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Name Baronessa
Real name unrevealed
Nicknames "La Belleza Convertida en Rudeza", "La Bella Maldad", "La Sonrisa Perfecta"
Name history Baronessa (debut-current)
Maestro(s) Mr. Tempest, El Estudiante, Estudiante Jr., Super Astro, Solar, Príncipe Negro Jr., Genio Del Aire, Voltron
Birth date, location September 28, ??; Mexicali, Baja California
Obituary date
Debut, location April 25, 2014; Gimnasio Ichinoe - Mexicali, Baja California.[1] [2] [3]
Lost mask to
Height 5' 8" (173 cm)
Weight 145 lbs (66 kg)
Signature moves Cangrejo, La Campana,Campana Invertida, Gory Driver , Muta Lock, La Maravillosa, Fujiwara armbar, Gedo Clutch, Running Corner Double Knee Smash, La Silla, Thesz Press
Titles: Baja California Women's Championship [2], AKE Women's Championship, International Women's Championship, PCT Women's Tag Team Championship (w/Lady Lee), Lucha Libre Real Women's Championship, Robles Promotions Women's Championship, AULL Women's Championship


Her family are longtime Lucha Libre fans. When she was twelve years old her older brother brought her to a wrestling show and since then she never stopped watching it. She admired what the luchadores do and she wanted to do the same too. She met Mr. Tempest and asked him to train her. He brought her to Arena Coliseo Mexicali where he was one of the trainers at that time. When Mr. Tempest founded his own professional wrestling school she continued the rest of her training with him until her professional debut. She describes her days of training as very hard in which she had to make a lot of sacrifices. For instance, she had difficulties in learning how to roll on the mat and Mr. Tempest known as a very strict trainer put her to roll on the floor.

Mr. Tempest Professional Wrestling School

Baronessa was the first and only woman wrestler (and Ruda) graduate from the first generation of Mr. Tempest Professional Wrestling School[4]. Besides her maestro Mr. Tempest, she is honed her wrestling skills with other prominent trainers such as El Estudiante, El Estudiante Jr., Black Abyss Jr., Black Shadow Jr. II, Genio Del Aire, among others including Super Astro and Solar.

She debuted on April 25, 2014 along with Chango Asesino & Black Master (Mexicali) against Thunder Kid (who is also Alumni from Mr Tempest Wrestling School), Eragon & Datura at Gimnasio Ichinoe. She is presented under the catchaphrase of "La Rudeza Hecha Belleza" (The Rudeness Made Beauty)

Her gimmick is based on the comic book/cartoon character from the GI JOE series. The idea came from Mr. Tempest and she like it. During her first matches she donned a mask of her maestro as an homage. For this reason, in her first matches she was nicknamed Miss Tempest or Lady Tempest. She changed the mask design for one of her own. When she began her wrestling career there were very few luchadoras in Mexicali. Most of them were retired or innactive. Baronessa, became the first of a new wave of luchadoras in Baja California, particularly in Mexicali. After her new luchadoras came up and began to compete.

Local and State Level Success

In a short period of time she became a big draw in wrestling events in Mexicali. She had protagonized main events against opponents with more experience such as Gatubela and Rossy Moreno.

The First Baja California Women's Champion

On February 14, 2016 she became the first Baja California Women's Champion defeating Miss Tiger at Arena Nacionalista. As the first champion she defended successfully against Amazona, Lady Lee & Sexy Lula.

AKE Women's Champion

Baronessa continued her career next wrestling in Azteca Karate Extremo (AKE). There she won the AKE Women's Championship becoming the second luchadora to hold the championship.

She was part of the main event of the first ever all women's wrestling event in Mexicali held in Arena Nacionalista on August 28, 2016. In her first lucha de apuestas match of her career on September 18, 2016 she won Lula's mask and became the new International Women's Championship.

Lucha Libre Elite

Her sucess led her to be booked outside Mexicali as she debuted in Arena Azteca Budokan on October 2, 2016 and on November 4, 2016 she made her debut in Lucha Libre Elite at Gimnasio Agustin Millan.

The Crash

Baronessa, participated at the first wrestling event of The Crash in Mexicali on August 4, 2017 at Palenque del Fex. She teamed up with Miss Tiger against Chik Tormenta & Princesa Hernández. On October 5, she participated in the benefit show Lucha por México at Auditorio de Tijuana. She went against Diosa Quetzal, Keyra & Christi Jaynes in a Cuadrangular. On November 4, 2017 she competed for The Crash Women's Championship in a cuadrangular match against the Champion Keyra, Christi Jaynes & Lacey Lane. On January 18, 2020, Baronessa reappeared in The Crash, she and Hija de Gatubela lost agaisnt Christy Jaynes & Lady Flamer.

