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Copa TripleManía XXII.

The Copa TripleManía is a sporadic professional wrestling cup held by Lucha Libre AAA World Wide (AAA). It was disputed for the first time in 2001 at TripleMania IX. The second edition was held thirteen years after at TripleMania XXII. As of 2019, it only has been held on five times.

Summary of Winners

Edition Date Winner Runner-Up
1st May 24, 2001 Latin Lover Héctor Garza
2nd August 17, 2014 Perro Aguayo Jr. Myzteziz
3rd August 28, 2016 Australian Suicide Daga
4th August 26, 2017 La Parka Averno
5th August 3, 2019 Pagano Chessman
6th December 12, 2020 Lady Shani Lady Maravilla
7th August 14, 2021 Mr. Iguana Carta Brava Jr.
8th April 30, 2022 Microman Heavy Metal & Faby Apache
9th June 18, 2022 Niño Hamburguesa Mamba



The 2001 edition of the tournament took place at TripleMania IX. It was the first edition of the tournament. Latin Lover defeated Héctor Garza in the finals to win the tournament, and became the inaugural champion.

# Eliminated Eliminator Time
1 Heavy Metal Héctor Garza
2 Perro Aguayo Jr. Latin Lover
3 Héctor Garza Latin Lover 11:00
Latin Lover won the cibernetico


The 2014 edition of the tournament took place at TripleMania XXII. It was the second edition of the tournament, and the first after thirteen years of absence. Dr. Wagner Jr. was the surprise wrestler in the match. Perro Aguayo Jr. defeated Myzteziz in the finals to win the tournament.

# Eliminated Eliminator Time
1 Dr. Wagner Jr. Cibernético
2 Cibernético Myzteziz
3 Myzteziz Perro Aguayo Jr. 17:00
Perro Aguayo Jr. won the cibernetico


The 2016 edition of the tournament took place at TripleMania XXIV. The match was contested under the over the top rope elimination rules, with last two wrestlers meeting in a singles match to get the winner. Australian Suicide defeated Daga in the finals to win the tournament.

# Eliminated Eliminator Time
1 Mamba Taurus
2 Super Fly Daga
3 Pimpinela Escarlata Daga/Taurus
4 Hijo de Pirata Morgan Daga
5 Argenis Hernandez
6 Hernandez drew Taurus,
both are eliminated
8 El Elegido Daga
9 El Zorro La Parka
10 La Parka Daga
11 Daga Australian Suicide 21:13
Australian Suicide won the cibernetico


The 2017 edition of the tournament took place at TripleMania XXV. It was the second edition of the tournament in a row, and the third after its reinstation in 2014. This edition was contested by a record thirty participants. The wrestlers came to the ring divided in trios; if someone of the trio is eliminated, all the other members of the team would be forced to leave the match. The last two survivor teams would be eliminated as a single competitors. Los Consagrados (Cobarde Jr., Mascarita Sagrada, Polvo de Estrellas, and Sangre Chicana), Los Payasos (Coco Amarillo, and Coco Azul), Los Vatos Locos (Picudo, May Flowers, Nygma, and Silver Cat) served as lumberjacks with straps to all those wrestlers who were kicked out the ring. La Parka defeated Averno in the finals to win the tournament.



# Eliminated Eliminator Time
1 Team 90s Stars Los Guapos
2 Los Guapos AAA Mixed Team
3 AAA Mixed Team Los OGT's
4 Mexican Powers[1] Perros Del Mal
5 Perros Del Mal Los OGT's
6 Los Vipers Team Parka
7 Team GFW Team Parka
8 Team Legend Los OGT's[2]
9 Bengala Super Fly
10 Argenis Chessman/Super Fly
11 Super Fly Chessman
12 Chessman Averno
13 Averno La Parka 26:14
La Parka won the cibernetico
  1. Joe Lider betrayed Mexican Powers to join Perros Del Mal.
  2. With Team Legend being the last eliminated team, the two survivor teams would began to wrestle as singles competitors.


The 2019 edition of the tournament took place at TripleMania XXVII. The eliminations were ruled by going over the top rope or being pinned by another wrestler. Pagano defeated Chessman in the finals to win the tournament.

# Eliminated Eliminator Time
1 Eclipse Jr. Daga
2 Super Fly Puma King
3 Drago Chessman
4 Konnan Vampiro
5 Vampiro Himself[1]
6 Aerostar Monster Clown
7 Monster Clown Pagano
8 Murder Clown Rey Escorpión
9 Averno Puma King
10 Puma King Chessman
11 La Parka Chessman
12 Daga Pagano
13 Rey Escorpión Pagano
14 Chessman Pagano 26:45
Pagano won the cibernetico
  1. Vampiro left the ring after eliminating Konnan from the match.


The 2020 Copa TripleMania was branded Copa TripleMania Femenil for being the first women's version of this match. The match operated under AAA's Copa rules: a royal rumble until the final two participants.


Lady Shani defeated Lady Maravilla to win.


The 2021 Copa TripleMania was branded Copa Bardahl for sponsorship reasons. AAA's Copa rules applied.


Mr. Iguana defeated Carta Brava Jr. to win.


Three Copa Triplemanias will be held this year according to Triplemania XXX schedule Triplemania XXX: Monterrey (April 30), Triplemania XXX: Tijuana (June 18) and Triplemania XXX: Mexico City (October 15)

Copa Triplemania (Monterrey)


Microman eliminated both Heavy Metal and Faby Apache to win the copa

Copa Triplemania (Tijuana)


Niño Hamburguesa eliminated Mamba to win the copa.

Gallery of Winners