Black Abyss Jr.

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Name Luminoso
Real name
Name history Luminoso (debut-2014), Black Abyss USA/Black Abyss Jr. (2014-current)
Family Bala de Plata, Black Abyss (brothers)
Maestro(s) Manuel Hernandez, Angel Diablo, Killer Dog
Birth date, location October 22, 1980- Mexicali, Baja California
Obituary date
Debut, location October 22, 1999 - Arena Nacionalista, Mexicali
Lost mask to
Height 168 cm
Weight 98 kg
Signature moves
Titles: Mexicali Trios Championship (w/Genio Del Aire & Iron Boy), Baja California Trios Championship (w/Iron Boy & Genio Del Aire, Americas Middleweight Championship, VWE Heavyweight Championship, SL Promotions Championship



He was inspired by his older brothers Bala de Plata and Angel Mensajero to train to become a professional wrestler. He was trained at Arena Nacionalista by Caudillo II, Angel Diablo and Killer Dog. Before him there was another wrestler from Tijuana under the name of Luminoso, that wrestler passed his name to him. His professional debut was in a singles match against Despiadado in Arena Nacionalista. He had earned success individually and alongside Los Hego Boys. This trio represented Mexicali against top opponents of other areas of Mexico. They became the first Mexicali Trios Champions. His individual accolades include the Americas Championship by defeating Furia Roja. In luchas de apuestas he has wagered his mask six times having worthy victories against Pzaiko, Despiadado and Gigante Blanco (Tijuana).

He joined with Maverick, Last Warrior to form the Skulls and Bones. They wrestled in promotions in southern California and Mexicali.

Black Abyss Jr.

In 2015 Luminoso left behind his character and took the mantle and mask of his brother as Black Abyss USA. He eventually changed to Black Abyss Jr. Among his accomplishments as Black Abyss Jr. includes becoming the first VWE Heavyweight Champion.


Notable Matches

Date Location Match
06/05/2006 Mexicali, Baja California Captain's Fall: Mask vs Hair, Angel Mensajero/Los Hego Boys defeated El Brazo/Fuerza Guerrera/Pirata Morgan/Sangre Chicana - Pirata was the captain but he was bald and Brazo got shaved instead
07/04/2007 Arena Coliseo Mexicali Mask vs Mask, Luminoso won the mask of Gigante Blanco (Tijuana)

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
??/??/?? hair Luminoso Killer Dog unknown
1990s mask Luminoso Negro Azteca II Arena Nacionalista - Mexicali, Baja California
02/10/06 mask Luminoso El Forjado Arena Coliseo-Mexicali,Baja California
07/04/15 mask Luminoso Gigante Blanco Arena Coliseo Mexicali,Baja California
??/??/?? hair Luminoso Despiadado Mexicali, Baja California
14/01/01 hair Luminoso Pzaiko Arena Nacionalista - Mexicali, Baja California


vs Gigante Blanco (Tijuana)

Los Hego Boys
as Black Abyss Jr.
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Luminoso 2012
Black Abyss Brothers 2017
with Black Abyss
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