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this article refers to the faction, and not the promotion which used the same name

Perros del Mal (Dogs of Evil) were a CMLL rudo faction put together by Perro Aguayo Jr. from 2004 to 2008. The group worked as cool rudos, usually receiving as much if not more support from the fans than the tecnicos they opposed. In October of 2008, Perro Aguayo Jr. announced his resignation from CMLL with designs of using this name for his own promoted events, and was followed by Mr. Aguila and Damián 666. Those three, with others joining and returning, formed their own promotion and continued the group in their promotion of the name. At TripleMania XVIII, members of the promotion invaded AAA. Since then, a core group of Perros del Mal wrestlers have become a regular group in AAA.

Current Membership

Previous Memberships


Core members at CMLL the peak of the group

Final membership in CMLL (October 2008)

Former members in CMLL include:

Ephesto turned on his Lagunero teammates to help his ex-partners, now a part of this group, right before the faction ended. It's unclear if he was meant to be considered to be part of the group (especially in light of being specifically passed over for membership earlier in the year), but it's also nearly irrelevant considerng the group was ending anyway.

CMLL dropped all references to the faction shortly after, with the remaining members forming Jauria del Terror in it's place.

in Perros del Mal promotion

Loose membership in new promotion (December 2008)

Cibernetico joined this group when he 'left AAA'. Both leaving AAA and joining this group didn't last, with Cibernetico forming his Los Bizarros faction instead.

Perros del Mal ran an angle on their September 16, 2010 show in Mixhuca with Booker T joining the group. The angle was never followed up on and Booker returned on the tecnico side in his next appearance.

Others who appeared with the group in AAA at the original TripleMania appearance.

Bestia 666 would go on to appear on AAA shows, while the others were only seen at Perros del Mal promotion shows (or, in the case of Black Warrior, not seen at all.) Anyone who wrestles on a Perros del Mal show are vaguely considered Perros del Mal members.

full time group in AAA


All except Garza, Crazy and Par-K left as part of a person split between Perro and Damian and formed a new Familia de Tijuana. Halloween announced he was leaving AAA to join the new Familia de Tijuana, but changed his mind. Garza joined in late 2011, appearing nearly full time with AAA and resulting in fewer appearances from the lesser members of the crew before he turned tecnico prior to being diagnosed with cancer. LA Park's membership is always tenuous at best, as he'd prefer to be on his own.


The group started with an outsider makeup: Perro, Hector, and Aguila all jumped (separately) from AAA (as did Shocker before his short stint with this group), and Damian 666 and Halloween are considered as outsiders from Tijuana. Perros del Mal had rivalries with Los Hermanos Dinamita, Guerreros del Infierno/Guerreros de la Atlantida and Mistico, as well feuding with various rudos. Texano joined the group by turning on his partners Sagrado and Maximo to had a Perros team the Mexican National Trios Championship, but those issues were never followed up on.

When the group initially formed, Blue Demon Jr. was part of the lineup. Demon didn't stick around in CMLL long term and faded out of the membership list. Demon's returned to CMLL since and been an ally to Perros, but both sides have said he's not an official member. Terrible was an ally to the team since the earliest days and wore Perro gear, but apparently was not considered an official member until Fall '07.

Latin Lover appeared with the group, and posed wearing the Perros del Mal shirt in Arena Mexico during an impasse with AAA. As with the Rey Misterio Jr. picture included with this article, it was no more than a photo op to get people talking.

For a time, Tarzan Boy teamed with members of the group and wore the Perros del Mal t-shirts, because he was part of a CMLL Trios championship team with Hector Garza and Terrible. As the Guerreros vs Perros rudo team feud started, there was a slight tease of Tarzan debating which side to be on. He quickly ended up with the Guerreros and his alliance with the Perros has since been forgot.

Pierroth Jr. was an early member of Perros del Mal, partially due to common enemies. When Pierroth and Hector Garza started to feud, and Pierroth tried to stage a coup to take over the group, he was turfed from the group. Pierroth brought in an army of (fake) sons to feud with the Perros, but Hector beat him in a hair match decisively win that feud.

