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Following the example of boxing, most lucha libre's singles championships are based around different weight classes. The Box Y Lucha commissions codified these weight limits in their regulations, and would not wrestlers compete for championships outside of their weight class.

Weight Divisions
Division Spanish Limit kg pounds Major Titles Notes
Fly Mosca 52 115 none
Bantam Gallo 57 126 none
Feather Pluma 63 139 Mex Nat UWA
Light Ligero 70 154 Mex Nat UWA WWA IWRG NWA Mex
Super Light Super Ligero ~74 ~163 CMLL
Welter Welter 78 172 Mex Nat NWA CMLL UWA WWA IWRG
Super Welter Super Welter 82 181 IWRG
Middle Medio 87 192 Mex Nat NWA CMLL UWA WWA IWRG
Junior Light Heavy (Super Middle) Semicompleto Junior (Super Medio) 94 207 UWA WWA
Light Heavy Semicompleto 97 214 Mex Nat NWA CMLL UWA WWA WWF
Cruiser (Junior Heavy) Crucero (Completo Junior, Junior de Completo) 107 231 Mex Nat AAA NWA Int'l UWA WWA 1
Heavy Completo 97~ 214~ Mex Nat NWA CMLL AAA UWA WWA IWRG 2
  1. In the mid 80s, the Cruiserweight class was between 97 and 107 kg
  2. Heavyweight championships have a minimum weight, all others are maximum.


  • Titles which include Super in their name indicate a higher weight limit, in between the established normal titles.
  • Junior is the opposite, a lesser weight limit than standard for that division.

In modern lucha libre, most commissions will only prevent titles matches where there are vast mismatches in weights, and the UWA and WWA championships appear to be completely unregulated. It's been said that in previous decades, it was not uncommon for promoters to offer commissions a bribe/fine to overlook wrestlers being slightly over the weight limit.

While not a weight limit, there was at one time a height limit, or dividing line, to determine wrestlers who were minis and those who were normal wrestlers. Wrestlers had to be over 5 ft /152 cm to wrestle for the general titles. Any shorter would wrestle in the mini division. Like all other the divisions, this is no longer strict, and there are many rudo minis who are actually a couple of inches over the five foot mark (the better to bully the smaller tecnico minis.)