Alison Evans

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Alison Evans
Alison Evans
Name Alison Evans
Real name Francisca Javiera Pérez Díaz
Nicknames "La Niña Bonita de la Lucha Libre Chilena"
Name history Alison Evans/Alison (debut -)
Family Engranaje Jack (brother)
Maestro(s) Atemista, Montoya
Birth date, location January 29, 1991 - Santiago, Metropolitan Region, Chile
Obituary date
Debut, location April 16, 2006 vs Funky Schop vs Meiko (RLL)
Lost mask to
Height 160 cm/5'3"
Weight 65 kg/143 lb
Signature moves Chiwi Plancha, Floppy Slam, Moonsault
Titles: CEX Tournament 2012 (w/Okram), XNL Torneo Nacional Femenino 2011, XNL National Women's Title (3), FNX Tag Team Titles (w/Alexandra), Reina de Xtreme Title

Chilean luchadora who visited Mexico in for a few months in early 2011 and early 2012.


in 2010
w/Okram after won the CEX Tournament
Xplosion Nacional de Lucha Libre Championships
Historic (Melillán) Titanes del Ring (Dómina) World (Vacant)
Women's (Inactive) Tag Team (La Hermandad de Robots: Beta Max & Red Rocket)
Tournaments: Batalla Real X (Taylor Wolf) Torneo Latinoamericano (KENTA)
Trofeo Declaración de Independencia (Límite & Pedro Pablo Subercaseaux)
Defunct: CEX Tournament Torneo Nacional Femenino Torneo Nacional de Titanes