CEX Tournament, 2012

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The CEX Tournament was a tournament produced by Xplosion Nacional De Lucha Libre on October 27, 2012 in Gimnasio Comercio Atletico of Santiago, Metropolitan Region, Chile. The tournament consisting in 8 teams veteran/rookie, similar to CMLL's Gran Alternativa tournament. The rookies are from CEX and the winner was uploaded to main roster.

List of Teams

Okram & Alison Evans, winner team.
Veteran Rookie
Alison Evans Okram
Ariki Toa Pato Brass
Dr. Morbo Oz
JF Roman Lenko Sins
Limite DMK
Sinner Nikolas Alkali
Taylor Wolf Carnage
Xtra Large Torque


  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
   Alison Evans & Okram W    
 JF Roman & Lenko Sins 11:23  
   Alison Evans & Okram W  
   Xtra Large & Torque 05:57  
 Taylor Wolf & Carnage 08:30
   Xtra Large & Torque W  
      Alison Evans & Okram W
   Ariki Toa & Pato Brass 10:06
   Dr. Morbo & Oz 10:39  
 Sinner & Nikolas Alkali W  
   Sinner & Nikolas Alkali 03:22
   Ariki Toa & Pato Brass W  
 Ariki Toa & Pato Brass W
   Limite & DMK 11:28    

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