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2001 2003


February 1:Rey Hechicero
February 17:Apolo Valaguez
February 22:Dark Angel
March 2:Ruddy Gonzalez
March 12:Ari Romero Jr.
March 23:Trauma I
March 29:Daizee Haze
April 30:Asterisco Jr.
April 30:Anubis (IWRG)
May 5:Fraile de la Muerte
May 11:Shu Sato
May 11:Taiji Ishimori
May 11:SUWAcito
May 11:Koichiro Arai
May 11:Kei Sato
June 13:Trauma II
June 14:Valiente Jr.
June 15:Black Star
July 21:Small Dandy Fuji
July 23:Sexy King (Monterrey)
August 1:Aguila Azteca
August 11:Piloto Infernal
August 28:Fifi Poubelle
August 28:Bibi Poubelle
August 29:Nakamura
September 16:Tigre de Oro
September 18:Hiroka
September 22:Ramses (Morelos)
October 20:Awesome Kong
October 27:Molotov
November 2:Mayhem
November 2:Lord Byron Elias
November 2:Nightmare
November 2:Xtreme Dragon
November 2:Kaientai
November 11:Groond XXX
November 20:Turbina
November 22:Taguchi
December 1:Gail Kim
December 2:Taichi
December 7:Pineapple Hanai
December 7:Manabu Murakami
December 7:Naoki Tanisaki
December 7:Takeshi Minamino
December 11:Bam Bam
December 12:Golden Bull


March 17:Voodoo Mulumba
April 28:Lou Thesz
August 8:El Sanguinario


CMLL World Trios Tournament

CMLL ran two title shot tournaments for the CMLL World Trios Championship in 2002

In both cases, the champions retained their titles.

Arena Coliseo Tournament Events

The Arena Coliseo Trios/Tag Tournament was held in the following days:

January 6, Trios

January 8, Tag

January 27, Tag

January 29, Trios

July 28, Tag

August 11, Tag

September 24, Tag

November 12, Tag

Other tournaments

The 2002 Rey de Reyes was held March 17 at Auditorio Benito Juárez.

The 2002 Verano de Escandalo was held September 16 at Toreo de Cuatro Caminos.

The 2002 Guerra de Titanes was held on November 15 in Parque Beisol Beto Avila, Veracruz.