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The 1996 TripleMania was held over three events

TripleMania IV (A)

TripleMania IV (A) was held on May 11 in Chicago International Ampitheatre.


# Winner Loser Stipulation Notes
1 Arunyo, Karis La Momia, Killer Blue Demon Jr., Mascara Sagrada Jr., Torero
2 Jerry Estrada & Juventud Guerrera Pantera & Super Calo
3 Cibernético, Mosco de la Merced I, Picudo La Parka, Octagón, Último Dragón
4 Konnan & Perro Aguayo Sr. Cien Caras & Pierroth lumberjack rules

Other Notes

The first Triplemania to take place outside of Mexico ended up being doomed from the start. The show was booked without taking into account the fact Rey Misterio Jr. was getting married the same day. He was still scheduled for the show along with his best man Psicosis but both ended up no-showing. Add in lots of problems as relates to getting the AAA talent into the U.S. and you had a very small amount of wrestlers being able to come over along with matches put together at the last moment and a horrible turnout due to terrible local advertising. The show was a mess and ended up being very short, ending with a huge brawl involving the undercard guys taking various bumps through tables and chairs to try to send the crowd home happy. No footage of the show exists on video tape.

TripleMania IV (B)


TripleMania IV (B) was held on June 15 in Plaza de Toros Orizaba.


# Winner Loser Stipulation Notes
1 Boomerang, Frisbee, Ludxor, Thunderbird, Venum Black Cat II, Duendo, Espectro, Picudo, Ravana
2 Antifaz del Norte, Latin Lover, Sergio Romo Jr. Arandú, El Sanguinario, Jerry Estrada
3 Oro Jr., Rey Misterio Jr., Super Calo, Winners el Mosco, Halloween, Kraken, Perro Silva
4 Blue Demon Jr., Halcón Dorado Jr., Mascara Sagrada Jr., Tinieblas Jr. Coco Amarillo, Coco Azul, Coco Rojo, Karis La Momia
5 Pierroth Jr. Perro Aguayo Sr.
Juventud Guerrera
Pimpinela Escarlata
Villano III
6 La Parka, Máscara Sagrada, Octagón Cien Caras, Heavy Metal, Killer lumberjack match

Other Notes

Triplemania IV-B was largely built around a match to crowd a Champion of Champions. The idea was to put all the major champions in the promotion together in one match and the winner would win the Champion of Champions Title that could only be defended against another champion. Pierroth Jr. ended up winning the elimination match but the concept was never followed up on most likely due to the fact it was Konnan's idea and he left the promotion a few months later. The main event on the show was another extreme style match, a style Konnan (co-AAA booker at the time) had brought over from his time in ECW, ending with Miss Janeth getting power bombed through a table.

TripleMania IV (C)

TripleMania IV (C) was held on July 15 in Ciudad Madero, Tamaulipas.


# Winner Loser Stipulation Notes
1 Cardenal & King Boy Acertijo & Novato I
2 Munrak & R-15 Dragon Boy & Lover Boy
3 Mini Frisbee, Super Muñequito, Tzuki Espectrito I, Espectrito II, La Parkita
4 La Parka, Mexicano, Super Calo, Winners Fishman, Jerry Estrada, May Flowers, Villano V cibernetico
5 Rey Misterio Jr. Juventud Guerrera car match
6 Perro Aguayo Sr., Villano III, Villano IV Cibernético, Octagón, Psicosis relevos increíbles
7 Pierroth Konnan bull terrier match
8 Coco Amarillo
Coco Azul
Coco Rojo
Karis la Momia
Mascara Sagrada Jr.
Blue Demon Jr.
Tinieblas Jr.
Halcón Dorado Jr. cage match where the last one in lost their mask

Other Notes

Triplemania IV-C ended up being the only Triplemania of the year to actually have an important stipulation match on it. One of the most underrated feuds in AAA history reached it's peak as the Junior Atomicos took on Karis La Momia & Los Payasos in a cage match with eight masks on the line. In the end it was Halcon Dorado Jr. being the last man inside and after unmasking he attacked his partners, thus turning himself rudo. It was to set the stage for him becoming Cien Caras' partner and creating a new main event rudo but he could't pull it off and a few months later was nowhere to be found in AAA. However the feud and cage match were both well received and one of the all-time Triplemania highlights.

The other stipulation match on the show wasn't hair vs hair or mask vs mask... it was car vs car between Rey Misterio Jr. & Juventud Guerrera. The two had a car vs car cage match back in January which ended with both of them getting crotched at the top of the cage and the match being ruled a no-contest. They had their re-match on this show in a one fall match and as usual they stole the show. Juventud ended up getting help from Mosco, X-Fly and Espectrito and they triple-teamed Rey until Killer's music hit. Out came Killer to make it a 5-on-1 but of course Killer turned on the rudos and unmasked himself as Konnan. With Konnan's help Rey was able to win the match and take possession of Juventud's car.

Other notes from the show included both opening matches being part of the Future Stars tournament and the usual ECW style hardcore match between Konnan & Pierroth Jr. which involved several run-ins and table spots involving women.

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