Almanza/Salazar Family

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This is Almanza/Salazar family. A famous wrestling family in Mexico.


The first generation members are Dr. Karonte and Tony Salazar. Their relationship is unclear, however, Tony Salazar is an uncle of Carístico. The second generation members are the sons of Dr. Karonte, which are Carístico, Astro Boy, Astro Boy II, Argenis and Dr. Karonte Jr. (II). Magnus and Ulises Jr. are sons of Tony Salazar and are cousins of Carístico, however, Magnus claimed to be a brother of Carístico at one point.

1st Generation
Dr. Karonte Tony Salazar
2nd Generation
Mistico Astro Boy Argos Argenis Dr. Karonte Jr. (II) Magnus Ulises Jr.

Other Members

Alexis Salazar, a CMLL photographer, is also a son of Tony Salazar.

Super Átomo is also related, however the relationship is unclear.