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this is the original Dragoncito de Oro; he appears to have given the identity to a trainee in 2010


Voladorcito (Mini Volador)
Voladorcito (Mini Volador)
Name Voladorcito (Mini Volador)
Real name
Name history Pequeno Futuro, Príncipe del Futuro, Dragoncito de Oro, Mini Frisbee, Voladorcito, Ninjita (AAA, 1995)
Maestro(s) Pedro Nieves, Volador
Birth date, location August 19, ??- Mexico City
Obituary date
Debut, location 1989
Lost mask to
Height 155 cm/5'0"
Weight 60 kg/132 lb
Signature moves Gory Special

AAA mini of many identities during their first few years, most notable as the mini of Volador. Worked in AAA from 1992 to 1995, then briefly popped up in Promo Azteca before being swallowed up by the indies. Appears to still be active, or someone using his name is still around.

Promotes a mini wrestling troupe called Mini Super Estrellas Indepedientes and trains luchadores (mainly fellow mini wrestlers & women).