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Asociación de Lucha Libre Élite, formerly known as All Elite, is an independent professional wrestling promotion managed by Carlo Colín. The promoters ran events in past years under Proesa Entertainment brand. Lucha Libre Elite is based in Mexico City. As All Elite they ran their first wrestling event on July 19, 2014 in Deportivo Morelos at Mexico City. On October 20, the promotion announced through Twitter a partnership with CMLL. L.A. Park and Hijo de L.A. Park appeared in Arena Mexico on CMLL Day of the Dead event to announce the All Elite League between the CMLL and independent wrestlers. First two events to run together All Elite and CMLL were scheduled to be held on November 13 in Arena Puebla and November 15 in Arena Coliseo DF. By October 2015, It was announced the Elite League was dropped due to too many wrestlers coming and going from the promotion.

New Name

By October 2015, promotion changed its name to Lucha Libre Elite.

New Era

After changing its name, the promotion announced it would run weekly Sunday shows in Arena Mexico. Thus furthering their close ties with CMLL. Along with continuing to use CMLL talent & indie stars, the promotion brought in Caristico & Cibernetico to add big names apart of their roster. With these wrestlers came close wrestlers to them including Argos (Caristico's brother), Black Warrior (Caristico's rival) and Sharly Rocker (Cibernetico's long time friend.)