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The 2017 TripleMania (TripleMania XXV) was held on August 26 in Arena Ciudad de México, Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal.


# Winner Loser Stipulation Notes
1 Ashley, Dragón Solar, Pardux, Solaris Bronco González Jr., Chicano, Fetiche, Hahastary La Llave a la Gloria [1]
2 Angelikal, Hijo Del Vikingo, The Tigger Ángel Mortal Jr., Tiger Boy, Villano III Jr. La Llave a La Gloria [2]
3 Hernandez, La Hiedra, Mamba, Mini Psycho Clown Big Mami, Dinastía, Estrella Divina, Máscara de Bronce [3]
4 Sexy Star © Lady Shani
Ayako Hamada
AAA Reina de Reinas Championship [4]
5 Monsther Clown & Murder Clown Dark Cuervo & Dark Scoria
Aerostar & Drago
Andrew Everett & DJZ
AAA World Tag Team Championship [5]
6 La Parka Argenis
Australian Suicide
Faby Apache
Pimpinela Escarlata
Súper Fly
Bobby Lashley
Jeff Jarrett
Scorpio Jr.
Mr. Águila
Crazy Boy
Joe Lider
Niño Hamburguesa
Heavy Metal
Ricky Marvin
Blue Demon Jr.
El Cobarde
Pirata Morgan
Copa Triplemania [6]
7 Pagano went to a no finish against El Mesías street fight [7]
8 Johnny Mundo © Texano Jr.
Hijo del Fantasma
TLC, AAA World Heavyweight Championship, AAA World Cruiserweight Championship, AAA Latin American Championship [8]
9 Psycho Clown Dr. Wagner Jr. mask [9]

Other Notes

  1. 6:41. First of two final matches (and easily the worst of the two, with many people looking nervous. Dragon Solar pinned Fetiche.
  2. 7:28. All three tecnico hit top rope moves on all three rudos at the same time. After the Reina de Reinas match, all 14 participants returned. Vikingo, Angelikal and Ashley were announced as winners, but everyone in the group would be part of a new AAA school.
  3. 6:42. Hiedra hit Mami with a chair from outside and Mamba - suddenly with a short blond hair cut - got the win.
  4. 9:55. Lady Shani won a spot in the match via a contenders match in Aguascalientes. Hamada & Rosemary (GFW) were added on 08/18. First TV defense, 2nd overall. Terrible match, with Sexy Star submitting Rosemary by armbar, then putting it back on and apparently pulling Rosemary's arm out. Martha Villalobos presented the title to Sexy Star.
  5. 13:23. Secta fall on their 3rd defense, Murder splashed both of them. During the match, Aerostar used the ropes and Murder Clown to climb to the hanging light platform. The platform had been lowered so Aerostar could reach it, and was raised all the way back up before Aerostar leaped off onto everyone. Poder del Norte ran in to attack everyone (not just Drago & Aerostar, but others for no reason.) Raptor made the save for his friends. Dave the Clown returned to TV to help his fellow clowns and Marty the Moth, in clown makeup, also came out to help them.
  6. 26:14. Trios entered together in 90 seconds interval, but the match turned out to be everyone for themselves with one winner. Some teams (OGT, Vipers, Guapos, Mexican Powers) entered thru the crowd for no explained reasons. Joe Lider entered as a Mexican Power, instead of as a Perros del Mal as had been advertised days before. (X-Fly replaced him and Kahn-Del Mal seconded them.) However, Lider turned on the Mexican Powers mid match to join the Perros del Mal, in one of a million things going on once. Cobrade Jr. was the mystery man. Sangre Chicana, Cobarde, May Flowers, Los Vatos Locos, Los Payasos and Mascarita Sagrada were lumberjacks in a match with over the top elimination rules. Intocable didn't appear and was replaced by Ricky Marvin. The GFW team entered individually for no explained reason. La Parka survived a three on one against the OGT to win. Latin Lover presented Parka with the belt.
  7. 16:41, though the action had stopped about two minutes before the match was officially waved off. Moved down a spot. Match went to a no finish when medics checked on Mesias after Pagano hit Mesias with the barbed wire bat to the side of the leg. Rey Escorpion returned to AAA to attack both men, with the idea he was more extreme then both of them.
  8. 22:04. Moved up a spot. Third defense for Cruiserweight/Heavyweight, fifth defense for Latin American title. Kevin Kross, Mascara de Bronce and Henrandez all got involved, though Mundo won long after interefernece.
  9. 28:42. Wagner was cleanly beaten and unmasked as Juan Manuel Gonzalez Barron, 52, from Torreon.

The matches were held in a new sixed sided ring with video boards. The ring may have been a little taller than usual to accommodate the boards (which themselves are bigger than the CMLL ones.)

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