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For other Gatubelas, see Gatubela (disambiguation)


Name Gatubela
Real name Armida Gamez Salazar
Name history La Ilegal(1985), Maravilla Azul (1985), Gatubeda/Gatubela (1987-current), La Gata, Gatu Vera (WWW)
Family El Traidor(husband), La Hija de Gatubela (Daughter)
Maestro(s) Príncipe Negro
Birth date, location March 9, 1968 - Mexicali, Baja California
Obituary date
Debut, location September 26, 1985 - Nogales, Sonora
Lost mask to She unmasked herself voluntarily.
Signature moves
Titles: Mexicali Centennial Women's Championship


Gatubela had an interest in wrestling since she was sixteen years old. La Texana and Veronika awoke her interest in this sport. She was trained by the local luchador legend of Mexicali, Príncipe Negro. Her wrestling debut was on September 28, 1985 as La Ilegal in a Tag Team Match. She went with Mobydick against Woman Star & La Tigresa (Nogales). Her ring definitive ring name was Gatubeda given by Caudillo II who also provided her earliest mask design. Her name spelling was eventually changed from Gatubeda to Gatubela influenced by the trend of the comic book's character during early 1990s. Although she has a superb technique in the ring she prefers to be a ruda.

One of the most remarkable experiences of her wrestling career was during her early years. She had a match against the legendary Irma González in Auditorio de Tijuana. She lost in two falls in a row, however the crowd was on her side.

In most of her wrestling career she competed against male wrestlers, because there were few female wrestlers in Mexicali. During her career she made campaign in the North of Mexico. Wrestled in Los Ángeles and with Wild West Wrestling in Texas under the name of Gatu Vera.

In 2004, Gatubela decides to take a time off of her wrestling career for several reasons. Her father's passing away, a knee injury, and the lack of female competitors in Mexicali. After her father's passing away she decided to unmask herself in Arena Coliseo Mexicali. Not everyone took her decision well. El Pzayko told her that he wanted to win her mask and he could not stand her decision of unmasking herself voluntarily. He challenged to a hair vs hair match. Gatubela was victorious after a bloody match against El Pzayko.

Over the years Gatubela had been awarded with many recognitions for wrestling in charity events.

On May 31,2015, she made a comeback after eleven years of inactivity to compete against the new wave of women wrestlers in Mexicali. She had successfully defended her Mexicali Women's Title.

Gatubela became the first female wrestling promoter in Mexicali.


Comision de Box y Lucha Libre de Mexicali

  • Wrestler of the Year 1993 awarded by the Honorable Comisión de Box y Lucha Libre de Mexicali

Mexicali Hall of the Fame

  • Class 2021

Notable Matches

Date Location Match
Late 1980s Auditorio de Tijuana - Tijuana, Baja California Irma Gonzalez defeated Gatubela
87/08/?? Olympic Auditorium - Los Angeles, California Sirenita & Gatubela defeated Olimpia & Alexandria in a tag team match

Luchas de Apuestas Record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
2003/03/23 mask (1) Gatubela La Panterita del Ring Arena Mexicali. Mexicali, B.C.
2004/04/04 hair Gatubela El Pzayko Arena Coliseo Mexicali B.C.
(1) Lucha en Jaula with Woman Star & Reina de Corazones


Box y Lucha Magazine
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as El Centenario de Mexicali Women's Champion
Mother and daughter
2016-10-19 15.32.41.jpg

vs hair against El Pzayko
2016-10-19 15.58.15.jpg
2016-10-19 15.58.51.jpg
2016-10-19 16.00.42.jpg
2016-10-19 16.01.39.jpg
vs Pzayko

2016-10-19 16.27.01.jpg
2016-10-19 16.25.50.jpg
2016-10-19 16.27.45.jpg
with El Traidor
2003 with Woman Star

against Woman Star
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FB IMG 1480139465127.jpg
FB IMG 1468487079813.jpg

FB IMG 1478388135678.jpg
1986 with Mujer Maravilla at Arena La Lagunilla in Tijuana

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FB IMG 1528738069297.jpg
Gatubela mxli.jpg
La Gata
Mother and daughter


Wild West Wrestling 1988: Gatu Vera vs La Sirenita