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Name Estudiante
Real name Victor Morales
Nicknames "El Rudo Capitalino", "El Marrullero #1", "El Amo del Escándalo", "El Amo de las Broncas"
Name history Vic Morrow (debut-?), El Leñador (?-?), El Lechero (?-?), Olímpico (?-?), Estudiante (?-current)
Family Dr. Brown (Uncle), Estudiante Jr.(Son)
Maestro(s) Dr. Brown
Birth date, location December 23, 1957. Tulancingo Hidalgo, México.
Obituary date
Debut, location October 22, 1976 - Huauchinango, Puebla
Lost mask to Príncipe Joel
Signature moves La Estudiantina, Cangrejo, Lariat
Titles: UWA World Welterweight Title, Costa del Pacífico Welterweight Championship(2), Costa del Pacífico Middleweight Championship, Costa del Pacífico Lightheavyweight Championship, Costa del Pacífico Tag Team Championship (w/Charger), Baja California Welterweight Championship, Baja California Middleweight Championship, AWWA World Trios Championship (w/Kato Kung Lee & Carlos Plata), NAW World Middleweight Championship, IWF Lightheavyweight Championship, FILL Heavyweight Championship, IWC TV Title, Sonora Tag Team Championship (w/Jungla Negra), WWA World Middleweight Championship[1]


Victor Morales, better known as El Estudiante began his training with his uncle Dr. Brown on 1973. His very first in ring experience was by accident, a referee was missing and he was offered to perform as referee for that show. His professional wrestling debut was on October 22, 1976 when he was 18 years old. His first wrestling name was Vic Morrow. His first name was an idea of the promoter who based on the actor's name from the 1960s Tv series "Combat!" Under that name he met important wrestlers such as Judas, Dr Wagner Sr. and T.N.T. He eventually wrestled under the name of El Leñador. Héctor Vega, a promoter from Tulancingo suggested him another character, El Lechero some time later, after his mask loss he went under the name of Olímpico. The same promoter told him that he looked so young and he looked like a student (estudiante) he suggested to use that name.

His mask design was unique, that mask had the Russian symbol of the hammer and sickle which was adopted by Russian students. His mask had also an "E" on its foreheard. He only used that mask for three years until he lost it in a match against Príncipe Joel.

He came to Mexicali during a tour, he liked the city. Eventualy, he decided to reside in Mexicali because he found better opportunities of growth. Over the years, he had wrestled against wrestling legends such as el Santo, Blue Demon, Anibal, Solitario, Tinieblas among others. He even welcomed wrestlers such as Blue Demon Jr. and Hijo del Santo when they were rookies.

One of his most notable rivals was Águila del América. Both protagonized bloody matches where El Estudiante got the upper hand. Aguila del America asked to be programmed against him.

There is another notable rivalry of many years with Príncipe Negro. Both protagonized a lucha de apuestas at Arena Coliseo Mexicali in which El Estudiante won Príncipe's mask. However, the crowd made a riot due to the unexpected end. Príncipe Negro was a local idol and they did not accept his defeat. A crazed fanatic went to the ring and pull out a gun and pointed to Príncipe's head and told him: "If you take it off I will kill you" in the end Príncipe Negro was indulted the people.

There was one time that El Estudiante and Principe Negro made a truce to represent Baja California. They allied against Destroyer and Leopardo in a lucha de apuestas match in Arena Coliseo Mexicali. That match was unique because both rudos from Guadalajara lost against an incredible tag team of a rudo and a tecnico.

Another important rival and ally was Príncipe "Loco" Joel both were an unstoppable tag team. He is part of one of the most well known wrestling Trios of Mexicali. Along with Negro Azteca, and Humilde they are La Familia de Mexicali, they had been in a rivalry of many years with La Familia de Tijuana.

He gained nicknames such as "El Amo del Escándalo" (the master of the scandal) or "El Amo de las Broncas" (the master of brawls) because as a rudo many of his matches turned into riots. Even the Police had to interfere to stop those riots.

