Los Barrio Boys

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Los Barrio Boys were created in February 2001 by Antonio Pena for his AAA promotion. The trio consisted of:

Both Alan & Billy Boy were Spice Boys leftovers. The Barrios played the role of your typical underdog tecnico team who gets beat on constantly and usually bloodied before fighting back to pull out the win somehow. They've been a constant in AAA for a few years now and have developed from green high-flyers into solid well-rounded wrestlers, mostly thanks to their never-ending feud with Los Diabolicos & Gran Apache.

Alan and Decnis turned on Billy Boy in 2007, when Billy Boy was so depressed over losing his wife and child to Gran Apache that he refused to fight and cost his partners matches. Still calling themselves the Barrio Boys, Alan and Decnnis ended up teaming with Apache against their former teammate. Apache and partner Super Calo have jokingly called themselves new Barrio Boys.

Late in 2007, Decnis left Barrio Boys to join the Guapos in their feud with Los Bellos Stone. Alan only appeared on non-televised shows until early 2008. Billy continued to wear his Barrio Boy gear as a single while the group remained separated.

Alan restarted the faction with new members in 2008. It now consists of:


The new group has appeared very sporadically, and not made it out of opening matches. Alan quickly left to take over the El Gato Eveready gimmick.