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Name Vangelis
Real name
Nicknames "El Tanque Alemán"
Name history Vangelis (debut - 2007), Espantapájaros I or III (AAA, 2004 - 2006), Vangellys (CMLL, 2007 -)
Maestro(s) Torero, Dick Angelo, Huracán González
Birth date, location September 7, 1981
Obituary date
Debut, location December 9, 2000
Lost mask to
Height 182 cms/6'0"
Weight 95 kg/209 lbs
Signature moves Running Somersault Plancha, Fisherman's Suplex
Titles: CMLL En Busca De Un Ídolo Tournament 2013, Mexican National Light Heavyweight Title


This Vangelis is not the Vangelis named Alejandro Granados that died in 2002.

Originally in AAA and occasionally popping up on their TV, Vangelis has spent more time wrestling on indy shows. Vangelis broke in, at least under that identity, as one of Los Warriors, AAA's strange Village People group. The Warriors never made it much farther than their feud with the Barrio Boys, though the wrestlers would occasionally pop up individually or get recycled into other gimmicks. Vangelis also was part of ENESMA.

Vangelis acquired the Mexican National Light Heavyweight Championship in 2007, but most believe no match ever took place and he bought the belt from El Dandy. In turn, Vangelis sold the belt to CMLL, dropping it to Mistico in exchange for a spot on their roster.

Vangelis claims he's in CMLL to win the championship back, but he's been booked on a far lower level than Mistico and a rematch is unlikely. Most likely, Vangelis is in CMLL just to get some regular work, though he's not really gotten that and has wrestled only a couple times a month. It remains unclear how long CMLL will keep Vangelis around, as he's tended to be a below average wrestler and doesn't immediately seem to offer something they don't already have.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
02/08/13 Hair (1) Vangelis Alan Plaza De Toros La Taurina - Huamantla, Tlaxcala
14/06/08 Hair Vangelis Challenger Jr. Arena Pepe Cisneros - Santa Lucía Del Camino, Oaxaca
17/07/14 hair Pierroth (CMLL) Vangelis Arena Mexico
(1) Cage Match: Los Barrio Boys (Alan/Billy Boy/Decnis) vs Los Warriors (Brandon/Kevin/Vangelis)


on right as a Spice Boy
En Enesma