La Hiedra

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This is the most famous Hiedra. For other Hiedras see La Hiedra (disambiguation).


La Hiedra
La Hiedra
Name La Hiedra
Real name
Nicknames La Nueva Reina del Escandalo, La Reina Mercenaria
Name history Aioria (debut)[1], La Hiedra
Family Sangre Chicana (father), Sangre Chicana Jr. & Perseus (Brothers), Lady Chicana & Lluvia (sisters), Tabata (niece)
Maestro(s) Sangre Chicana, Kendor Jr., Tigre Cota, Black Mamba, Laredo Kid
Birth date, location May 18, 1997 - Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas
Obituary date
Debut, location November 14, 2010
Lost mask to
Height 167 cm
Weight 70 kg
Signature moves German Suplex, Hip Attack
Titles: AAA North Women's Championship[2], DDT Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship, EMW Women's Championship, Winner of AAA Showcenter Championship 2022, AAA World Trios Championship, RGR Women's Championship


Northern luchadora who has turned up in Monterrey and Nuevo Laredo. Daughter of Sangre Chicana, she debuted as Aioria, that name was suggested by Black Mamba. Both trained at Arena Cuatro Caminos and they were going to invade another arena, she had barely a year and half under training. Mamba told her she was going to wrestle in one week, but she had no ring name and wrestling gear. She told her father that she was going to debut, but Sangre Chicana did not know that his daughter had no ring name and even a gear. Her mother told her that she had to find a name. A cousin sponsored a gear and a domino mask. She wrestled as Aioria for about three months. Dr. Cantú who was a second father figure for her, asked for a definitive name. She wanted to be Lady Chicana, but Cantú did not like the name and spoke with AAA about a possible name for the young luchadora. The name and concept was created by Antonio Peña, but the full name was "La Hiedra Venenosa", Cantú shortened to just La Hiedra. That name was intended to be for few months, but she kept the name. Advanced to the final of the 2012 Quien Pinta Por La Corona but did not win. Made a one time appearance in IWRG in October 2012 along with others outsiders. In 2015 Hiedra started to appear in AAA.


Pro Wrestling Illustrated

  • Ranked No. 82 in the PWI Women's 250 in 2023
  • Ranked No. 141 in the PWI Women's 250 in 2022
  • Ranked No. 257 in the PWI 500 in 2021

Luchas de apuestas record


LaHiedra II.jpg
Hiedra red.jpg
Hiedra Doble Champ 2.jpg
as AAA North Women's Champion
Hiedra campeona.jpg
Double Champion

LaHiedra A.jpg
LaHiedra I.jpg
From left to right: Geneziz, Super Baby, Black Mamba, Hiedra as Aioria, Guerrero Espacial, & Mini Hombre Sin Miedo
as Ironman Heavymetalweight Champion