IWRG Intercontinental Lightweight Championship

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Current Champion

Águila Roja is the current champion. He defeated Spider Fly on October 29, 2023 at Arena Naucalpan.

History of Championship

Freelance became the first lightweight champion, beating Aeroman in a three falls final. Freelance spent most of 2008 contesting for the DF Trios titles, but found himself in a feud with AJPW trainee Tetsuya (also known as Bushi) by the end of the year.

Tetsuya was finally able to win the championship on February 8th, in a three way with Dr. Cerebro. Due to the stipulations of the match, Cerebro and Freelance later met in a hair match. With those two occupied, Zatura quickly stepped up as Testuya's challenger and defeated him for the title after a short month reign.

Zatura lost the title in his first defense to Trauma II on June 18th. The two had been partners until they had a major falling out which set the stage for the excellent technical title match. Bushi beat Trauma II in November to recapture the title, only to lose it in his first defense to Dr. Cerebro.

Pantera I was the 13th lightweight champion. He defeated Diablo Jr. I in a tournament final for the vacant championship on November 13th, 2016.

Champions Listing

# Champion(s) Defeated Date Location
Aeroman, Freelance, Avisman, Marco Rivera, Star Boy, Halcon 2000, Black Thunder, Dr. Cerebro, Cerebro Negro, Turbo participate in an elimination match to determine finalists for new championship
1 Freelance Aeroman 2008.05.29 Arena Naucalpan
1 Tetsuya 2008.12.25 Arena Naucalpan
2 Tetsuya Freelance & Dr. Cerebro 2009.02.08 Arena Naucalpan
3 Zatura Tetsuya 2009.03.15 Arena Naucalpan
4 Trauma II Zatura 2009.06.18 Arena Naucalpan
1 Avisman 2009.07.26 Arena Naucalpan
5 Avisman Trauma II 2009.08.16 Arena Naucalpan
1 Freelance 2009.10.01 Arena Naucalpan
6 (Tetsuya) Bushi [2] Avisman 2009.11.26 Arena Naucalpan
7 Dr. Cerebro Bushi 2010.01.10 Arena Naucalpan
1 El Hijo del Diablo 2010.01.31 Arena Naucalpan
2 Hijo del Pantera 2010.03.04 Arena Naucalpan
championship vs championship with Diablo's WWS Welterweight Championship
3 Hijo del Diablo 2010.03.21 Arena Naucalpan
4 Masada 2010.04.11 Arena Naucalpan
8 Comando Negro Dr. Cerebro 2011.01.30 Arena Naucalpan
1 Multifacético 2011.03.20 Arena Naucalpan
2 Eterno 2011.04.10 Arena Naucalpan
9 Dinamic Black Comando Negro 2011.11.03 Arena Naucalpan
10 Carta Brava Jr. II Dinamic Black 2011.12.22 Arena Naucalpan
1 Saruman 2012.02.02 Arena Naucalpan
2 Alan Extreme 2012.02.19 Arena Naucalpan
3 Chicano 2012.05.06 Arena Naucalpan
11 Chicano Carta Brava Jr. 2012.07.01 Arena Naucalpan
championship vacant when Chicano leaves IWRG, moves up weight division, and has injury from car accident
eight man tournament for vacant championship
12 Imposible Astro Rey Jr. & Dragon Celestial 2013.07.07 Arena Naucalpan
1 Golden Magic 2013.08.15 Arena Naucalpan
2 Douki 2013.11.24 Arena Naucalpan
3 Dragon Celestial 2013.11.28 Arena Naucalpan
4 Emperador Azteca 2014.08.10 Arena Naucalpan
5 Dragón Celestial 2014.10.29 Arena Naucalpan
6 Hip Hop Man 2014.11.26 Arena Naucalpan
7 Metaleon 2014.12.17 Arena Naucalpan
8 Leo 2015.09.16 Arena Naucalpan
9 Metaleon 2015.09.16 Arena Naucalpan
10 Hijo del Pantera[1] 2015.10.11 Arena Naucalpan
11 Pantera I[2] 2015.12.20 Arena Naucalpan
12 Freelance[3] 2016.04.27 Arena Naucalpan
13 Freelance 2016.05.22 Arena Naucalpan
14 Emperador Azteca[4] 2016.07.13 Arena Naucalpan
championship vacant on August 21 when Imposible announces he's moving up to fighting for the middleweight championship[5]
Tournament final for vacant championship
13 Pantera I Diablo Jr. I 2016.11.13 Arena Naucalpan
1 Demonio Infernal (IWRG) 2017.04.05 Arena Naucalpan
2 Aramis 2017.09.17 Arena Naucalpan
3 Arez 2017.11.02 Arena Naucalpan
4 Aramis 2018.01.14 Arena Naucalpan
Championship vacant on August 5 when Pantera I misses his scheduled match vs Freelance due illness
eight man tournament for vacant championship
14 Baby Extreme Puma de Oro 2020.12.06 Arena Naucalpan
1 Prometeo 2021.03.20 Arena Lucha Time
2 Aster Boy 2021.04.09 Arena Lucha Time
3 Aster Boy & Vertigo 2021.05.28 Arena Lucha Time
Baby Extreme quits IWRG on 2021.07.03, vacates the championship
eight person elimination decision match
15 Puma de Oro Baby Star Jr., Sobredosis, Noicy Boy, Mr. Puma, Lunatic Xtreme, Redimido, Aster Boy 2021.07.15 Arena Naucalpan
16 Aster Boy Puma de Oro 2021.10.31 Arena Naucalpan
1 Noisy Boy 2021.11.30 Arena Naucalpan
2 Tonalli 2022.03.03 Arena Naucalpan
3 Yorvak 2022.04.03 Arena Naucalpan
4 Aramís 2022.05.15 Arena Naucalpan
5 Tonalli 2022.09.04 Arena Rayos de Plata Mexico - San Luis Potosí, San Luis Potosí
17 Spider Fly Aster Boy 2022.11.24 Arena Naucalpan
1 Águila Oriental 2023.01.29 Arena Naucalpan
2 Kenji 2023.02.19 Arena Naucalpan
3 Águila Roja 2023.05.07 Arena Naucalpan
4 Gannicus 2023.08.06 Arena Naucalpan
18 Águila Roja Spider Fly 2023.10.29 Arena Naucalpan
1 Cerebro Negro Jr. 2023.11.15 Arena Naucalpan
title change
successful title defense
championship matches which were announced, but results were not found

