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Name Hernandez
Real name Shawn Hernandez
Nicknames The Texas Sandstorm, The Tex-Mex T-Rex, Super Mex, Mexican Superman
Name history Hotstuff Hernandez, Iron Sheik #2 (AJPW), Texas Men (sic), Mr. Texas, Hernandez (TNA), The Masked Super Tex
Family n / a
Maestro(s) Tugboat Taylor, Rudy Boy Gonzalez
Birth date, location February 11, 1973- Houston, Texas
Obituary date
Debut, location 1999
Lost mask to
Height 6' 2"/188 cm
Weight 275 lbs/125 kg
Signature moves Air Mexico, Border Toss/Megabomb, Crackerjack, Inverted Powerslam, Reverse Samoan Drop, Scoop Lift Powerbomb, Shoulderblock, Splash
Titles: FILL Heavyweight Championship, ETW Texas Championship, FEW Heavyweight Championship, IWA World Tag Team Championship (w/Homicide), JAPW Tag Team Championship (w/Homicide), NWA National Heavyweight Championship, NWA Texas Heavyweight Championship (3), NWA North American Heavyweight Championship, NWA Wildside Heavyweight Championship, RCW Heavyweight Championship, TASW Heavyweight Championship, TASW Tag Team Championship (w/Ministuff), TASW Hardcore Championship, TWE Heavyweight Championship, NWA World Tag Team Championship (2) (w/Homicide), TNA World Tag Team Championship (3) (1 w/Homicide, 1 w/Matt Morgan & 1 w/Anarquia), XCW Heavyweight Championship, XCW TNT Championship


Wrestled in AAA as apart of TNA Wrestling's working relationship. Recently has wrestled (in dark matches) and worked backstage for Lucha Underground; the infamously oblique Lucha Underground contracts caused serious issues when he returned to TNA, believing he was finished with his LU contract but he actually wasn't because the episode hadn't aired yet. This got both Hernandez and MVP (who recommended the move) both fired from TNA.


as Mr. Texas
as Mr. Texas