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Estrellita (Little Star)
Estrellita (Little Star)
Name Estrellita (Little Star)
Real name Viviana Ochoa Barradas
Nicknames La Britney Spears de la Lucha
Name history Estrellita (debut - )
Family Rafael Barradas (grandfather), Flama Solar (cousin), Psicosis AAA (former husband)
Maestro(s) El Hijo del Gladiador, Ringo Mendoza, Gran Apache
Birth date, location October 18, 1977 - Zamora, Michoacán
Obituary date
Debut, location February 26, 1993 - Auditorio Municipal de Amecameca - Mexico State
Lost mask to
Height 5' 5"/165 cm
Weight 128 lbs/58 kg
Signature moves Tapatía, Corkscrew Plancha, Star Cross (casadora into Cruceta Invertido), Star Gate (bridging cradle)
Titles: Mexican National Women's Championship

AAA tecnica for all of the 00s. Esterllita was a regular in women's matches for most of those years, but rarely the focus of them.

One of many who left AAA in the springof 2010 due to lack of opportunities, and ended up in CMLL as part of Los Invasores a few months later. Worked as ruda for the first time in her career, teaming with previous rival Tiffany. Left the Invasores and returned to her normal tecnica character in 2011, starting a long term feud with Amapola.

Estrellita became a main character on season 2 of El Luchador (A&E series), starting a relationship with Puma King and feuding with his stepmother Princesa Blanca. The feud carried over to CMLL rings. The two seemed about to have a title match for the Mexican National Women's Championship in early fall of 2012, but it was delayed when Estrellita suffered a hand injury. The match finally took place in November in Guadalajara, where Estrellita defeated Blanca and won her first ever championship.

Estrellita's grandfather was a luchador. Her mother was also a wrestling promoter.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
??/??/?? mask Estrellita Lady Night unknown
??/??/?? hair Estrellita La Indomable unknown
08/04/25 hair (1) Estrellita Rossy Moreno Arena Azteca Budokan - Cd. Nezahualcóyotl, México St.
13/03/15 hair Estrellita La Amapola Arena Mexico - Mexico City
(1) Cage match



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