Gallery of Champions

Freelance, 1st Champion
Tetsuya Bushi, 2nd Champion
Zatura, 3rd Champion
Trauma II, 4th Champion
Avisman, 5th Champion
Bushi, 6th Champion

Dr. Cerebro, 7th Champion
Comando Negro, 8th Champion
Dinamic Black, 9th Champion
Carta Brava Jr., 10th Champion
Chicano, 11th Champion
Imposible, 12th Champion

Pantera I, 13rd champion
Aster Boy, 16th Champion
International Wrestling Revolution Group (IWRG) Championships
Active: Light (Águila Roja), Welter (Dr. Cerebro Jr.), Middle (Noisy Boy), Heavy (DMT Azul)
Tag Team (Cerebro Negro & Cerebro Negro Jr.), Trios (Arez, Látigo, Toxin)
Mexico (Hellboy), Junior de Juniors (El Hijo de Fishman)
Rey Del Aire (Noisy Boy), Women (Keyra)
Inactive: Super Welter
Tournaments: El Protector (El Hijo de Fishman & Tonalli), Rey del Ring (Vito Fratelli)
Related: Mexico State Trios Championship (Hijo de Pirata Morgan, Pirata Morgan, Pirata Morgan Jr.), WWS Welter (El Hijo del Diablo)