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Many wrestlers have used either the name Karonte or Dr. Karonte, based off a movie character from Neutrón contra el Doctor Caronte (1963). Some have denoted themselves as 2 or 3. Some have used it at the same time as someone else. This is unlikely to be a complete list.

  • Dr. Karonte (Uribe) (†) - Formerly wrestled as Gorhk. A friend of Caballero de la Cruz, who gave him the gimmick.

At this point, Dr. Karonte I (Almanza), Cruz as Dr. Karonte II, and Uribe as Dr. Karonte III.

Dr. Karonte (Uribe) eventually dropped the "III" designation. His sons also used the name during their career.

  • Mistico (Caristico) - used Dr. Karonte Jr. prior to Astro Boy (and prior to Mistico)
  • Argenis - used Dr. Karonte Jr.
  • Dr. Karonte Jr. - a briefly seen member of the family who wrestled in CMLL during 2006 and AULL and IWRG in 2007.
  • Karonte Jr. (Mini Murder Clown) - inconsistently billed as Dr. Karonte Jr.
  • Argos - may have used the Karonte name during his earlier career but has recently wrestled as one of the Dr. Karontes of 2020's.
  • Astro Boy (CMLL 90s) may have also used the Karonte name during his career.

Other wrestlers who used the name:

Completely unrelated: