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Former Members


This was a stable originally formed around Dr. Wagner Jr. after winning the AAA Mega Heavyweight Championship in June 2009 as Wagner turned rudo. Wagner, just after reuniting with his brother Silver King, demanded a mask match with La Parka Jr. among other things. AAA owner Joaquin Roldan refused, so Wagner formed his own faction in response.

In 2010 Dr. Wagner Jr. turned tecnico and was forced out of the group with Electro Shcok taking over as the leader of the remain members and renamed group to Los Maniacos. In fall 2010, they have joined an alliance with La Legión Extranjera, La Milicia and Perros del Mal under the La Sociedad banner.

In 2011 Sociedad member Chessman started teaming with Los Maniacos as Los Maniarquia. When wrestling as a tag team, the team still works as Los Maniacos. In September 2011, Chessman became Konnan's chief leuitent. In his place, Decnnis got named as the new member of Los Maniacos to replace Chessman.

La Sociedad
Dorian Roldan
La Legión Extranjera: Konnan - Chessman - Sexi Star - Hijo del Tirantes
TNA: Jeff Jarrett
Perros del Mal: Perro Aguayo Jr. - Daga - Taya Valkyrie