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Stable formed in AAA during early 2006. They're patterned after Los Cadetes Del Espacio - a group of young high flying tecnicos. The original members were among the last characters created by Antonio Pena. After quietly ending after Argos turned rudo to join El Consejo in 2012 and Aero Star became a mentor to Ludxor and Venum in 2014, the group returned in 2017 with new members.



Former Members

  • Aero Star (joined in late 2006, became leader by default after most of the founders left and acknowledged leader after Super Fly's first turn)
  • Rey Cometa (founding member but the left promotion in 2008)
  • Némesis (founding member but regimmicked as Barrio Boy Javi and then left the promotion)
  • El Angel (joined in mid 2006 but left the promotion in 2008)
  • Pegasso (joined in mid 2006 but left the promotion in 2008)
  • Argos (joined in June 2011 but turned on group in winter of 2012)
  • Laredo Kid (founding member but left the promotion in 2012)
  • Super Fly (founding member but turned on group in fall of 2010. became an associated member in late 2011, rejoined in 2012, turned on the group once again in 2014)
  • Argenis (associated with the group since mid 2009, announced as official member on TV in 2012, though soon back to being only vaguely connected to the group there after)

Known Associates

  • Oriental (original padrino/mentor)
  • Octagon (replacement padrino/mentor)
  • Gato Eveready (associate under this name, until he was regimmicked as Drago)
  • Dizzy (associate, seems to have mostly disappeared)
  • Atomic Boy (starting around September 2009, joined the Mexican Powers in 2013 and promptly was injured)
  • Fénix (starting February 2011, but was quickly separated from them as he rose up the card)
  • Sugi (2011)

Group History

The group started with Laredo Kid, Super Fly, Rey Cometa and Nemesis (AAA) in early matches on AAA TV taping. For a time after, pretty much any young debuting high flier in AAA ended up in the group, especially on non-television events. At the group's largest point, the original four were also joined by El Angel, Aerostar, and Pegasso as a seven man group. That was more people than you can have a match, so guys (usually Nemesis) have ended up in openers instead, or others (Rey Cometa) disappeared for stretches off TV. The numbers worked in AAA's favor for spot shows, as there were often two different yet complete Fuerza Aerea trios working different parts of the country on the same night.

Laredo Kid was positioned as the star of the group early on, but long absences due to leg injuries have sabotaged plans for him. In his absence, both Super Fly and Aerostar were given own individual storylines and are have since been treated as the bigger stars. This turned into a storyline where Super Fly annoyed his partners by talking about how he's a main event guy and obviously leader of the group, with his partners disagreed. This seemed to be headed to Super Fly turning on his partners in 2009, but AAA changed their mind and aired a short segment where Octagon talked sense into Super Fly and kept him in the group. The storyline restarted in 2010, with Octagon unable to dissuade Super Fly this time, instead being beaten up with Aerostar as part of Super Fly's rudo turn.

Rey Cometa and Pegasso left AAA in early summer of 2008, due to lack of work. Their departure couple with Laredo's injury and Nemesis's vanishing led to Angel being declared an official member for a while, but he also ended up leaving. Fellow opening card tecnicos Gato Eveready and Argenis were also linked to this group at times, but didn't seem to be official TV members. When Angel left AAA in 2009, Argenis took his place as unofficial member to round out the numbers. Dizzy has also worked as a member on non-televised shows, as has Atomic Boy after moving up from the minis division. Super Fly's turn on the group dropped them down to only two official members left (Aerostar & Laredo Kid) with others filling out the trio, until Argos joined the promotion six months later.

Independent/CMLL Version

After leaving AAA, Rey Cometa & Pegasso continued to team in the independent scene. Pegasso often used 'Pegasso Xtreme' as his name during this period, presumably over confusion over who owned the 'Pegasso' name. Cometa and Pegasso were still promoted as Real Fuerza Aerea despite no long being in AAA and teamed with various wrestlers to complete a trio. AAA appeared to let this go without fighting over the name (perhaps because they dropped 'AAA' from it.)

Their most high profile run during this period was in IWRG, teaming with Freelance as the third member. The trio earned a shot at Los Oficiales' Distrito Federal Trios Championship, but came up short.

Later in 2008, Cometa and Pegasso signed with CMLL full time. Initially, the pair did interviews suggesting they might continue teaming as Real Fuerza Aerea CMLL. This time, members of Real Fuerza Aerea AAA protested. Rey Cometa and Pegasso dropped the name, vowing to come up with a new one. Rey Cometa and Pegasso ended up teaming with Diamante in 2010 calling themselves La Fuerza Rapida for a short time, but drifted away from Diamante. They have yet to actually come up with a new group name, but continue to operate as a tag team.


original lineup
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Real Fuerza Aérea AAA
Aerostar * Laredo Kid * Argos
Associates: Atomic Boy * Argenis
Former: Super Fly * El Angel * Pegasso * Nemesis * Rey Cometa