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José Luis Feliciano
José Luis Feliciano
Name José Luis Feliciano
Real name José Luis Feliciano
Nicknames none
Name history José Luis Feliciano (debut - 02/92), Guerrero del Futuro (02/92 - )
Family none
Maestro(s) unknown
Birth date, location April 30, 1955 - Cuidad Juárez, Chihuahua
Obituary date
Debut, location July 30, 1978 - Arena Neza - Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico State
Lost mask to El Hijo del Santo - July 18, 1998 - Palacio de los Deportes - Mexico City
Height 5'8"/172 cms
Weight 192 lbs/87 kg
Signature moves Elbowdrop, Elbow Attack, Flying Splash, Cavernaria
Titles: National Trios Titles (w/ Shu El Guerrero & Black Terry - as J. L. Feliciano), Naucalpan Trios Titles (w/ Shu El Guerrero & Black Terry), Distrito Federal Trios Titles (w/ Shu El Guerrero & Black Terry)


In the golden years of UWA trios wrestling in El Toreo (early 80s), Feliciano was a part of two Los Temerarios (The Reckless Ones) teams, the first version with Black Terry and Lobo Rubio, and the second and better version with Black Terry and Shu El Guerrero.

He captured the National trios titles with Shu and Terry on November 20, 1988 after defeating Tony Arce, Rocco Valente and Emilio Charles Jr. at Arena Coliseo. They lost the titles on January 21, 1990 to the popular high flying team of Los Arqueros del Espacio (Danny Boy, Robin Hood and Lasser), also at Arena Coliseo.

Jose Luis left UWA, and he and Black Terry joined EMLL full time in January of 1992. Both were repackaged, Black Terry as Guerrero Maya, and Feliciano as Guerrero del Futuro. They were put in a trio called Los Guerreros Del Futuro with Damián El Guerrero. Maya and Futuro were good wrestlers, and though Damian wasn't that good, they were a team fun to watch as they used tons of creative triple team attacks.

In 1996, Maya retired from the full-time competition as a business he had was doing very well, so the team disbanded and Damian and Futuro went their separate ways.

In 1997 he had a chance to participate in a CMLL Japan tour. His first Japanese tour was actually in March of 1990 with Terry and Shu as Los Temerarios, wrestling for Hamada's Universal. He also competed as the masked Guerrero del Futuro for Tenryu's SWS, and in the year 2000 he wrestled (masked) for Big Japan Pro Wrestling.

Ended up losing his mask to Hijo del Santo on July 18, 1998 in the first Ruleta de la Muerte promoted by OCESA at the mythical Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City. Hijo del Espectro was supposed to lose, but he no-showed and Futuro was probably offered a lot of money to be a last minute replacement.

From then on, he returned to the undercard where he's still active, though now he also works as the financial secretary of the CMLL syndicate. He is a solid undercard addition and while he's clearly past his prime, he's still a great bumping rudo when he's fired up (i.e. OCESA's Guerra de Naciones) and a very good talent to have there to "teach the ropes" to the young guys of the promotion.

José Luis Feliciano hasn't worked a known show since the November 13, 2005 Arena Coliseo DF event.

Quietly retired in early 2006 to focus on behind the scenes work in CMLL. At that time, he helped train the female wrestlers and was in charge of booking the ladies matches. As of 2014, he's seen at live events helping co-ordinates the CMLL television shows and billed at CMLL press events as the second in charge in programming department.

Notable Matches

Date Location Match
07/19/98 Palacio de los Deportes Hijo del Santo beat Guerrero del Futuro to take his mask in the finals of a Ruleta de la Muerte
10/30/01 Arena Coliseo Alan Stone beat Guerrero del Futuro to take his hair.
08/29/02 Arena Neza Los Infernales (Averno/Mephisto/Satanico) defeated Los Temerarios (Black Terry/Jose Luis Feliciano/Shu el Guerrero) to retain their Mexican National Trios Titles.
12/15/02 Arena Coliseo Guerrero del Futuro beat Solar II to take his hair.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
??/??/?? hair Halcón 78 Jose Luis Feliciano unknown
??/??/?? hair Asai José Luis Feliciano unknown
??/??/?? hair José Luis Feliciano Bello Greco unknown
??/??/?? hairs Black Terry, Jose Luis Feliciano & Shu el Guerrero Robin Hood, Danny Boy & Lasser unknown
1978/12/03 hair José Luis Feliciano Fantasma del Bajo Nezahualcoyotl
80`s hairs Lasser Jose Luis Feliciano El Toreo - Naucalpan, Mexico State
83/06/05 hair José Luis Feliciano Bull Santana Arena Neza - Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico State
84/07/08 hairs Solar, Super Astro & Ultraman Black Terry, Jose Luis Feliciano & Lobo Rubio El Toreo - Naucalpan, Mexico State
1988/01/28 hair Halcón 78 Jose Luis Feliciano Arena Ecatepec de Morelos, Ecatepec, Mexico State
1998/07/17 mask (1) El Hijo del Santo Guerrero del Futuro Palacio de los Deportes - Mexico City
98/08/11 hair Tony Rivera Guerrero del Futuro Arena Coliseo - Mexico City
99/??/?? hair Mr. Power Guerrero del Futuro Arena Coliseo - Guadalajara, Jalisco
99/05/16 hair Torero Guerrero del Futuro Arena Coliseo - Mexico City
01/09/16 hair Guerrero del Futuro Chris Stone Arena Coliseo - Mexico City
01/10/28 hair Alan Stone Guerrero del Futuro Arena Coliseo - Mexico City
02/12/15 hair Guerrero del Futuro Solar II Arena Coliseo - Mexico City
03/10/19 hair Ringo Mendoza Guerrero Del Futuro Arena Coliseo - Mexico City
(1) Finals of a 32-man losers advance tag tournament


on right, as Guerrero Del Futuro in 1992
as Guerrero del Futuro with Damian el Guerrero & Guerrero Maya
with fellow CMLL bookers: Edgar Noriega Panico, & Franco Colombo
as Guerrero del Futuro
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