like 2005, the opening rounds were two eight man ciberneticos. The first cibernetico was held on August 25 and included Black Warrior, Heavy Metal, Rey Bucanero, Metro II, La Mascara, Ultimo Guerrero, Mephisto, and Misterioso II. In the finals, Warrior beat Bucanero. The second cibernetico was held on September 1. As he had feuded with Black Warrior all year, it was obvious that Mistico would win to face his rival, and he indeed beat Mr. Aguila to move on. Other particpants were Negro Casas, Sagrado, Volador Jr., Damian 666 (replaced Atlantis), Averno and Alex Koslov.

The semifinals were held on September 8, and Mistico beat Black Warrior to move on to the finals. After the match, the two finally agreed on a mask match, to take place at the September 29 Anniversary show. The finals were held on September 15, with Mistico facing defending champion Atlantis. Despite interference from Black Warrior (acting as Atlantis' second), Mistico won the Leyenda de Plata. After the match, Black Warrior stole the Leyenda de Plata trophy and ran off with it, with Mistico chasing him backstage.


The 2007 tournament was similar to the 2006 tournament in a common mistake; the defending champion (Mistico this year) was listed as participated in a qualifying cibernetico, only to be replaced in the week before the match. In this case, it seemed more due to a left shoulder injury for Mistico than a adhesion to the rules. The tournament format followed the previous year's set up: two blocks of ciberneticos to determine semifinalists, with the winner of that match facing the champion. The tournament was held much earlier in the year than recent years past, and was done without the approval of El Hijo del Santo, who'd had a falling out with CMLL in the months previous. CMLL claims ownership of "Leyenda de Plata tournament" and still gave the winner a plaque with a original Santo mask.

two time champ

The first cibernetico took place on May 18th. The original tournament appeared to match up Perro Aguayo Jr. and Mistico (either as the cibernetico winners or in the final match.) Shortly before the cibernetico, Perro Aguayo Jr. suffered a knee injury and was unable to wrestle for a couple months. Mr. Aguila replaced him on the reality show and this tournament, and CMLL stuck with the original plan, Aguila just filling in for Perro Jr. Other wrestlers in this block were Negro Casas, Felino, Tarzan Boy, Mephisto, Maximo, Alex Koslov, Stuka Jr., Volador Jr. and Mictlán The second cibernetico took place on May 25th, also at Arena Mexico. As with the previous week, the presumed winner Mistico was taken out of this match (due to injury or someone recalling the rules), but CMLL appeared to keep with the original plan and pick his replacement, Sagrado, to win the cibernetico in his place. Other wrestlers in this match were Averno, Ephesto, Virus, Texano Jr., Leono, Loco Max, Valiente, Heavy Metal, and Black Warrior

The semifinal on was held on June 1st. By this point, it had been announced Mistico would meet the winner of the winners of the two ciberneticos, and so it was little surprise Mr. Aguila beat Sagrado in a disappointing match. The following week, June 8th, Mistico beat Mr. Aguila to become the first two time Leyenda de Plata champion. His celebration was interrupted by Perro Aguayo Jr., who vowed to return from injury and continue their feud soon.


CMLL mostly kept with the current rules in 2008, with the singles matches being worked as three fall matches. All matches took place in Arena Mexico. The cibernetico outcomes were predictable, but set up two hotly anticipated singles matches.

The first cibernetico took place on July 4. Perro Aguayo Jr. won this round. Other particpants, in order of their elimination, were Ohara, Stuka Jr., Felino, Ephesto, Averno, La Mascara, Mephisto, and Volador Jr.

The following week, Dr. Wagner Jr. won the second cibernetico. In this match, the order of elimination was Loco Max, Sagrado, Mascara Purpura, Virus, Sangre Azteca, Hijo del Fantasma, La Sombra, Black Warrior and Heavy Metal.

