Rosa Negra

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Rosa Negra (Black Rose)
Rosa Negra (Black Rose)
Name Rosa Negra (Black Rose)
Real name Jessica Dayna Hernandez
Name history La Andromeda (1999? - 12/2001), Rosa Negra (2002 - )
Family Enemigo Publico (husband)
Maestro(s) Ringo Mendoza, Charrito de Oro, Maria del Angel
Birth date, location January 23, 1972- Mexico City
Obituary date
Debut, location 1992
Lost mask to
Signature moves


Seems to be one of the better wrestlers in the current (2004-on) incarnation of the CMLL women's division, but has never been pushed but CMLL, and is very low on the depth chart of regular rudas. Got some trios wins for a couple weeks over Marcela leading up to their 2009 apuesta match, but Rosa's loss was no surprise. She not only lost her mask, but Rosa also suffered an elbow injury near the close of the match, which prevented the usual post-mask loss photos to be taken. Rosa turned up unmasked on TV the next week, her arm in a sling, but has not been seen in CMLL again and may have retired.

Previously wrestled as La Andromeda. As Rosa Negra, she'd refer to a previous gimmick but be evasive about her previous name, since she had wrestled in unmasked as that name.

Lucha de Apuesta Record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
2009/04/12 mask Marcela Rosa Negra Arena Mexico