CMLL World Trios Tournament, 1998

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In October, 1998, the CMLL World Trios champions, Atlantis, Lizmark, Mr. Niebla were stripped of the championships when Mr. Niebla was injuried. A 3 show, 8 team tournament was held in Arena Mexico from 1998.12.04 to 1998.12.18.

The previous champions took Emilio Charles Jr. on as a partner, but lost in the first round.

Teams in the tournament

  1. El Dandy, Vampiro, Hector Garza
  2. Gran Markus Jr., Fuerza Guerrera, Apolo Dantes
  3. Scorpio Jr., Bestia Salvaje, Zumbido
  4. Rayo de Jalisco Jr., Mr. Niebla, Shocker
  5. Dr. Wagner Jr., Blue Panther, Black Warrior
  6. Atlantis, Lizmark, Emilio Charles Jr.
  7. Felino, Negro Casas, El Hijo del Santo
  8. Villano III, Villano V, Silver King
Fuerza---          |
Scorpio--          |         |
         |Scorpio--          |
Rayo-----                    |Dr. Wagner Jr.
                             |Blue Panther
Wagner---                    |Black Warrior
         |Wagner---          |
Atlantis-          |         |
Santo----          |