This set up Perro vs Wagner, a big match between the top rudo and the co-top tecnico, as the semifinal match. During the week leading up to the match on July 18th, Dr. Wagner Jr. stated that he'd either beat Perro Aguayo Jr. or join his Perros del Mal faction. Perro won the first fall of their match, but Wagner tied it up in the second. In the third, Perros del Mal members Mr. Aguila, Texano Jr. and Damian 666 walked to the ring, which distracted the referees, the ring side commissioners, and the participants. Another man in a Wagner mask snuck in the ring and fouled Wagner while his attention was diverted, and Perro pinned the actual Wagner for the win. The second Wagner unmasked to reveal himself as Terrible. Wagner took back his earlier promise, saying that it had been voided by the Perros cheating to win the match.

The tournament ended with Perro vs the other co-top tecnico, two time Leyenda de Plata winner Mistico on July 25th. Perro took the first fall with some cheating and his trademark La Lanza. Mistico won the second with La Mistica. Perros allies tried to pull the same distraction trick in the third fall, but tecnicos Hector Garza and Dos Caras Jr. ran them off, and Mistico won with a double underhook piledriver. Mistico became the first three time Leyenda de Plata winner.

Mistico and Perro talked about as mask vs hair match after this one. It's believed, unlike most talk, this one was actually scheduled to happen at CMLL's anniversary show and would've been the most anticipated match of the year. However, both men were injured in separate incidents and were reduced to standing ringside for the Blue Panther vs Villano V mask match. When Perro was close to returning from injury, he announced his departure from CMLL to form the Perro del Mal promotion., making the proposed match unlikely for the time being.


The format of the tournament was changed this year. The previous champion, Mistico, had left the promotion earlier in the year and was written out of CMLL history as a result, so the usual pattern of the former champion defending his title would not work here. Instead, CMLL held two twelve man ciberneticos, with the winners facing off for the title.

As always, all matches were held at Arena Mexico

September 23rd Cibernetico

A battle royal set the teams as La Mascara, Polvora, Guerrero Maya, Delta, Palacio Negro, Tiger vs Valiente, Stuka, Volador, Metal Blanco, Okumura and Puma King.


  1. Tiger (via Stuka Jr.)
  2. Okumura (Guerrero Maya Jr.)
  3. Puma King (Palacio Negro)
  4. Palacio Negro (Metal Blanco)
  5. Delta (Stuka Jr.) - double elimination
  6. Stuka Jr. (Delta) - double elimination
  7. Metal Blanco (Polvora)
  8. Guerrero Maya Jr. (Valiente)
  9. Polvora (Volador)
  10. Valiente (Mascara)
  11. La Mascara (Volador)

That left Volador Jr. as the winner.

September 30rd Cibernetico

This was also the Anniversaro show.

Elimination order:

Leaving Jushin Lyger as the winner

October 7th Final

Volador Jr. won, defeating Jushin Lyger in a best out of three falls match.


The Leyenda de Plata took place at the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014, all in Arena Mexico.

December 20

Eliminated Eliminator Time
Okumura Delta 9:24
Triton Tiger 10:35
Olimpico Atlantis 12:46
Tiger Atlantis 13:14
Atlantis Averno 13:53
Delta Virus 15:49
Felino La Mascara 16:44
Stuka Virus 18:03
Virus DQ for fouling La Mascara 22:00
La Mascara DQ for fouling Virus 22:01
Averno Titán 27:36
Titán won the cibernetico

December 27

Eliminated Eliminator Time
Pegasso Polvora 10:10
Fuego Rey Escorpion 11:38
Polvora Maximo 16:07
Puma Blue Panther 17:03
Guerrero Maya Jr. Negro Casas 17:40
Blue Panther Reapper 19:40
Reapper Valiente 20:30
Maximo Rey Escorpion 23:58
Valiente Mephisto 25:22
Mephisto Rey Escorpion 27:42
Rey Escorpion Negro Casas 31:40
won the cibernetico

January 3

Negro Casas defeated Titan in a three falls match.


