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Name Argenis
Real name
Name history Dr. Karonte Jr I, Hijo Del Doctor Karonte, Argenis, Barrio Negro (Lucha Underground 2015-)
Family Astro Boy, Mistico, Astro Boy II, Dr. Karonte Jr. (brother), Dr. Karonte (father), Tony Salazar (uncle), see Almanza/Salazar Family
Maestro(s) Gran Apache
Birth date, location August 13, 1986- Mexico City
Obituary date
Debut, location 2006
Lost mask to
Height 1.80 m (5 ft 11 in)
Weight 81 kg (179 lb)
Signature moves Asai Moonsault, Triple Jump Moonsault, Plancha, Plancha Suicida
Titles: Lucha Underground Trios Championship, Rey de Reyes 2017.


Argenis is an AAA opening match wrestler who wears gear closely resembling Mistico, and using many of his moves. Before his debut in AAA, Argenis was quoted in magazines claiming to be a unhappy brother of Mistico, upset his sibling did not push CMLL to give him a bigger opportunity.

AAA went with the Mistico brother idea as his entire character, but not very far - Argenis did not make it out of the opening matches or proved himself especially worthy of a push based on his early ringwork. Argenis was not as much deficient as he was uninteresting, and AAA did little after his since his debut. By virtue of his level, he was often treated as a psuedo-Real Fuerza Aerea AAA members, but fared no better in comparisons with them than he does with his 'brother'.

Argenis made less television appearance in 2008, but the exodous of midcard and lower wrestlers opened up spots for him. In May '09, enough of the original Real Fuerza Aerea group had left that Argenis was added to the group.

Over the next few years, and despite few television appearances, Argenis has rapidly progressed as a flying luchador. He's still in the same spot and still only occasionally appears on TV, but he's earned his spot on his own merit.

Argenis was a surprise addition to the first season of Lucha Underground. He hasn't made great progress on his own, but won the trios championship under the identity of Barrio Negro, one of the The Disciples of Death. Argenis appeared to briefly quit AAA in after his brother joined Elite, but was back with in the promotion in hours.


showing off his muscle
Argenis .jpg
Argenis aaa.jpg
with Catrina as the Disciples of Death
in gold mask as Barrio Negro with Catrina as the Disciples of Death