Shocker returned to CMLL in summer of 2006 as a surprise member of Perros del Mal. It didn't last long, and Shocker turned on the group after the slightest provocation in a trios titles match, cost the team the belts. Shocker's vaguely feuded with the group, but ended up leaving CMLL once again.

Lizmark Jr. teased a rudo turn infrequently during 2007. He finally snapped on Mistico and was recruited to the Perros. His membership lasted longer than Shocker's, but not much longer. While attempting to beat rival Blue Panther in a trios match, he attacked his partners Garza and Aguayo to make sure he'd get the pin. That didn't sit well, and Lizmark was turned on and kicked from the group. Lizmark Jr.'s become an associate of the Guerreros since, and his revenge plot has been folded into the larger rudo group vs rudo group rivalry.

Soon after Lizmark was turfed, Halloween asked for and received his release from CMLL. This left the Perros down a couple members, and Aguayo promised he'd find two people to Halloween and Lizmark's place. Perro's remark wasn't hyped much, which was for the best when the new members turned out to be guys already hanging out with the Perros - Terrible and Texano Jr. As mentioned, Terrible had been a pseudo member since the early days of the group, and Texano had been an unofficial member ever since he turned rudo to give the Perros the Mexican National Trios Championships in April of 2007.

On February 1st, Averno & Mephisto won the tag team titles from Guerreros del Atlantida members Ultimo Guerrero & Atlantis, rivals of Los Perros. Perro Aguayo Jr. congratulated the new champions, declared the rivals of his rivals must be his friends, and invited the duo into the group. Averno and Mephisto have accepted, though somewhat tentatively. Hector Garza disagreed with the additions, feeling they were distilling the impact of the group. To that point, all the long term members had been unmasked wild men with quasi-independent status, while Averno & Mephisto were long time CMLL masked wrestlers with a more focused attack. Garza might have been correct, but Perro appeared to feel ability to defeat Mistico was all that mattered, and Hector's continued protest of the new members caused all of the Perros to turn on him and kick him out of the group. Ironicly, it led to Garza teaming with Mistico, beating Averno & Mephisto for the tag team titles.

When Averno & Mephisto joined the Perros, their La Triada del Terror partner Ephesto was specifically mentioned as not being included. Ephesto wandered aimlessly, seemingly having no grudge at being left behind while having no other issues to focus on, until CMLL suddenly became teaming the three men up again as if nothing had happened. The Perros ties Los Villanos and Ephesto's association with Los Laguneros appeared to put the men into conflict, but Ephesto simply turned on the other Laguneros and helped Averno & Mephisto win the very first time they fought. Since this was the final week of Los Perros in CMLL, at least for this period, it's unclear if Ephesto was supposedly to be considered a member of this group or it it was simply a re-enforcing of La Triada del Terror.

After Perro Aguayo Jr. announced he was forming his own promotion, both Mr. Aguila and Damian 666 decided to leave CMLL to join him. Averno & Mephisto stayed, ripping up their Perros del Mal gear the following week and wearing anti-Perros t-shirt the following weeks. Texano Jr. and Terrible also stayed in CMLL, and joined the new Los Hijos del Averno faction. Cibernetico and Halloween would join the Perros del Mal with the new promotion Perro Aquayo started. However Cibernetico did not last long with the promotion as he would later return to AAA as a part of Los Bizarros.

Perros del Mal came into AAA for TripleMania 18 in June 2010 to help celebrate with LA Park after beating La Parka for the rights to his name.

In AAA the group is aligned with La Legión Extranjera.

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Damian 666 and Halloween eating some pieces of bread at IWL show
group w/Halloween
Latin Lover's one time appearance

Perros before Triplemania XVIII
Terrible, Texano Jr. and Perro Aguayo Jr. in CMLL's verision of the group
Los Perros del Mal 03/15-08/16