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Name Marcela
Real name María Elena Santamaría Gómez
Nicknames “La Morena de Fuego”
Name history Marcela (debut - )
Family Skadi (daughter)
Maestro(s) Panchito Villalobos, Rafael Salamanca, Franco Colombo, Jose Luis Feliciano, Satanico, Fantastik
Birth date, location May 31, 1971 - Mexico City
Obituary date
Debut, location December ??, 1985 - Actopan, Hidalgo
Lost mask to
Height 155cm
Weight 60 kilos
Signature moves Plancha Suicida, La Tapatía, Kentucky Bomb, Shinzaki Praying Ropewalk Chop, Michinoku Driver
Titles: Distrito Federal Women's Title, CMLL Women's Championship [5], Mexican National Women's Championship, WUW Women's Championship, Copa Irma Gonzalez 2024


CMLL tecnica, usually among the top of importance and skill.

Long time independent wrestler who'd occasionally turn up on CMLL cards when they felt like running women's matches from the mid 90s to the early 00s. CMLL didn't run more than a couple women's matches every couple months, so Marcela worked more smaller shows and worked in Japan a bit. Marcela received offers to go to AAA, but turned them down, set on making it in CMLL.

When CMLL decided to try women's wrestling again in 2004, Marcela was brought in with Amapola, Lady Apache, and Dark Angel. Marcela had worked as an extra woman to round out tag and trios matches when 'stars' (foreign and native) were brought into CMLL, and it seemed like she had the same role here. Instead, Lady Apache jumped to AAA, and some combination of CMLL's appreciation for Marcela's skills and the promotion's usual reluctance for a foreigner win a championship caused Marcela to become the somewhat surprising CMLL Women's Champion.

Winning the title gave Marcela a spotlight she had never really received before. Even though the title reign was only 9 months and not filled with high profile defenses, Marcela was able to gain noteworthy for her wrestling skill; she'd always been good, but now more were seeing it. Marcela lost this title to Hiroka, but later won the Mexican National Women's Championship with similar success.

Marcela is among the top 3 of the biggest female tecnica stars in CMLL; Lady Apache & Dark Angel have gotten more focus at times. Supporters of Marcela claim she's the best wrestler in Mexico; fans of a few others may argue the point, but everyone would agree that Marcela is very good.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
??/??/?? mask Marcela La Gata unknown
??/??/?? hair Marcela La Broisa unknown
1991/09/07 hair Marcela La Migala Arena San Juan Pantitlan
2001/08/03 hairs El Mohicano I & Marcela Black Machine & La Gata Arena San Juan Pantitlan
2005/03/18 hair (1) Marcela La Migala Arena San Juan Pantitlan
2009/04/12 mask Marcela Rosa Negra Arena Mexico
2012/05/08 hair Marcela Tiffany Arena Mexico
2014/03/21 hair Marcela Dalis La Caribeña Arena Mexico
2014/08/01 mask & hair Princesa Sujei & Marcela La Seductora & Princesa Blanca Arena México
(1) Cage Match with Marcela/Amapola/Josseline vs La Broisa/La Fugitiva/La Migala


In 2001

In 2017
aa WUW Women's Champion