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The Torneo Nacional De Titanes an sporadic tournament held by Xplosion Nacional de Lucha Libre. It was held annualy from 2010 to 2013, and was abandoned until it's return in 2017. Generally, it serves to dispute new or vacant championships in the promotion.

Summary Of Winners

Edition Winner(s) Reward
2010 Xtra Large Inaugural XNL Championship.
2011 Límite (Men's) Inaugural XNL National Titanes Del Ring Championship.
Alison Evans (Women's) Inaugural XNL National Women's Championship.
2013 Lenko Sins & Nicolás Alkali Inaugural XNL National Tag Team Championship.
2017 Carnicero Vacant XNL World Championship.


Tournament held from August 29 to September 26, 2010 in Chile. Xtra Large defeated Castigador, and Katástrofe in the finals to win the tournament. He also was awarded with newly created XNL Championship.

                    |                    |
Puma Chileno--------                     |
Crazy Sid-----------                     |                    |
                    |                    |                    |
Gastón Mateo--------|Crazy Sid-----------                     |
                    |                                         |
Giger---------------                                          |
                                                              |Xtra Large
Castigador-------------------------------                     |
                                         |                    |
                                         |                    |
Venancio Retamales-----------------------                     |
Ariki Toa--------------------------------                     |
                                         |                    |
Jay Jay Jocker---------------------------|Xtra Large----------
Xtra Large-------------------------------


Tournament held from March 27 to April 24, 2011 in Chile. Límite defeated Jay Jay Jocker in the finals to win the tournament. He also was awarded with newly created XNL National Titanes Del Ring Championship.

Jesse Lover---------
                    |Jesse Lover----------
Puma Chileno--------                      |
Alison Evans--------                      |
                    |Alison Evans---------|Jay Jay Jocker-------
Ariki Toa-----------                      |                     |
                                          |                     |
Jay Jay Jocker------                      |                     |
                    |Jay Jay Jocker-------                      |
Lito----------------                                            |
Castigador----------                                            |
                    |Límite---------------                      |
Límite--------------                      |                     |
                                          |                     |
Hellspawn-----------                      |                     |
Marduk--------------                      |
Bruno Sandretti-----                      |
                    |Bruno Sandretti------
Gastón Mateo--------


Tournament held from April 9 to July 9, 2017 by Xplosion Nacional de Lucha Libre (XNL) in order to crown a holder for their vacant XNL World Championship.

Helter Skelter------
  April 9, 2017     |Sinner--------------
Sinner--------------                     |
Ariki Toa-----------                     |
  April 9, 2017     |Ariki Toa-----------|
Sebastián Joestar---                     |
                       July 9, 2017      |Carnicero[1]
Carnicero-----------                     |
  July 7, 2017      |M. Enmascarado------|
M. Enmascarado------                     |
Impacto-------------                     |
  June 11, 2017     |Impacto-------------
Francesco Di Bassi--
  1. Although be eliminated in first round of tournament, Carnicero placed himself into the finals, and ended by winning the vacant championship.
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