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Name Aira
Real name
Name history Aira (debut-current)
Maestro(s) Mr. Tempest
Birth date, location May 28 - Mexicali, Baja California
Obituary date
Debut, location November 19, 2016 - Futbol7BC Tijuana, Baja California
Lost mask to
Height 164 cm
Weight 54 kg
Signature moves Tabla Marina, Victory Roll, Spinning Headscissors, La Dinosauria, Tree of Woe Double Foot Stomp, Plancha Suicida, Cristo con Azote
Titles: Reyna Promotions Women's Cup 2017, International Women's Championship, Arena Nacionalista Reyna de Reynas Championship [2], Adrenalina Mixed Tag Team Championship (w/Cuervo Infernal)


Debut and Rookie Year

Aira's interest in Lucha Libre began with her family; they were her inspiration. She always was into sports, she has a vast background sports in softball, gymnastics, swimming, boxing, olympic wrestling, fitness, self-defense, and more. She tried Lucha Libre due to her family's enthusiasm towards this sport. One of her sisters decided to train with Mr. Tempest and she invited her because she knew about Aira's sport enthusiasm. Her sister eventually left the training and Aira kept training until she graduated from the second generation of wrestlers from Mr. Tempest Professional Wrestling School after a year and a half of preparation.

When the time to find an identity for her came, Mr. Tempest showed her a feline like mask that she could use. She was not convinced with the design, because there were Miss Tiger, Gatubela, and Hija de Gatubela already and having another feline would not be a good idea. She decided to make changes in the mask design. The cat like ears were removed and some features were changed. The eyes' shape were and other cat features were kept. Her name and concept is original her name was inspired by series and the ninja theme. Originally she would go as Katana, but she learned that name was Mystique's alter ego. Then fellow wrestlers suggested the name of Kitana. She did not like that name besides there was a Kitana already. Finally, she decided to create her own name, Aira. Her fellow wrestlers were not agree but she liked it.

Her first in ring experience was an exhibition match along with the third generation graduates on October 21, 2016 in an independent event in Mexicali. All of them were well received by the crowd. Her profesional wrestling debut was on November 19, 2016 in a mixed tag team match. Though she is a tecnica, she can turn into a real ruda if she wants to and she likes it.

Aira wagered her mask in a Ruleta de la Muerte for the first time in her career. She successfully saved her mask on April 22, 2017 at Salón CTM, San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora. On June 24, 2017 she made her first appearance with Producciones Ringside at Palenque del Fex. She teamed up with Jade against Datura & La Hija de Gatubela. On October 7, Aira participated in the first event of Reyna Promotions, a new promotion in Mexicali, she and Princesa Hernández won against Princesa Tirana & Gehena in a tag team match. Aira won the first Reyna Promotions Women's Cup at Arena Coliseo Mexicali. She won an elimination match against the exótico Fresa Salvaje. In that match also participated Miss Tiger, Princesa Tirana, Princesa Hernández, Gehena & Navitt. On December 25, 2017 she was involved in another lucha de apuestas. This time was a second's hair match between referees. She and Gehena represented Negro Azteca while Gatubela Jr. & Princesa Tirana represented El Peluche.

Independent Circuit

Until today Aira is an independent wrestler. She had worked in different promotions in Baja California and Sonora. Promotions such as Empresa Arena Nacionalista, Promociones Reyna, Producciones Ringside and independent events in Mexicali. In Tijuana she had worked at AKE, the new promotion TWE and independent shows. In San Luis Río Colorado with Promociones Pendragon Rojo. On February 17 she made her debut at Baja Star's USA in San Diego in a triple threat match against Chik Tormenta & Sage Sin. On March 18, she was part of event of FMLL/LLME Nascar 2018 at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California. On March 25, she participated in Kendo's retirement tour by the FMLS promotion; she went in a singles match against Lady Lee, at Clara Sports Complex in Cudahy, California. On April 22, 2018, Aira became the fifth International Women's Champion defeating Chik Tormenta & Princesa Hernández at Arena Nacionalista. On July 17, she made her debut in Los Angeles based promotion Ola de Luchadores L.A. in an event dedicated to El Matemático. On November 11, Aira made her debut in House of Pain Wrestling School winning in a triangle match against Amazing Jr. & Steve Pain.

