Blue Demon Jr.

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Blue Demon Jr.
Blue Demon Jr.
Name Blue Demon Jr.
Nicknames El Hijo de la Leyenda Azul (The son of the Blue Legend)
Name history Blue Demon Jr. (debut - )
Family Flama Solar (cousin), Blue Demon (adopted father); El Hijo de Anibal (son-in-law)
Maestro(s) Blue Demon, Rolando Vera, Rafael Salamanca, Pepe Mendieta
Birth date July 16, 1966 - Mexico City
Debut July 26, 1985 - Auditorio de Tijuana - Tijuana, B.C.
Height 5'8"/172 cms
Weight 194 lbs/88 kg
Signature moves Stunner, Ace Crusher, Scorpion Deathlock, Huracarrana, Tope Suicida, Angel's Wings, La Estaca Mortal
Titles: WWA World Welterweight Title, National Cruiserweight Title, WWA World Middleweight Title, UWA World Junior Heavyweight Title, National Atomicos Titles (w/ La Parka Jr. & Perro Aguayo Jr. & Máscara Sagrada Jr.), IWAS World Light Heavyweight Title, NWA World Heavyweight Title, WOW Heavyweight Title, PWR World Heavyweight Title (2), PWR World Tag Team Titles (w/El Hijo del Santo), AAA Blue Legacy Title, AAA Latin American Championship, AULL Copa Universo 2016

Relationship Controversy

Blue Demon Jr. was introduced, and portrayed for many years, as the son of Blue Demon. As time went on, and due to due the different skin colors, the story was changed to Blue Demon Jr. having been adopted by Blue Demon as a small child and raised as his son. Blue Demon's natural son, Alfredo Muñoz, did not have any interest in wrestling, so the gimmick was given to the adopted child with both children sharing in the profit.

The financial agreement has been a source of strife between Blue Demon's sons. Alfredo Muñoz owns the rights to the character, but Blue Demon Jr. made deals based on that name without involving Muñoz. In response, Muñoz has threatened to take away Demon Jr.'s right to use the gimmick. Just as damaging, Muñoz has claimed that Blue Demon Jr. is completely unrelated to Blue Demon family and not adopted, just a wrestler whom got the rights to portray Blue Demon in the ring (but not out of it.) Muñoz's explanation is Blue Demon Sr. did not want the name of Blue Demon to die, not when Santo's name was being passed to the next generation, so he found an outsider to carry on for him. Blue Demon Jr. has not publicly responded to these claims.

We've chosen to leave Blue Demon Jr. listed as 'adopted son' for the moment, but note it may be a worked relationship.

Muñoz's threat of taking the Blue Demon gimmick from Blue Demon Jr. has led to much speculation Blue Demon Jr. might lose his mask. A Demon loss was heavily rumored before his October '07 match with Espectro Jr., but they went with the original plan with of an Espectro Jr. loss.


Blue Demon Jr. became the first Mexican masked wrestler to win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, defeating Scrap Iron Adam Pearce for the title in Mexico on October 25, 2008. This was the first time the title had changed hands in Mexico. Blue Demon Jr. has had multiple successful title defenses throughout the year with multiple opponents.

Lucha Libre USA

Blue Demon Jr. briefly appeared in Lucha Libre USA wrestling a match against Tatanka.

Return to AAA

Blue Demon Jr. returned to AAA in 2013 to challenge Texano Jr. for the AAA World Heavyweight Championship. On June 16, 2013 at Triplemanía XXI, Blue Demon Jr. defeated El Mesías to win the vacant AAA Latin American Championship.

Lucha Underground

Blue Demon Jr. joined Lucha Underground and began a feud with Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
??/??/?? hair Blue Demon Jr. Alebrije Dallas
??/??/?? mask Blue Demon Jr. Invasor Galáctico unknown
??/??/?? mask Blue Demon Jr. La Mancha unknown
??/??/?? mask Blue Demon Jr. North Panther unknown
??/??/?? hair Blue Demon Jr. Álex González unknown
??/??/?? mask Blue Demon Jr. Black Panther unknown
??/??/?? mask Blue Demon Jr. Black Killer unknown
??/??/?? mask Blue Demon Jr. La Mosca unknown
??/??/?? hair Blue Demon Jr. La Mosca unknown
??/??/?? mask Blue Demon Jr. Scarlet unknown
??/??/?? mask Blue Demon Jr. El Depredador (Tijuana) Auditorio de Tijuana - Tijuana, Baja California
??/??/?? mask Blue Demon Jr. Síndrome unknown
1987/07/18 mask Blue Demon Jr. Vendaval Apatlaco
1989/??/?? hair Blue Demon Jr. Máquina Salvaje unknown
1994/11/24 mask Blue Demon Jr. MS-Jr. Pista Arena Revolución - Mexico City
1995 mask Blue Demon Jr. Gran Sheik Arena Coliseo - Mexico City
1999/01/01 mask Blue Demon Jr. El Jorobado Xico, Veracruz
1999/10/01 mask Blue Demon Jr. Black Demon Auditorio de Tijuana - Tijuana, Baja California
2002/??/?? mask Blue Demon Jr. Black Fuhrer Arena Alcalde - Guadalajara, Jalisco
2007/10/07 mask Blue Demon Jr. Espectro Jr. Estadio Calimax, Tijuana, Baja California
2019/08/03 hair Blue Demon Jr. Rey Wagner Arena Ciudad de México - Mexico City


AAA time when he got burnt by Halloween
another alternative gear
Blue Demon Jr 90s.jpg

after his title defense against Big Daddy V
2005 New movie
FB IMG 1569216466465.jpg

as seen on Mucha Lucha
w/Lemus2 2006
BD 3.jpg

Bluedemonjr la.jpg
in LA with LA Park
mask vs mask 2007
win Espectro Jr. mask

Todo X el Todo

as PWR Heavyweight Champ
with other juniors
Blue Demon Conejo Blass.jpg

BlueDemon Jr.jpg
FB IMG 1467321815714.jpg
Teaming with Tinieblas Jr. and Octagón at the 1997 Royal Rumble

FB IMG 1501297658719.jpg
FB IMG 1501207573146.jpg
FB IMG 1500531737525.jpg
FB IMG 1468294112627.jpg

Blue Demon cape.jpg
Blue demon copa perro Aguayo.jpg
Blue Demon Jr. wins 1.jpg
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