His success in wrestling extends beyond Mexico. He had many presentations at the Grand Olympic Stadium in Los Angeles. Victories in apuestas, Championships, cups, and recognitions are product of his beliefs which are Disciplina, Humildad, y Rudeza (Discipline, Humility, and Rudness)

Among his contributions, he is regarded as a notable trainer, teaching his skills to new generations of luchadors in Mexicali. Moreover, he is an experienced promoter. He made events at venues such as Auditorio del Estado in Mexicali, Parque Vicente Guerrero, San Felipe, Arena Coliseo Mexicali, and more. He is looking to make more opportunities for local talent who are raising in their careers and veterans.


Mexicali Hall of the Fame

  • Class 2021

Notable Matches

Date Location Match
??/??/?? Grand Olympic Stadium - Los Angeles, California El Estudiante defeated El Jalisco I to become NAW World Middleweight Champion
86/09/12 Auditorio de Tijuana - Tijuana, Baja California El Estudiante, Carlos Plata & Kato Kung Lee defeated Super Muñeco, Super Ratón & Tigre de Bengala to become AWWA World Trios Champions
86/12/25 Auditorio de Tijuana - Tijuana, Baja California El Estudiante defeated Blue Panther to become UWA World Welterweight Champion
01/08/31 Auditorio de Tijuana - Tijuana, Baja California El Estudiante, Humilde & Negro Azteca defeated Damian 666, Halloween & Rey Misterio in an event named Guerra Total in which the X-LAW Tag Team Championships along with an IWC Championship were on the line. Humilde & Negro Azteca became Tag Team Champions while El Estudiante took Rey Misterio's title

Lucha de Apuestas Record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
??/??/?? mask Lalo Guerra El Lechero Tulancingo, Hidalgo
1979/??/?? mask Principe Joel El Estudiante Arena Coliseo Mexicali - Mexicali Baja California
??/??/?? mask (1) El Estudiante Príncipe Negro Arena Coliseo Mexicali - Mexicali Baja California
??/??/?? hair El Estudiante Gran Tino unknown
??/??/?? hair El Texano El Estudiante unknown
??/??/?? masks Principe Negro and El Estudiante Destroyer and Leopardo Arena Coliseo Mexicali, Mexicali,Baja California
??/??/?? hair Rey Misterio Estudiante Auditorio de Tijuana - Tijuana, Baja California
1988/03/28 hair El Hijo del Santo El Estudiante Auditorio Municipal de Mexicali-Mexicali, Baja California
2000s mask El Estudiante El Exterminador Arena Coliseo Mexicali, Mexicali, Baja California
01/08/31 titles (2) Estudiante, Humilde & Negro Azteca Damián 666, Halloween & Rey Misterio Auditorio de Tijuana - Tijuana, Baja California
01/10/19 titles (3) Damián 666, Halloween, Rey Misterio Negro Azteca, El Estudiante, Humilde Arena Lopez Mateos - Tijuana, Baja California
01/??/?? hairs Damián 666, Halloween, Rey Misterio Negro Azteca, El Estudiante, Humilde Tijuana, Baja California
(1) Príncipe Negro was indulted by the crowd; (2) hairs vs titles match;(3) hairs vs titles rematch


Screenshot 2017-06-11-14-03-59~01.png
Homage for his 40 years of wrestling career
2015 training
La Nueva Familia de Mexicali
father and son

2016-12-02 22.59.44.jpg
2013 receiving a recognition

with Charger as Costa del Pacífico Team Champions
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FB IMG 1480441955158.jpg
with Kato Kung Lee & Carlos Plata in the Trios Championship match
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Screenshot 2017-06-11-14-07-40~01.png
as Costa del Pacífico Middleweight Champion
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as Costa del Pacífico Welterweight Champion
masked as El Olímpico
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Screenshot 2017-01-24-17-40-02~01.png
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La Familia de Mexicali
Estudiante - Humilde - Negro Azteca - Estudiante Jr.