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Name Zorro
Real name Jesus Cristóbal Martínez Rodriguez
Nicknames El Profeta de la lucha libre, El Conde de Sevilla (AAA)
Name history Neurosis, Junior (1995 - 11/96), El Zorro (11/96 - current), Cristobal Martinez/Jesus Cristobal (WWF), La Parka Negra (2013), The Chrizh (2018 CMLL)
Family none
Maestro(s) Jorge Rodríguez & Flash
Birth date, location July 20, 1975 - Guadalajara, Jalisco
Obituary date
Debut, location October 2, 1993 - Plaza de Toros Jorge Rivera - Zapopan, Jalisco
Lost mask to César Dantés (as Neurosis)
Height 5' 9"/175 cm
Weight 201 lb/91 kg
Signature moves Zorro Stretch, Sharpshooter, German suplex, Superkick, Canadian Destroyer
Titles: Mexican National Heavyweight Championship (4), Occidente Light Heavyweight Championship, WWO Tag Team Championship (w/Tarzan Boy), IWA Light Heavyweight Championship, UWA World Light Heavyweight Championship (4), 2008 Rey de Reyes, AAA World Heavyweight Championship, AAA World Trios Championship w/ Escoria & Cuervo, CMLL World Trios Championship w/ Ciber the Main Man & Scharly Rock Star


Feud with Charly Manson

In 2006, El Zorro was the Mexican National Heavyweight champion, but Charly Manson was chasing him for the title. Zorro kept holding onto to the belt, until Manson was finally able to defeat on June 4th in Hidalgo. Their feud spilled into a cage/hair match at TripleMania 14. Zorro battled, but Charly got some (unwanted) help from his rudo allies to win the match.

The Man In The Iron Mask (2006-2007)

Zorro not only lost his hair and his sanity. After Charly won the match and cut Zorro's hair, his friends in La Secta helped him place a new mask on Zorro, one that was claimed to have an ancient Mayan curse. Zorro's personality changed after, and he acted disconnected from his tecnico partners and friends. In the weeks directly after the mask was put on, Charly Manson seemed appeared to have some sort of mental control of Zorro via the mask, causing Zorro to turn on his opponents, but this aspect was dropped a few months later. The feud with Charly was dropped entirely when Manson left the Sect and joined the more tecnico Hell Brothers, leaving Zorro without an obvious storyline conclusion of his trapped-in-a-mask saga.

AAA did eventually find one. Zorro cemented the alliance between the Hell Brothers and the regular AAA tecnicos in June of 2007, by taking off his mask and presenting it to Cibernetico as proof of his trustworthiness. The unmasked Zorro had a new rougher look, with shorter hair and a full beard, then when the mask was put on. Zorro's current personality seems to be back to where it was before the mask was put on.

Rey de Reyes and Apostol (Late 2007-2008)

Later in 2007, Zorro turned on the Hell Brothers to join La Legión Extranjera. Zorro claimed he was shown the light; he was actually a Spaniard, not Mexican, and was against the Mexicans. Zorro and Konnan conspired to turn on Mesias and La Secta when Mesias balked at giving Zorro a title match, and the three way feud led to a three way title match Guerra de Titanes.

During the title match, Cibernetico suffered a badly burned back after being put thru a table on fire. With Mesias also gone (destroyed by the Legion in storyline, traveling back to Puerto Rico otherwise), AAA had a void in their main events. Zorro got a big push, anointing himself the apostle or prophet of Lucha Libre (playing off "Mesias" (Messiah) and Cibernetico calling himself "God") and winning the 2008 Rey de Reyes. Zorro's springboarding off that triumphant to a title match versus Cibernetico at TripleMania.

Luchas de apuestas record

Date Apuesta Winner(s) Loser(s) Arena and/or Place
??/??/?? mask César Dantés Junior Arena Coliseo de Guadalajara - Guadalajara, Jalisco
??/??/?? hair Zorro César Dantés Arena Coliseo de Guadalajara - Guadalajara, Jalisco
2001/11/30 hair (1) Zorro Texano Auditorio de Tijuana - Tijuana, Baja California
2002/11/25 hair Zorro El Brazo Deportivo Morelos
2003/07/11 hair Zorro Hijo del Enfermero Auditorio de Tijuana - Tijuana, Baja California
2006/06/18 hair (2) Charly Manson Zorro El Toreo de Cuatro Caminos - Naucalpan
2010/10/28 hair Zorro Nicho el Millionario Poliforo Juan Gabriel - Cd. Juarez
(1) Relevos Suicidas vs. Principe Arandu/Pirata Morgan; (2) last man standing cage match


As Junior
classic look
frequent UWA Light Heavy champ
the man in the iron mask
Parka negra 2013.jpg