Muerte Roja

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Muerte Roja
Muerte Roja
Name Muerte Roja
Real name Hugo Torres Sapp
Name history Aguila de Acero (debut - 1995), Principe Zafiro (1995 - 1996), Máscara Sagrada Jr. (1996 - 2010) (no relation to original Mascara Sagrada or Mascara Sagrada AAA, Directo (1998), Super AAA(2004), Muerte Roja II (02/2009), Emo Extreme(In Los Bizarros), Máscara, Jr. (2010 - current)
Family Zafiro (Tijuana) (father)
Maestro(s) Tigre Tatuado, Jerrito Estrada, Taro Yenekura
Birth date, location September 12, 1973 (but listed as August 26 in La Magia del Ring 58?)
Obituary date
Debut, location 1992 - Tijuana
Lost mask to Hijo del Dr. Wagner - October 11, 2010 - Arena Aficion
Signature moves
Titles: Mexican National Middleweight Title, Mexican National Atomicos Championship (with Perro Aguayo Jr., Blue Demon Jr., & La Parka Jr.

This wrestler, that gained some fame as Mascara Sagrada Jr., quit AAA and started wrestling in the independent circuit with the identity of Muerte Roja, a gimmick that was already used by Venum Black a few years ago. He appears to have gone back to AAA to become the new Alebrije, which has not yet made it on TV.

Please note AAA disputes the contents of this entry (though their specific complaint remain unclear, it may be confusion over who was Muerte Roja and Super AAA when/at all.)

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
??/??/?? mask Máscara Sagrada Jr. Mensajero de la Muerte Unknown
??/??/?? mask Máscara Sagrada Jr. Gigante Warrior Unknown
??/??/?? mask Máscara Sagrada Jr. Titán Jr. Unknown
??/??/?? mask Máscara Sagrada Jr. Hombre Lobo Unknown
??/??/?? hair Máscara Sagrada Jr. Guerrero Negro Unknown
??/??/?? hair Máscara Sagrada Jr. Zángano Unknown
01/12/25 mask (1) Máscara Sagrada Jr. Hijo de Huracán Ramírez Gimnasio Coatepec - Coatepec, Ver.
02/01/01 mask Máscara Sagrada Jr. Hijo de Huracán Ramírez Salón Bazar - Veracruz, Ver.
03/11/22 mask (2) Máscara Sagrada Jr. El Fugitivo Lienzo Charro - Tlaxcala, Tlaxcala
10/11/23 mask (3) Hijo del Dr. Wagner Mascara Jr. Arena Aficion - Pachuca, Hidalgo
(1) Cage match w/ Espectro Jr. & Parka Jr.; (2) Cage match; (3) RULETA: Histeria & Hijo de Fishman & Canek Jr. & Black Abyss


as Aguila del Acero
as Directo
as Directo with Duro
as Principe Zafiro
as Mascara Sagrada Jr.
Champion as Mascara Sagrada Jr.

as Muerte Roja
as Emo Extreme
as Mascara Sagrada Jr.
as Mascara Sagrada Jr.
as Mascara Sagrada Jr.
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w/ Los Bizarros in AAA as Emo Extreme
with Los Bizarros In AAA