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Name Argos
Real name
Name history Astro Boy II (early in career when teaming with Astro Boy I, Astro Boy (2005 - 2011), Argos (2011-2021), Dr Karonte I (2022)
Family Dr. Karonte (father), Astro Boy, Dr. Karonte Jr., Mistico, Argenis (brothers), Tony Salazar (uncle), see Almanza/Salazar Family
Maestro(s) Dr. Karonte, Tony Salazar, Franco Colombo
Birth date, location October 14, 1985 - Mexico City
Obituary date
Debut, location 2002
Lost mask to
Height 173 cm/5'8"
Weight 86 kg/190 lb
Signature moves Canadian Destroyer, backcracker, Spanish Fly


CMLL opening match tecnico for the last half of the 2000s. Despite being the brother to top star Mistico, he never really got promotion out of the opening couple of matches, and was passed by younger high flyers. As Mistico's backstory was continually rewritten, Astro Boy was eventually publicly acknowledged as his brother, though CMLL didn't do much with them as a team.

Early in his career, he and Mistico worked together as Los Astro Boys I y II. After Mistico left CMLL to join WWE, Astro Boy left CMLL five months later to join AAA (where his other, less famous, brother Argenis occasionally appears in the openers.) Astro Boy switched to the name Argos; it's possible he actually switched back to that name, as there was an Argos around CMLL briefly before Astro Boy's debut. Argos' new mask resembles his brother's Sin Cara's mask. Argos joined Real Fuerza Aérea AAA, taking the vacant spot in the trio after Super Fly betrayed the group. He didn't work out well as a tecnico in AAA and was soon shifted to a heel member of El Consejo. That also didn't work, and he was on the extreme fringes of the roster before quitting the promotion and joining his brother in Lucha Libre Elite in November 2015.

In 2022, Argos was announced to take return to CMLL as one of the Los Dr. Karontes.


With the New Astro Boy II
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