2021 - Present

Aira became double champion winning the Arena Nacionalista Reyna de Reynas Championship on January 20, 2019 in a triangle championship match against the then champion Princesa Tirana and Princesa Hernández on the event Noche de Campeones 3 at Arena Nacionalista. Lost bith titles in the Arena Nacionalista 30th Anniversary Show against Princesa Hernández in a six way match. Presented in Arena Sparta since its inauguration during late December 2020. On February 28, 2021 she got her second reing as Arena Nationalista Reyna de Reynas Champion defeating Princesa Hernández & Miss Tiger in Arena Coliseo Mexicali.


Honorable Comisión de Box y Lucha Libre de Mexicali

  • Centenario Women's Tag Team Trophy 2017

Notable Matches

Date Location Match
30/04/17 Arena Nacionalista - Mexicali Miss Tiger & Aira defeated Baronessa & Datura in a tag team match
17/09/17 Rancho Grande - Tijuana Miss Tiger defeated Aira in a singles match (very good match)
09/12/17 Auditorio de la Casa del Señor - Mexicali Baronessa & Miss Tiger defeated Aira & Princesa Tirana in a tag team match
11/02/18 Arena Coliseo Mexicali Aira defeated Princesa Tirana, Baronessa, Princesa Hernández, & Navitt in a pentagonal match
25/02/18 Arena Nacionalista - Mexicali, Baja California Aira & Miss Tiger defeated Skalibur and Kamik-C in an intergender tag team match money was thrown by the crowd
22/04/18 Arena Nacionalista - Mexicali, Baja California Aira defeated Chik Tormenta & Princesa Hernández to become the new International Women's Champion, money was thrown by the crowd
13/05/18 Arena Nacionalista - Mexicali, Baja California Aira & Princesa Tirana defeated Deja Vu & Prinxipe in an intergender match
07/08/18 Lincoln Heights Recreational Center - Los Angeles, California Aira, Rey Leon, & Flecha Fugaz defeated Lady Lee, Potro Romano & Hades in a two out of three falls match
11/11/18 House of Pain Wrestling School - La Puente, California Aira defeated Steve Pain, & Amazing Jr. in a triangle match
06/23/19 Arena Nacionalista - Mexicali, Baja California Aira & Princesa Tirana defeated Galaxy, & Galáctico in an intergender match. Money was thrown in the ring
07/28/19 Arena Nacionalista - Mexicali, Baja California Aira & Princesa Tirana defeated Alex Platino, & Matrix in an intergender match. Money was thrown in the ring



with Cuervo Infernal as Adrenalina Mixed Tag Team Champions
Received 499678397286212.jpeg
PSX 20190902 203145.jpg
Received 418050872115827(1).jpg
58669711 444677236287725 1423049620103102464 n.jpg
as double champion

Screenshot 2018-04-24 013534.jpg
Aira Baby Angel.jpg
Aira vs p tirana.jpg

Tirana & Aira.jpg
Aira shoulder ram.jpg
Aira spinning.jpg
59285908 2988018614545432 5222888705353580544 n.jpg

57377507 286524392263403 6863735270928285696 n.jpg
53551206 238994350245882 3254578504393555968 n.jpg
Aira Campeona Internacional Femenil.jpg

House of Pain debut
PSX 20180523 172910.jpg
Received 10216487212391267.jpeg

at Matematico's Tribute Event
FB IMG 1519677297664.jpg
FB IMG 1527036247691.jpg

PSX 20141231 184015.jpg
FB IMG 1526657863038.jpg
FB IMG 1526657829527.jpg

FB IMG 1526657811741.jpg
with Tigrito
in Chumash Casino Resort
FB IMG 1528391189139.jpg

