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Infierno en el Ring is the name of major CMLL shows in Arena Mexico which feature a multiman cage match. In recent years, CMLL has tended to run this match during the summer months. They often run similar cage matches in other arenas thru the year.

Wrestlers eliminate themselves from a CMLL cage match by climbing over the top. Wrestlers are considered escaped when they get across the top of the cage, and do not have to touch the floor to get credit. CMLL forces the wrestlers to stay in the cage for a minimum amount of time, which changes based on day and numbers of wrestlers, before trying to escape. If wrestlers leave early, they are ordered to return to the cage and try to escape again.

The loser of the cage match loses their mask or hair. The 'win' is usually credited to the wrestler who is actually second to last out to escape the cage. Since 2006, CMLL has forced the last two participants in the cage match to face off in a one fall singles match, rather than winning by escaping.


CMLL held the first Infierno en el Ring took place on August 4. It was a four man cage match of all unmasked wrestlers.

Wrestlers who escaped

Villano III was the last to escape, leaving Máscara Año 2000 as the loser. It was Villano III's first Apuesta match after losing his mask.


CMLL held the Infierno en el Ring cage match in tandem with the Anniversary show, on September 28. The cage match not only had hair and masks on the line, but sole possession of the Infernales name. Satanico's former underlings Rey Bucanero and Ultimo Guerrero turned on their mentor to team with Tarzan Boy (and later, also Mascara Magica). Satanico fought back with the help of other CMLL rudos, then created new Infernales (Averno & Mephisto) to finish the battle. The match was signed as (Satanico) Infernales versus (Tarzan Boy) Infernales, which the rebelous crew to gain a man advantage by including Magica on their team.

Wrestlers who escaped

Satanico was the last to escape, leaving Máscara Mágica behind. Magica was revealed to be Antonio Gómez Medina.


After three years off, only 6 wrestlers participated in this year's cage match, on June 18. All were unmasked, high level wrestlers.

Order of Escape

  1. Vampiro
  2. Pierroth
  3. Tarzan Boy
  4. Shocker
  5. Perro Aguayo Jr.

Perro Jr. was the last out, betraying fellow tecnico Negro Casas and leaving him to lose his hair.


This year's cage match was held on June 17, and pushed as a battle between the rudo Perros del Mal, CMLL rudos and Mistico (added late to increase the draw.)

Order of Escape

  1. El Hijo del Perro Aguayo
  2. Universo 2000
  3. Halloween
  4. Negro Casas
  5. Heavy Metal
  6. Hector Garza
  7. Mistico
  8. Damian 666

Mascara Magica was the last in the cage, and lost his hair.


CMLL held the cage match on July 14. This cage match featured midlevel wrestlers, all masked. Starting with the year, the final two wrestlers competed in a one fall match.

Wrestlers who escaped:

  1. Neutron
  2. Nitro
  3. Mascara Purpura
  4. Felino
  5. Volador Jr.
  6. Sangre Azteca
  7. Averno
  8. Mephisto
  9. La Mascara
  10. Sagrado

Misterioso II defeated Pantera with his La Rosa Driver. Pantera unmasked as Francisco Javier Pozas, though he continues to wrestle with his mask outside of Mexico.


In place of a big singles match, CMLL uses the Infierno en el Ring cage match for this year's anniversary main event, on September 28, 2007. This year's cage match included many top wrestlers, both masked and unmasked.

Order of Escape

  1. Villano V
  2. Atlantis
  3. Dr. Wagner Jr.
  4. Ultimo Guerrero
  5. Mistico
  6. Perro Aguayo Jr.

Blue Panther forced Hijo de Lizmark to submit to a fujiwara armbar. Hijo de Lizmark unmasked and was revealed to be Juan Carlos Baños.


CMLL held the 2008 cage match on June 13, 2008. This match featured only unmasked wrestlers, and was an outcropping of the Perros del Mal vs CMLL tecnicos feud.

Order of Escape

  1. Alex Koslov
  2. Damian 666
  3. Marco Corleone
  4. Terrible
  5. Mr. Aguila
  6. Shocker
  7. Negro Casas
  8. Perro Aguayo Jr.

Texano Jr. defeated Heavy Metal for the win, in a mild upset.



On January 11th, CMLL held a 12 masked mini cage match. There were no specific feud leading into it, and it just served as the monthly big show for the the Sunday shows.

Order of Escape

  1. Cosmico
  2. Electrico
  3. Fantasy
  4. Pequeno Ninja
  5. Tzuki
  6. Pequeno Olimpico
  7. Pequeno Universo 2000
  8. Pequeno Warrior
  9. Ultimo Dragoncito
  10. Mascarita Dorada

Pierrothito defeated Shockercito to win the match. Shockercito was revealed to be Javier Cortes Sanchez.


CMLL held the main 2009 Infierno en el Ring will take place on July 31, 2009. Order of escape

  1. Mictlan
  2. Heavy Metal
  3. Blue Panther
  4. Okumura
  5. Terrible
  6. Maximo
  7. Shocker
  8. Texano Jr.
  9. Ray Mendoza Jr. (?)
  10. Negro Casas (?)
  11. Hector Garza
  12. Black Warrior
  13. Yujiro

Naito pinned Toscano for the win.