Baronessa and Miss Tiger appeared in ManiacoMania an event hosted by the promotion Indy Army Wrestling on February 3, 2018 at CAR The Crash (formerly known as Salón Citlali) they defeated Star Queen and Lady Pink in a tag team match. Also she had wreslted frecuently in events of Tortas Super Astro and Generación XXI. On June 23, 2018 at Arena Lopez Mateos, Baronessa won Muñeca de Plata's mask after a long feud.

Independent Circuit - Present

On May 19, 2017 she made her debut in the main event of a LLF show in a singles match against Christi Jaynes. On May 27, 2017 in Cholomania, the Anniversary Event of Promociones Cholo de Tijuana she allied with her longtime rival Lady Lee to become the first Women's Tag Team Champions of this promotion defeating Marcela & Sanely. They had a successful title defense against Marcela & Sanely on July 7, 2017 in Acapulco, Guerrero. On September 11 and 12 she had a tour with the promotion Generación XXI. On September 11, 2017 she was the surprise contender for the Generación XXI Women's Championship in Iraputato, Guanajuato. Her presentation in Queretaro was on September 12. Since 2018, she has wrestled in most states of Mexico with different promotions, most notably with Promo Luchas, DTU, Lucha Libre Real, and KAOZ. On November 24, 2019 she made her debut at Nación Lucha Libre against Goya Kong and Tyra Fly. She got her second reign as Baja California Women's champion on January 1, 2020 defeating, Princesa Hernández and Lady Lee.

On June 27, 2021 she became the first Robles Promotions Women's Champion defeating La Comandante 502, Hija del Zombie, Estrellita, Perla Negra, Kik Balam & Reina del Sur in Arena Guatemala México.

Her objective in her career is make that men and women see, enjoy, and value women's wrestling the same way as men's wrestling. Become in one of the best local, state, national, and international luchadoras. Being one of the women who went around the world of women's wrestling.


Promociones Pendragon Rojo

  • Ruda of the Year 2017

Urban Lucha

  • The Best of Minatitlán
    • On November 23, 2019 at Centro de Convenciones, Minatitlán, Urban Lucha introduced the tag team trophies The Best of Minatitlán. Baronessa & Star Fire defeated Reyna Oscura & Angelena and were awarded.

Career Highlights

Date Location Match
2016/02/14 Arena Nacionalista, Mexicali Baronessa became the first Baja California Women's Champion defeating Miss Tiger.
2016/07/24 Arena Nacionalista, Mexicali Baronessa defeated Lady Lee to become the second AKE Women's Champion
2016/09/18 Arena Nacionalista, Mexicali Baronessa defeated Sexy Lula in a Mask & Championship vs Mask & Championship match taking Lula's mask and becoming the new International Women's Champion.
2017/05/27 Plaza de Toros Caliente, Tijuana Baronessa & Lady Lee defeated Marcela & Sanely to become the first Women's Tag Team Champions of Promociones Cholo de Tijuana
2017/07/07 Cancha FutCenter, Acapulco, Guerrero Baronessa & Lady Lee defeated Marcela & Skadi and retained the Promociones Cholo de Tijuana Women's Tag Team Championship
2018/06/23 Arena Lopez Mateos Baronessa defeated Muñeca de Plata to take her mask
2021/06/27 Arena Guatemala México, Guatemala Baronessa won the Robles Promotions Women's Tournament to become the first Robles Promotions Women's Champion.

Luchas de Apuestas Record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
2016/09/18 mask/title (1) Baronessa Sexy Lula Arena Nacionalista Mexicali, Baja California
2018/06/23 mask Baronessa Muñeca de Plata Arena Lopez Mateos
(1) mask & title vs mask & title match Baronessa wagered her mask and the Baja California Women's Championship while Sexy Lula wagered her mask and the International Women's Championship


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Empresa Arena Nacionalista
Promoter: Príncipe Negro
Arena Champions: Nacionalista (Skalibur), Rey del Aire (POD), Women's (Aira?)
Baja California Champions: Women's (Vacant), Lightweight (Alas de Oro Jr.), Welterweight (Genio Del Aire), Middleweight (Vacant), Extreme (Voltron)
Inactive: Lightheavyweight, Heavyweight, Tag Team, Trios, Junior Tag Team
Pacific Coast Champions: Supreme: (Centurión), Tag Team (Humilde & Humilde Jr.)
Foreign Titles: IC Heavyweight (Guerrero Rojo), International: (Princesa Hernández)