FB IMG 1526061943873.jpg
SAM 0187-1.jpg
30785277 10215732537484866 1784787087 n.jpg
as International Women's Champion

29542640 2012483278779107 7913304665114660534 n (1).jpg
FB IMG 1522801427056.jpg
Match for the vacant Baja California Women's Championship
29571218 2012487778778657 6256403307599825210 n.jpg

29633776 376235862854226 686949988 o.jpg
29543173 2012486155445486 8731196612884394235 n.jpg
29571047 2012482898779145 7869460510709801670 n.jpg
29791102 2012485562112212 7056516879075624884 n.jpg

29598156 2012483895445712 8683147709193964288 n.jpg
29572846 2012483578779077 6806096585641021842 n.jpg
FB IMG 1522185826882.jpg
FB IMG 1522185803591.jpg

FB IMG 1522185793436.jpg
with Felinito
FB IMG 1522185613901.jpg
at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California

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20180225 220029.jpg
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FB IMG 1519498035572.jpg
FB IMG 1519192161780.jpg
Baja Stars USA debut
Baja Stars USA debut
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Received 2031411643805323.jpeg

2018-02-12 09.35.50.jpg
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FB IMG 1518110128066.jpg
FB IMG 1517286397945.jpg

at AKE
FB IMG 1516838739602.jpg
FB IMG 1516838727549.jpg
Baja California Women's Championship match
20180121 213138.jpg

FB IMG 1516062553426.jpg
FB IMG 1515354548929.jpg
2018, fouth gear design

FB IMG 1514615143903.jpg
with Gehena winning the Centenario Trophies 2017

20171225 190244.jpg
FB IMG 1514608308608.jpg

20171209 195627~01.jpg

20171111 225108.jpg
20171111 225056.jpg
FB IMG 1514351122563.jpg

with Sanely
2017-11-14 18.50.19.jpg
20171111 223904.jpg
2017-11-14 18.57.29.jpg
at Juventud 2000

FB IMG 1510087749760.jpg
20171022 213133.jpg
20171022 213121(0).jpg
2017-10-23 07.44.11.jpg

FB IMG 1510541044011.jpg
FB IMG 1508997518762.jpg
FB IMG 1510541147680.jpg
FB IMG 1508477644656.jpg

vs La Fresa Salvaje
FB IMG 1510869691303.jpg
FB IMG 1510869636557.jpg
2017-10-16 08.47.49.jpg

Reyna Promotions Women's Cup 2017
2017-10-16 09.01.07.jpg
FB IMG 1508098452191.jpg
2017-10-08 12.20.29.jpg

a day of training
DSC 4812 zpsfr5es7fr.jpg

Received 10213532446443965.jpeg
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FB IMG 1514347382976.jpg
FB IMG 1514347348720.jpg

as ruda
third gear design
FB IMG 1514347318784.jpg
Received 604993459888885.jpeg

FB IMG 1501979339883.jpg
at Palenque del Fex
2017-07-19 21.54.52.jpg

FB IMG 1518727589359.jpg

FB IMG 1518727584104.jpg
Ruleta de la Muerte
second gear design

debut match
debut in a mixed tag team match
first design
Mr. Tempest and Aira with the local press

Aira armdrag.gif

Video Clips

Empresa Arena Nacionalista
Promoter: Príncipe Negro
Arena Champions: Nacionalista (Skalibur), Rey del Aire (POD), Women's (Aira?)
Baja California Champions: Women's (Vacant), Lightweight (Alas de Oro Jr.), Welterweight (Genio Del Aire), Middleweight (Vacant), Extreme (Voltron)
Inactive: Lightheavyweight, Heavyweight, Tag Team, Trios, Junior Tag Team
Pacific Coast Champions: Supreme: (Centurión), Tag Team (Humilde & Humilde Jr.)
Foreign Titles: IC Heavyweight (Guerrero Rojo), International: (Princesa Hernández)