This year's tournament went back to usual format of a single cibernetico with the winner facing the previous winner.

May 15

Eliminated Eliminator Time
Fuego Niebla Roja 4:33
The Panther Barbaro Cavernario 5:21
Niebla Roja Titan 7:42
Volador Jr. drew Mephisto,
both are eliminated
Kamaitachi Mistico 10:37
Titan Luciferno 11:47
Barbaro Cavernario Dragon Lee 12:42
Luciferno Mistico 13:22
Mistico Virus 16:10
Virus Dragon Lee 17:15
Dragon Lee won the cibernetico

May 22

Negro Casas defeated Dragon Lee to become the second third time champion.


July 22

Eliminated Eliminator Time
Triton Barbaro Cavernario 8:13
Virus Titan 10:22
The Panther Ripper 12:05
Ripper Guerrero Maya 14:30
Titan Mephisto 16:43
Guerrero Maya Mistico 19:07
Mephisto La Mascara 21:00
Barbaro Cavernario Dragon Lee 22:34
Volador Jr. La Mascara 31:31
Mistico La Mascara 31:31
Dragon Lee DQ for Rush run-in 35:09
La Mascara won the cibernetico

July 29

La Mascara defeated Negro Casas.


As La Mascara was fired from CMLL, the format this year changed to a single cibernetico, with the final 2 facing each other at the next week.

October 13

Eliminated Eliminator Time
Puma Sanson 6:53
The Panther Soberano Jr. 10:13
Tiger Forastero 11:51
Virus Dragon Lee 13:27
Guerrero Maya Jr. Titan 14:47
Forastero Mephisto 17:26
Titan Negro Casas 18:14
Negro Casas Barbaro Cavernario 19:36
Mephisto Volador Jr. 24:12
Dragon Lee Sanson 26:49
Barbaro Cavernario Soberano Jr. 27:50
Soberano Jr. Sanson 37:13
Mistico Sanson 37:13
Sanson Caristico 37:43
Volador Jr. and Caristico won the cibernetico

October 20


Volador Jr. defeated Caristico.


The format from 2017 was repeated in 2018, a cibernetico where the final two would face off the next week. The final match with the previous champion again didn't take place, though previous champion Volador Jr. did participate in the cibernetico.

November 16

Eliminated Eliminator Time
Kawato San Audaz 7:56
Tiger Templario 9:35
Triton Dragon Rojo Jr. 12:20
Audaz Soberano Jr. 13:28
Flyer Virus 14:51
Dragon Rojo Jr. Cavernario 20:43
Felino Soberano Jr. 21:27
Templario Volador Jr. 23:01
Mephisto King Phoenix 24:24
Soberano Jr. Cavernario 25:25
Mistico Volador Jr. 28:50
Volador Jr. Cavernario 34:52
King Phoenix and Cavernario won the cibernetico

November 23

Cavernario defeated King Phoenix.


The tournament returned in 2021 as a sixteen person tournament over three weeks.

Round of 16   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Final
 Star Jr.    
 Mephisto        Mephisto    
 Místico II      Místico II      
 Espíritu Negro          Místico II    
 Volador Jr.          Templario    
 Raziel        Volador Jr.  
 Templario      Templario        
 Dragón Rojo Jr.          Templario  
 Fugaz          Titán  
 Rey Cometa        Fugaz    
 Titán      Titán    
 Felino Jr.          Titán  
 Negro Casas          Caristico    
 Pólvora        Negro Casas  
 Carístico      Carístico    


The Leyenda de Plata took place in July, all in Arena Mexico

July 15

Eliminated Eliminator Time
Soberano Jr. won the cibernetico

July 22

Eliminated Eliminator Time
Templario won the cibernetico

July 29

Templario beat Soberano Jr. in the final.


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Light Heavy: Barbaro CavernarioHeavy: Gran Guerrero
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