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Maniaco (The Maniac)
Maniaco (The Maniac)
Name Maniaco (The Maniac)
Real name
Nicknames none
Name history Negro Herodes (debut - ??), Perro Silva (?? - 11/96), Maniaco (11/96 - ), Último Viper (00s)
Family none
Maestro(s) Agente Negro
Birth date, location May 20, 1966 - San Luis Potosí, San Luis Potosí
Obituary date
Debut, location April 20, 1989
Lost mask to Mr. Condor - July 5, 2002 - Centro de Convenciones - Cd. Madero, Tamps.
Height 5'9"/176 cm
Weight 194 lbs/88 kg
Signature moves Tope con giro, Plancha Suicida, Dropkick
Titles: UWA World Trios Titles (w/ Príncipe Maya & Karloff Lagarde Jr.), National Atomicos Titles (2, w/ Psicosis AAA, Mosco de la Merced AAA, Histeria)


Most well known as a member of AAA, and as a rudo member of various Vipers combination. Drifted out of AAA after his mask loss, but name still turns up on occasional. Believed to be the man originally under the Abismo Negro mask for a very short time, but the gimmicks were swapped when this one wasn't performing as well.

After fading out from AAA around 2002, Maniaco appears to have been a regular around Arena Solidaridad until mostly disappearing after 2005. Maniaco resurfaced as a member of The Invasors, often teaming with old partners Histeria & Psicosis II. Maniaco appears to be used just an extra body for trios matches during the beginning of the invasion, then disappeared. Rumors much later say he Manaico was no longer available to be used because he was in jail, but many other secondary Invasor members were dropped around that time as CMLL changed the makeup of the group and might also explain Maniaco's departure.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
95/04/30 masks Karloff Lagarde Jr., Perro Silva & Mr. Cóndor Zafiro, Brillante & Diamante Auditorio Rio Nilo - Tonala, Jalisco
02/07/05 mask (1) Mr. Cóndor Maniaco Centro de Convenciones - Cd. Madero, Tamps.
05/08/14 hair (2) Maniaco El Potro Jr. Gimnasio Nuevo Leon - Nuevo Leon
(1) Diabolicos & Apache vs. Vipers cage match. Until this match happened, Maniaco wasn't considered to be a masked wrestler? ; (2) Triangle match w/ Charles Lucero


as Maniaco w/ fellow Rudos De Las Galaxia
1999 w/ mask
June 2004
As Perro Silva

As Perro Silva
Earlier Look
Earlier Look
Los Invasores
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