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The Mexican Powers have been two groups in AAA


Juventud Guerrera had an ill-fated run in WWE in 2005 as part of the Mexicools, a trio with Super Crazy and the original Psicosis. When he was turfed from WWE (Juvi being Juvi), he eventually got back in to AAA, and formed the Mexican Powers, a knockoff group. The initial team was Juvi, AAA's Psicosis II, and Crazy Boy, acting as his cousin's replacement. Joe Lider, long time indy associate of Crazy Boy, was later brought in to round out the team.

Crazy Boy and Joe Lider's background in hardcore wrestling became the theme for the group, with a lot of 'extreme' style spots (with a mixed success rate.) When Psicosis turned on the group to cost them Mexican National Atomicos Titles in April 2007, fellow hardcore wrestler Extreme Tiger was brought into replace him.

In summer 2007, Extreme Tiger was invited to join Halloween's new version of La Familia de Tijuana. He accepted by turning on his teammates. A feud appeared to start between the two teams, but the new Familia had internal issues and the feud hasn't gotten on track.

NOAH wrestler Taiji Ishimori has worn the MP gear as an honorary member, despite noticeably not being Mexican. Fellow NOAH wrestler Ricky Marvin teams with the group when in AAA, though he doesn't seem to be an official member yet.

When Crazy Boy injured himself on his DTU show, Último Gladiador was brought in as a replacement for trios matches, and stuck with the group after Crazy's return.

Joe Lider turned on the group in the spring of 2008. Lider blamed Juventued Guerrera for the group's lack of big wins, saying Juvi didn't have the same dedication to the group as Crazy Boy did when he was healthy. Meanwhile, Juvi was angry with Lider for being out for himself in the Rey de Reyes ladder match, including turning on Juvi to better his own shot at winning. Things came to a head in a tag team title defenses versus Familia de Tijuana, where Lider cost his own team the championship and revealed he'd been paid off by Extreme Tiger to do so. Lider's since formed his own extreme faction, La Hermandad along with Juventud's former partner in the Mexicools, Nicho El Millionario.

Juvi left AAA to go independent in August of 2008. He'd been only with the group part time since starting with NWE and the group seemed to have no problem continuing without him. A new third member was teased for a while; Marvin was hinted as one, and then treated as a member when he was in Mexico working for the group, but that's a rare occasion.

Instead, after a run of Crazy Boy and Último Gladiador challenging for the AAA World Tag Team Championship, no third member was added. Crazy Boy (up) and Último Gladiador (down) seemed to go different ways on the card. They both still use the Mexican Powers music and gear, but they're not teaming up with each other as an ongoing unit. The unit was sealed entirely during the summer of 2009 when Último Gladiador joined up Dr. Wagner Jr. and Silver King meanwhile, Crazy Boy has been left filling spots on the card for no-shows.

agrupacion original:

miembros que después se unieron

Segunda agrupación después de la traición de psicosis

tercera agrupación después de la traición de Xtreme tiger y Joe líder

Cuarta agrupación y última de esta generación


In 2013 after Crazy Boy returned from injury, he reformed The Mexican Powers with Joe Lider using the same theme and look from the previous version of the group. The group would not last too long as the group quietly separated and Lider returned to the rudos.

Former Member


Regresaron en DTU y en raras ocasiones en AAA Se separaron por qué crazy boy los traicionó ya que niño hamburguesa no acepto su propuesta de regresar oficialmente a AAA Miembros

International mexican Powers

Se unieron para acabar con niño hamburguesa,Mr iguana y microman Miembros


original trio
atomico w/ Psicosis II