Dalis La Caribeña

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Dalis La Caribeña
Dalis La Caribeña
Name Dalis La Caribeña
Real name
Name history Dalis La Caribeña
Family Chacho Medina (father), Veneno (brother), Negro Casas (husband), Felino, Heavy Metal (brother-in-laws), Pepe Casas (father-in-law), Princesa Blanca (sister-in-law), Canelo Casas, Danny Casas, Destroyer, Puma & Tiger (nephews), Nanyzh Rock (niece), Psycho Clown‎ (son-in-law)
Maestro(s) Negro Casas
Birth date, location February 20, 1975 - Panama
Obituary date
Debut, location October 6, 2009 - Arena Mexico
Lost mask to
Height 170 cm/5'6"
Weight 65 kg/143 lb
Signature moves La Casita, Scorpion Deathlock, Sitout Powerbomb
Titles: CMLL Women's 10th Anniversary cibernetico, CMLL World Women's Championship, CMLL Universal Women's Championship 2019, CMLL Japan Women's Championship

Dalis began in CMLL as a new unmasked tecnica, part of a goup of new female wrestlers to debut in 2009. She's Negro Casas' wife, and made appearances on TV as such, but the connection has been downplayed since Dalis debuted as a wrestler. Dalis is the sister of former CMLL wrestler Veneno.

Dalis' debut was very quiet. She was an unadvertised fill-in for Estrella Magica, and some news reports didn't even note the change. Dalis made her 'official' debut on November 30, in a cibernetico to earn a shot at the CMLL World Women's Championship, and started wrestling more regularly from there. Like the other new-ish women, she appeared infrequently on CMLL cards. Within several years she became a regular and even turned Ruda.

Dalis has a kickboxing background, and seen kickboxing in features about Negro Casas prior to her debut. Her offense is kick based.

Dalis defeated Mina Shirakawa on January 20, 2020 to win CMLL Japanese Women's Championship in Tokyo, Japan.


Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
2014/03/21 hair Marcela Dalis La Caribeña Arena Mexico